The Bold & The Beautiful Thursday July 6, 2000

B&B Update Thursday 7/6/00  By Linda

Macy & Brooke

Brooke tries to calm Macy, but she doesn't want to hear it. She pins Brooke
to the floor with her high heal. Brooke is really scared now.  Brooke manages
to get up. She tells Macy that she has been drinking. Macy denies drinking.
Brooke wants to call Thorne and get him up there. Macy says no, Thorne can't
help Brooke now. Brooke took everything from her and Brooke has the nerve to
show up with divorce papers. Brooke apologizes, she says she didn't know and
it was a mistake. Macy tells her is was a mistake and the worse one Brooke
will have ever made. Brooke tells Macy that she knows she isn't going to hurt
her. Macy asks what makes her so sure. Brooke says because that is not who
Macy is. Macy tells Brooke that she counted on that, sweet little Macy will
just roll over while you ruin her life. Brooke says she didn't expect this to
happen. Macy says Brooke just didn't expect her to fight back. Well, Macy is
fighting back for Thorne's sake, because he has no idea what he is dealing in
with Brooke. Brooke says that Thorne knows her better than anybody. Macy
says, really, did he know you were coming up here and bring the divorce
papers. It shows how heartless Brooke is and selfless and she will eat Thorne
alive. Macy grabs Brooke's keys and goes out the door with Brooke on her
tail. Macy jumps into Brooke's car and Brooke jumps into the passengers seat.
They struggle but Macy gets the car started and takes off. Brooke tells her
to stop the car. Macy has a determined look on her face.


Kim is driving up to Big Bear. Talking to herself she says, Sally is so
scared. It will be worth driving up there just to make her feel better even
if Macy is with Thorne and I have to turn back again. Please, please, let him
be there.


Thorne is still at the diner. He makes a phone call to Jonathan to tell him
there is no rush for the divorce papers. Macy has agreed to the divorce so it
is best not to push her. Thorne calls Brooke but gets her voicemail and
leaves her a message to call him as soon as she gets the message. He wants to
make sure she is all right and he tells her he loves her. Thorne pulls out a
picture of he and Macy.

Amber and CJ

The tape is playing from Becky. CJ notices what Becky is wearing. She is in
her robe and nightgown. He says, she made this the day...... Amber says, I
know. Becky says she hopes this is not too weird for them. It is weird for
her. She says how everyone keeps saying she should make arrangements with a
lawyer but there is no time, so she will tell them what she wants. She is not
worried about Eric, Amber was his first mother and no one can love Eric like
Amber does. She doesn't want Amber to do it alone, she wants CJ to help. CJ
is the type of man she wants her son to be. Strong, funny, intelligent, he
has learned so much just by being around CJ. He will benefit from being
around 2 parents like them. She says she has told them what she wants, now
she will tell them what she wants for them. She says, Amber it won't be easy
to be a single Mom, don't bury your life in it, she wants her to have a life
of her own and she deserves to have a man. She cuts up with "Don't walk away
when I am talking to you young lady." Amber starts to cry. She wants Amber to
find someone special, someone that will be good to her, someone that will
laugh at her jokes. She has a feeling Amber won't have to look too far. CJ
wonders what Becky meant by that. Becky tells CJ that he knows how she feels,
he was the love of her life but her life is over and she wants him to be
happy, she wants that for both of them, she loves them so much and wants them
to take care of each other. She reaches up and turns off the recorder. Amber
says, that is her cousin, sticking her nose where it doesn't belong, go find
a man. CJ says, she said you wouldn't have to look very far, was she talking
about Rick? She says, maybe, it doesn't matter, she wants us to be there for
little Eric and we will be. She says she will be in her room and thanks him.
CJ sits there thinking. He turns the tape back on where Becky tells him that
he is the love of her life. He pauses the tape and touches Becky on the TV
screen telling her he loves her so much. Amber comes into the room. She was
thirsty. The phone rings, it is Sally, she asks if he is coming home tonight.
He says he is staying there with Amber to help with the baby. Sally thinks
that is a good idea, but she would like to know if he could stop by tomorrow
to help support Macy seeing she and Thorne are having problems. He says he
will be there. Amber asks if everything was OK. He tells her about Sally
wanting him over for support for Macy. He says that means Thorne must have
screwed up. Amber say CJ doesn't know that. CJ says she doesn't know Thorne's
history, he is always screwing things up, he better not hurt his sister.

Sally & Clark

Clark asks Sally if she sent Kim to check on Macy. Sally says that Kim
volunteered. Kim has been very supportive of Macy. Clark worries if Macy has
been drinking. Sally says there is no alcohol and Macy has no car. Clark
worries that Kim won't be able to handle things if Macy is a mess. Sally
calls Kim on her cell phone and tells Kim she should come back. Kim says she
is almost there and she thinks that Macy needs some time with Thorne and away
from Brooke. Clark wants to call the police and have them look around since
Macy hasn't answered her phone, in a situation like this, you never know what
a person might do.

Macy & Brooke

Macy is speeding down the mountain. Brooke tells her to slow down, pull over
and they can call Thorne. Macy asks if she feels helpless and scared? Now
Brooke knows how she felt. Brooke pulls out her cell phone and Macy grabs it
out of her hand. Brooke tries to grab it back but she can't get it from her.
Brooke covers her eyes. Macy yells that they will do it her way.


She calls the cabin but there is no answer. She assumes Thorne and Macy went
back or maybe they aren't taking calls right now, she'll know soon enough.


He calls the office and gets Brooke's secretary. She isn't there. He calls
Brooke's phone. Macy figures it may be Thorne checking on Brooke and tosses
the phone out the window. Brooke yells at her. Macy asks how it feel someone
else running her life? A taste of what she has been dishing out all these
years. Brooke claims she doesn't know what Macy is talking about. Macy is
sure Brooke knows. She has been doing it every since Macy met her, getting
pregnant by Eric, breaking up a 25 year marriage, then you started in on
Ridge and Taylor. Macy thought nothing like that could happen to her and
Thorne that their marriage was so strong, but nobody is safe with Brooke.
Brooke asks if that is what Macy is going to tell him. Macy says that is
right. Brooke tells her it won't do any good because Thorne loves her. Macy
tells her that Thorne doesn't know her. Brooke says he does and he knows what
he wants. She tells Macy that Thorne will have the same reaction when she
tells him, he will feel sorry for her and that's it. Macy keeps saying no,
no. Brooke begs her to just pull over. Macy says she is going to tell Thorne,
she is going to stop Brooke. Brooke insists that won't make a difference
because Thorne and she love each other and they are going to be together.
There is nothing Macy can do to stop them. This line echoes in Macy's head.
Macy gets a strange look on her face and speeds up and cuts the wheel. Brooke
looks ahead and tells Macy that she can't turn on a curve and to get back. A
horn blasts and Brooke screams, look out, look out! You hear a screech and
glass shattering.

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