The Bold & The Beautiful Wednesday August 16 2000

B&B Update Wednesday 8/16/00  By Linda

Ridge is blasting Bill for giving his mother some kind of drug. Bill accuses
him of dropping his problems in his mother's lap. Ridge wants to know what
happened there tonight. Ridge asks if it was poison. Bill says it is a drug
that has been used overseas for years. Ridge asks what it is for and Bill
tells him it is to get rid of unwanted pregnancies.

Morgan offers Stephanie some cookies but she doesn't want any. Morgan tells
her the tea isn't ready yet. They discuss Taylor and how Stephanie is finally
accepting this baby. Morgan says all she ever wanted was for Steph to accept
her. She tells Steph that she is so protective of Taylor. The whistle blows
and Stephanie gets out the drugs while Morgan goes to get the tea ready.

Amber and the baby show up at Rick's. She asks if he was out on a date. He
says he worked late. She thinks that Kimberly could use a night out. He tells
the baby that his mom is asking a lot of questions. She says she was not and
he shouldn't tease her in front of the baby. He tells the baby that if he is
going to grow up a Forrester he has to learn how to tease the girls.  Amber
mentions how the baby is not really a Forrester and Rick says he will always
be a part of the family. He tells her to have some cheese and crackers and
gives the baby some grapes. Rick asks how the court case is coming along and
offers Jonathan's help. She says she can't afford him. Rick says it is all
taken care of, they can make this whole thing go away.

Bill tells Ridge that congratulations are in order, Ridge got away with it
again. Ridge wants to know if the drug is legal. Bill says not in this
country. Bill wants to know who Ridge will hide behind when his mommy is
gone. Ridge tells him that he has no idea what this situation is all about.
Bill tells him that he is going to get away with this. Ridge says he doesn't
know what his mother is thinking but no one is going to take those pills,
because there is no way the woman involved is going to agree to any of this.
Bill says, who says she has to agree.

Morgan says to Steph that she knows she has talked to Ridge so she knows how
furious he was about it. Steph says he will get over it. Morgan still thinks
that Steph hates her but she has given her no alternative so Steph is
accepting it. She says how the baby is her miracle. She thinks that Stephanie
is going along with her pregnancy. Steph says it is a member of her family.
Morgan is surprised that Steph would consider the baby a member of the
family. When Steph asks for some honey, Morgan goes to get it and Steph takes
out a pill and looks at it.

Amber will not accept Rick's help for a lawyer. He says she is going to need
good legal advice. She knows but she will get it on her own, she has taken
enough from his family and she is not going to drag the Forrester name down
with this. He says she is not taking, they are offering. He says he is proud
of her, she seems like she has grown up so much. He wonders if a couple of
months ago they were getting along so well, maybe Becky would have wanted
them to raise the baby. He says Becky made it pretty clear she wanted them
back together. She says things are good between them now, but if they were
alone they may get away from that. Rick calls out and asks Helen to take the
baby while he talks to Amber about something important.

Stephanie opens the capsule and sprinkles it in Morgan's tea. Morgan comes in
with the honey. She asks Stephanie if she would do anything for her kids.
Steph says yes. Morgan says she knows that she tricked Ridge into getting her
pregnant but the baby will always be his. Steph says and that means Ridge
will always be in Morgan's life too. Morgan says yes it would. Morgan says
she wants to make sure her baby isn't treated like an outcast. Steph assures
her that won't happen. Morgan tells her that she is surprised by her
behavior. Morgan goes to sip her tea when the power goes out. She goes to get
some candles so they won't be in the dark.
Ridge asks Bill what he is trying to say. Bill says his mother wants to get
the problem taken care of, so go home, mommy has it all taken care of and
Ridge will be the devoted husband and no one will know about the baby or the
girlfriend. Ridge says there is no girlfriend.  He tells Ridge that by
tomorrow there will be no baby and Ridge's conscience will be clear. Bill
tells Ridge that he has a wonderful system, a lot of relief and no guilt. And
he has a very charmed life and one of these days that magic is going to wear
off and he hopes that he is there to see it happen. He walks out leaving
Ridge thinking about all this.

Rick offers Amber some wine to go with her cheese. She hesitates, but then
accepts. She asks what this is about and he says she asked how things stand
between them. He toasts "To whatever this is".
She asks if a few months ago who would believe he would ask her to move in
and he adds that who would know that she would turn him down. She says life
is so unpredictable. He says a little unpredictability is good. She says she
would like a little predictability in her life. He is surprised, she always
like surprises. She says not the ones she has been getting lately. He says he
will have to do something about that. She says, like what? He says, maybe he
will do something about that. She asks if he is going to surprise her? He
asks her if she doesn't think he can? She says no, she knows him so well,
they were married, she doesn't think there is anything she could do to
surprise her. He turns and pulls her towards him and they get involved in a
passionate kiss.

Morgan is carrying candles out to the living room. She asks Stephanie to give
her a hand. Steph gets up and grabs a couple of candles and  a lighter and
lights some candles. Morgan thinks it is kind of creepy, like a seance.
Morgan picks up a cup of tea and goes to sip when Stephanie hollers, NO!
Morgan asks what is wrong. Steph says it is her cup and she doesn't want
Morgan to catch anything from her. Morgan thanks her and points out that she
has been so careful not to get sick for her baby.
She mentions how she wasn't carrying her first baby so long. She looks funny
toward Stephanie. Steph asks what is it? Morgan is surprised that she can
talk about her first pregnancy without her throat tightening up and her heart
racing. It is because of the little miracle growing inside her and she thinks
Taylor will understand. She asks Stephanie to explain it to Taylor and to
please make her understand if she doesn't. Steph says she hopes she won't
have to. Morgan tells her that she is right, Taylor is a mother and she will
understand and she will see her and Steph and the way they are getting along.
Morgan says her teas is cold. Steph offers to pour a bit of hot tea into in
to warm it up and Morgan thanks her so much. Morgan goes to sip the tea and
the show ends.

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