The Bold & The Beautiful Monday August 14,2000

B&B Update Monday 8/14/00 By Linda

The show starts with Brooke getting into a taxi. She is going to phone Thorne
but decides to surprise him.

Thorne and Kim are kissing and Thorne pulls away telling her that he is in
love and marrying Brooke. She asks if he really want her to stop and he grabs
hold of her and passionately kisses her. Then you see that Kim was
fantasizing when Thorne calls out to her, she opens her eyes and he asks if
she is OK, it is getting pretty windy. She says she is fine.

Ridge wants to know what Stephanie means by taking care of Morgan. She is
pregnant with his child. She tells him not to say anything to Taylor. He is
afraid she will hear it from someone else. She tells him to go home and keep
his mouth shut, he slept with his wife's best friend and she is now pregnant.
She tells him to just go home, she will take care of it.

Morgan is packing her stuff when Clarke asks where she is going? She is going
to get on a plan and get away, she is surprised Stephanie isn't already
there. He tells her that she needs a plan. He tells her to slow down and take
a breath. She says Stephanie probably already knows this is Ridge's child. He
says that is she comes there, she is not going to find Morgan. He doesn't
think she should fly, Steph could track her down. He tells her to get in her
car and drive, he has a place in La Hoia that no one knows about, not ever
the Forresters and she can use it as long as she wants. He tells her not to
use credit cards, just cash. The door suddenly blows open frightening Morgan
and she jumps into Clarke's arms. He holds her and tells her it is just the
wind and he is going to hurry up and get her out of there so Stephanie cannot
do anything to her.

Meanwhile, Stephanie is thinking of her plan. She glances at a picture of
Ridge, Taylor and the kids. She picks up the phone and calls Bill Spencer. He
asks who it is and she tells him. He asks if she is all right and she says,
no, she needs his help. He asks if she is aware of the risks and Steph says
she is. He asks if she still wants to go through with it, and again,
Stephanie says yes. She says she has no other options. He says he has to make
a few calls. She tells him that her name cannot be connected to it. He knows.
He asks where she is and she says her office. He tells her to stay right

Thorne comes out with a house warming present for Kim. She tells him he
didn't have to do this. He knows, and he has memories too about her new
place. She asks if she can open it. He of course, says yes. It is a picture
from Nantucket. She says she was there before. It was before her mother told
her she was sick. She says how life was so perfect back then. He says it will
be again and a lot sooner than she thinks. She hugs him and thanks him,
saying he is so thoughtful. She asks him if he has ever seen a real
lighthouse in action. He says no. She says it makes her wonder what it would
be like to sail. It being so dark and the waves crashing around you. It could
take you at any moment. Then you look up and lightning is coming your way and
see the lighthouse and know you are OK and are going to be safe. That is
exactly how she feels when she is with him. He thanks her for saying that.
She says it is true, without him, she would have gone under.  Meanwhile,
Brooke arrives. She can't wait to see him.

Ridge arrives home calling out to Taylor. He sees candles lit by the pool and
wanders down. Taylor appears in the doorway and says she has been waiting for
him. He says he can see and asks if the kids are asleep. They are, she says.
She tells him to sit down. She asks if he is hungry. He isn't. She says, not
for food, right? He says he has to talk to her about something serious. She
asks, Morgan? He says, yeah. She says she knows everything. He looks at her

Stephanie stands in her office talking to herself, doc, you have to come
through for me, it is the only way, I can stop her. Bill calls her, and tells
her there won't be any problem and asks her if she wants to go to her home
now. She says, no, she will meet him in her office. He asks if she has spoken
to Eric? She says she hasn't, she is handling the situation. He says, fine,
the fewer people that know about this, the better. He will be right over.
They hang up and she says, Ridge, please trust me and don't tell Taylor

Taylor tells Ridge that it doesn't make any sense why Morgan would want to
hide her pregnancy.He says there is a lot more to Morgan than they realized.
She is beginning to see that, she thought she knew her so well. She thought
that when Stephanie told her that Morgan was pregnant, she had it all figured
out. She thought Clarke was the father. She went over to Clarke to
congratulate him and he wouldn't admit it. He tells her that Clarke is not
the father. She asks if he talked to Morgan. He says he did. She asks why she
would want to keep it a secret. He says she was afraid how they would react.
Taylor can't believe Morgan would feel that way since they have been
supportive. She says that Morgan really runs hot and cold. One minute she
asks Ridge to be her baby's father and the next minute, she shuts them out
completely. She bets Morgan didn't want to tell Ridge who the father was. He
says, no, she didn't. Taylor used to like the way Morgan was so open and
honest when she first met her and now she is beginning to think it was one
big act. She says she should have listened to him and Stephanie, it was a
mistake to get that close to Morgan. She feels if that is the way Morgan
wants to act, that is just fine. If she wants to hide everything from them,
she'd just as soon  not to get involved with her. Ridge looks at her, very
much hurt in his eyes. He says he feels the same way, but they are involved.
She asks what he means. He says, Taylor (and in his head he is hearing
Stephanie say, "Keep your mouth shut, you are not going to lose your
family"). Taylor thinks he probably feels responsible. She says she does too
because they encouraged her to go along with this. She says she is never
getting that close to Morgan again, she just can't trust her.

Clarke gives Morgan the directions to his getaway and asks if she has her
cell phone in case she has to get in touch. She says she will never forget
this and yes, her cell phone is in the car. She says she will just stay there
a few weeks so she will be in her second trimester and the baby will be safe.
He says, OK, let's get you on the road. He takes her luggage and she locks
the door on their way out.

Bill Spencer enters Stephanie's office. She looks up and tells him she knew
she could count on him. He is glad she could come to him. He is sorry that
she doesn't feel safe enough to tell him what it is all about. She says she
really doesn't want to say any more than she already has. He tells her she
doesn't have to, when she is upset like this, he knows it is a good reason,
one of her kids are in trouble and he is sure he can guess which one. He asks
how far along is the woman? She says, she is still in her first trimester.
Bill says good and places a bottle of pills on her desk. There are three in
it. Steph asks how many. He says one. She asks if there will be side effects.
He says, cramping, nausea. She asks if there is any chance of permanent
damage? He says no, the mother is completely safe. She asks why the FDA
hasn't approved it? Politics. She asks if it is traceable? He says,
traceable, you mean the mother doesn't know? She says it is an emergency. She
will never forget what he has done for her. He feels that it is better if she
does forget. He tells her to be very careful with the drugs. Bill leaves and
Stephanie says, "I save you once from her Ridge, and I will do it again."

Thorne gives Kim his sweater. He says how Macy loved nights like that. She
looks at him and says she can see why. She says that the ocean is so powerful
and so scary. He smiles. She says, but up there, she feels safe. He says they
need some hot coffee. She says it sounds great. He offers to go in and get
some. Once he is inside, Brooke comes through the door. He says, hi, honey
and they embrace and kiss. She tells him that she missed him so much. He
missed her too. Kim comes in and sees the two of them. Brooke realizes Kim is
there and asks her what she is doing there and Kim glares at her.

Morgan comes back inside to get the key for the cabin and when she comes out
and relocks the door, Stephanie is standing there. She tells her she doesn't
want to discuss it or fight about it anymore. Stephanie says she doesn't
either, she wants to have a cup of tea and talk.


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