The Bold & The Beautiful Tuesday August 15, 2000

B&B Update Tuesday 8/15/00  By Linda

Stephanie and Morgan are out on Morgan's patio. Stephanie says it seems like
she frightened Morgan. Morgan says she didn't expect to see her. Stephanie
says that Morgan knew she found out about the baby. Morgan says she also
knows that Stephanie trespassed in her home. Steph tells her that Ridge has
told her the secret. Morgan asks what Ridge told her? Stephanie tells her, no
more games, she knows Morgan is carrying her son's child. Morgan looks

Bill Spencer is talking to himself, saying if Stephanie only knew the risks
she was taking. All for that no good.. In comes Ridge, Bill?  Bill says
hello. Ridge asks why he is there. Bill says to see his mother. Ridge asks
where she is. Bill tells him that his mother is on a mission, she didn't give
details, but it didn't take long to figure out whose butt she is trying to
cover, just like old times, hey Ridge?

Kim is standing in the doorway. Thorne says to Brooke that she knew he
invited Kim over for dinner. Brooke says, yes, but it is so late. He says
they lost track of time. Kim says that always seems to happen to them. Next
you hear a loud noise. Brooke wonders what that was. Thorne says it is the
umbrella and heads out to get it. Kim offers her help, but he turns her down
and tells her to stay there. Brooke asks how she is doing. Kim says fine, but
she doesn't have to ask Brooke how she is doing. Kim asks if she is afraid to
be alone with her. Brooke says no, she knows Kim was upset the last time they
saw each other in her office after Macy died. Kim asks if that is how Brooke
sees her, as her scapegoat? Brooke asks her how she does see her. Kim isn't
ready to discuss that with her yet. Kim tells her to just send her the bill.
Brooke says no, that won't be necessary. Kim insists, she doesn't want to owe
her anything. Brooke tells Kim that she likes what she has done with her
hair. Kim says it was Thorne's idea. Brooke says she is glad to see that she
and Thorne are seeing more of each other. Kim asks her what she wants. Brooke
says for Kim to get help, she knows Kim probably doesn't want to talk to Rick
about this but she needs someone to help her get through this. Kim asks her
if that is what she is doing, finding someone to help her get through this?
Then Kim tells her, oh, no, I forgot, you are perfectly happy. Brooke doesn't
know what Kim is getting at but she is not happy about Macy's death and she
is not happy about what this is doing to Kimberly. Kim questions if Brooke
gave Macy the same advice, to get help for her grief and anger? Brooke says,
and her addiction, yes. Kim tells her that she is like a one woman referral
service and the psychiatrists are very grateful to Brooke because they will
never run out of any hurting or grieving people as long as Brooke is around.
She again tells Brooke she is not ready to discuss this with her. Brooke
tells her that she was just trying to be understanding. Kim tells her to
understand this, she does not want her pity or her advice, but if it will get
Brooke off her back, yes, she is talking to someone and he is wonderful. He
is the only thing getting her through this. She cuddles Thorne's sweater,
which she is still wearing, and smiles.

Ridge tells Bill he needs to find his mother and he would like to know where
she is. Bill says if he has to guess, she would probably be with Ridge's
girlfriend. Ridge questions, girlfriend? Bill laughs sinisterly, and tells
Ridge he has perfected the look of righteous indignation? He says only if he
hadn't seen it so many times before. Ridge tells him that he doesn't know
what he is talking about, does he? Bill says it is just a hunch on his part,
your mother would not admit to him, but when Steph called urgently, he knew
Ridge was right behind it. Ridge is still acting like he hasn't a clue what
Bill is talking about. He tells Bill he still doesn't have time for his
games. Bill thinks it is funny it seems Ridge has had a lot of time these
days on his hands. Bill comments that a wife and 3 small children apparently
don't hold Ridge's interest enough. Ridge asks him if his mother gave Bill
some kind of impression that he was having some kind of affair? Bill says,
your mother admit YOU did something wrong? He laughs, no, whenever something
happens to you, it is because you have been seduced, or victimized. Clearly
it is the lady that traps him. Thank God your mother runs right after him to
rescue him. Ridge is not looking too pleased with this lecture. Bill says,
the ultimate irony, his ex-father-in-law helping him to hide this from his
wife. He says before Steph called him, he had an idea what this was all
about. Ridge tells him that he still doesn't know, does he? Bill tells him to
enlighten him. Bill says Ridge must have done something, the woman is
pregnant. He says it is times like this that it is a blessing that God took
Caroline away, before Ridge did. At least she will never have to see what he
has become.

Stephanie tells Morgan that they have to talk about this. Morgan tells her
that she doesn't want to talk to her. Steph asks why, Morgan got exactly what
she wanted, she is pregnant, Ridge is the father and she thought Morgan would
be revelling in this moment. However, they have to deal with it, one way or
the other. Morgan turns back around and opens the door. They go inside and
Morgan asks if Taylor knows. Steph says not yet. Morgan says, but Ridge wants
to tell her. She says Ridge doesn't want to deal with any of this, he feels
trapped. Steph says she made out beautifully. Morgan asks if she thinks she
made this whole thing up from the beginning? She didn't. Steph asks why she
is being so humble? Beautifully planned, beautifully executed, her hat is off
to Morgan. Morgan denies planning it all before hand. Steph asks if it is
just a coincidence that she came back, got a job at Forrester, built Ridge's
confidence and became good friends with Ridge's wife? The more Steph tried to
warn them about her, the more protective they became. Morgan says she is
wrong about her, there were no ulterior motives. Steph tells her that if she
really believes that, then she knows her better than she knows herself. She
says it was easy for Ridge to fall for that e-mail trick but why would he be
suspicious of  someone so fragile and vulnerable? Morgan asks if Steph is
there just to make her feel terrible about herself? Steph says, no. Morgan
asks then why is she here? Steph says she is there to stop her.

Brooke asks Kim if this person she is seeing is a professional counselor? 
She says, no, just a friend. Brooke asks if it is anyone she knows. Kim says
no, she doesn't think so. Brooke asks  how this friend feels about Kim moving
into Macy's house. Kim says, he though she was trying to live in the past.
Brooke asks if there is any truth to that. Kim says she needs to be there.
Brooke says she is going to isolate herself from her family and friends. Kim
says no, she has Thorne. Brooke tells her, not for long, Thorne is planning
on moving in with her. Kim says that Thorne said he will wait. Brooke tells
her that they both agreed to wait until the rumors calm down, besides, she
hasn't even told Bridgette yet. Kim thinks that Brooke is taking a risk that
someone else will tell Brigette before she gets a chance. Brooke says she
will tell her when she get home and there will be some changes and she hopes
Kim will be prepared. Kim says she knows what to expect from Brooke. Thorne
comes in and says the wind is kicking up out there. He looks at them and asks
if everything is OK in there?

Morgan asks what Stephanie is going to do? Steph ask what is supposed to
happen. Morgan says what should have happened all those years ago. Steph
tells her that she can't reconstruct the past, he is not a stud rolling from
one bed to another, he is a happily married man with 3 children and Morgan
will be breaking up his family. Morgan says that is not her intention and she
doesn't care if Taylor never knows about it. Steph asks if she really thinks
Ridge will go along with a lie like that and Morgan tells her that if he is
so worried, maybe he should. Morgan says that Ridge did nothing wrong, he was
just trying to help his friend. Steph points out that he had sex with her.
She justifies it with Ridge thought Taylor said it was OK, and it is her
fault and she will explain it. Steph tell her that she really does want this
to come between Taylor and Ridge, doesn't she? She tells her that if she
causes trouble with Ridge and his wife, she will never have Ridge, he will
hate her, just like she hated Stephanie all of these years. Steph asks if she
is prepared to handle this. Morgan says she will be the mother of his child.
Steph says this will be a child of revenge. Morgan says she is atoning her
and Steph's sin. Steph says Ridge's children has never hurt Morgan and she
will be hurting them. Steph tells her there is still time to undo her
mistake. Morgan asks what she is telling her to do? Steph says there will be
other babies, just not this one. Morgan asks what Steph is asking her to do.
Steph tells her that she knows what she is asking. Morgan says, no, let me
hear you say it, you say it! Stephanie tells her that she has to have an
abortion. Morgan starts crying and tells her, no.

Kim tells Thorne that everything is fine, but she has to get going. Thorne
offers to walk her home. Kim turns him down saying that she is fine and she
knows how eager Brooke is to have him to herself. She takes off his sweater
and thanks him so much for letting her borrow it. She tells him that she
really appreciated tonight. He says it was his pleasure. He hand her the gift
he gave her. She thanks him again and tells him it was so sweet of him. He
hugs her and tells her he is so glad that she is feeling better. Kim is
grinning ear to ear facing Brooke. She says to Thorne while still in his
embrace how she thinks Macy would be so happy to see them together. Brooke
has a disgusted look on her face as Kim glances over at her.

Ridge asks Bill who he thinks he is. He says he is the guy who is going to
save his hide. Ridge asks what he is talking about. Bill says he helped his
mother with what she wanted him to do and after he left, he felt a little bad
about it so he came back to try to talk some sense into her, unfortunately,
she left, lucky for Ridge. Ridge wants to know what Stephanie was going to
do. He says, suppose you tell me. Ridge says, supposed you stop talking in
riddles. She went to take care of your problem, Ridge. Ridge wants to know
what he has to do with it. Bill says he is where Steph got the pills. Ridge
says, pills? What pills? Bill says the pills that are going to cause his
friend to have a miscarriage. Ridge looks stunned.

Morgan tells Stephanie, an abortion is your solution? Now look who is trying
to recreate the past. Steph tells her she can't bring a child into the world
this way. Morgan tells her that she will be the judge of that, she is not the
immature child she was when she let Stephanie murder her child so many years
ago. Steph tries to justify that Morgan couldn't be a parent back then, she
couldn't even take care of herself. She says, she is now and she is going to
protect this child from her, Ridge and everyone else. Morgan says, don't you
see, this is not a curse, it is a miracle? She has never felt such peace and
joy her whole life and she and Ridge are wrong that it cannot take away all
her pain because it has. Steph wants to know about the pain it is going to
cause? She says she can't help that. Steph says, yes she can and grabs
Morgan's arm. Morgan tells her to let go of her. This is her miracle and no
matter what Steph says, she is never going to let him go. Steph thinks for a
minute and then says that she guesses they are going to have to find another
way of settling this. Morgan says, you really mean that Stephanie? Steph says
that Morgan gives her no choice. Morgan tells her that she has no idea how
much it would mean to her for Stephanie to accept this child. Steph shakes
her head yes, and thinks a minute, then asks for a glass of water, actually,
could she make her a cup of tea. Morgan says she would love to. She offers
Steph to sit while she goes to make it. Morgan seems so pleased that
Stephanie is accepting this. Meanwhile, Stephanie is searching her purse for
the pills. She grabs hold of them and looks up toward Morgan.

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