The Bold & The Beautiful Wednesday July 5, 2000

B&B Update Wednesday 7/5/00  By Linda

Brooke & Macy
Macy tells Brooke she didn't think Brooke could stoop any lower, bringing her
lovers wife divorce papers. Brooke accuses Macy of pushing her. Macy brings
up Brooke's past with men. She tells Brooke that she swoops down on her prey.
Brooke tells Macy that her marriage is over and she just hasn't accepted it
Brooke tells her to look at what she is doing to herself, dinner, a pretty
dress. Macy tells her that she doesn't even expect Brooke to understand.
Brooke says she does understand, Macy is trying to hold on to Thorne every
way possible. Macy says, what? Brooke says, that is what you are doing isn't
it, drag him up here alone, eat, relive the past, did it do any good? Macy
tells her she is unbelievable. Brooke insists she is telling Macy this for
her own good, she can't keep hoping Thorne will come back to her, it is not
going to happen. Macy asks her if she knew what she was hoping for? What she
was praying for was one night with the man she loves so she could say
good-bye with grace and dignity, that's all. A beautiful memory to hang onto
and Brooke took that away from her. Brooke says, this was? Macy says, this
was good-bye and it was for us. Brooke tells her she is not happy for what
she is going through, but she did the right thing. Macy says, for herself,
but for Thorne, you are going to ruin his life, I see that so clearly now.
Well, she has tried but now all she can do is sit back and watch Brooke tear
him apart and ruin his life she has no choice, Brooke is going to rip his
life apart piece by piece just like she did to Ridge and Eric. Brooke tells
her that that is enough. Macy retorts with, you would think that would be
enough. Brooke asks her if she thinks this is a game for her, that what
Thorne and she has is a cheap fling? Would that make you feel better? Brooke
says she knows Macy and Thorne's relationship was special to her. Macy says,
you don't know anything about my relationship with Thorne because you haven't
had anything like it. How could you? You're just a tramp. You bounce from man
to man and chew them up and spit them out. She tells Brooke that what she and
Thorne had was real. They spent their lives together loving each other. They
loved each other from the day they met. Brooke says, there were problems,
Macy. Macy asks her if that is what Brooke promised, life without problems?
She tells her that in the real world, people have problems and they survive,
she and Thorne did, her families conflicts and her addiction, nothing tore
them apart accept Brooke. She tells Brooke to get out. Brooke looks at the
divorce papers and then says to Macy what she did tonight took a lot of
strength, but there is still one thing, and she picks up the divorce papers
and tells Macy that if she really meant what she said about letting Throne
go, she will sign the papers now, tonight. Macy glares at her with tears in
her eyes. Macy says, you want me to do what. Brooke says there is no reason
to put it off, she knows it is painful. Macy has a look of disbelief. Brooke
tells her that once she signs them it will be over and Macy can get on with
her life. Macy says, and so can you, with Thorne. Brooke say, Macy, it is
what he wants. Macy tells Brooke to give her the papers. Brooke hands them to
her and Macy asks her if she has a pen, then says, never mind, I will just
use this and picks up a lighter and lights the divorce papers on fire. Brooke
tells her that doesn't change anything. Macy tells her that is where she is
wrong, this changes everything. She can't believe she was ready to let him
go, she was going to hand him to her on a silver platter, my God, what was
she thinking. Brooke says, Macy, you were right, it is over. Macy says, It's
over, the fantasy Brooke has been living. She tells Brooke that she has no
class coming up there stuffing divorce papers in her face. She says that she
and Thorne are married, they took vows in front of God and what does that
mean to Brooke, nothing if it means getting in the way of her sex life.
Brooke tells her that she has told her before, it is not about sex. Macy
says, it is about Brooke getting what she wants when she wants it and the
heck with anyone else. She has no decency, kindness or respect. She tells
Brooke that she thinks she will make Thorne happy, she will never even
understand him. Brooke tells Macy that Thorne loves her. Macy says that is
because Brooke has him fooled just like she fooled Eric and Ridge but they
finally learned their lesson and Thorne will too, but by then it will be too
late. He will have lost everything, his marriage, his family, his dignity.
She tells Brooke that she will destroy Thorne and she is not going to let
that happen. Brooke tells her that she cannot stop the divorce. Macy says,
well, I can stop you! Macy tells her it didn't sound like such a good idea
now, coming up there and forcing her hand. Brooke apologizes. Macy says, you
are going to be sorry. Brooke says she should have never asked Macy to sign
those divorce papers. Macy says she is glad Brooke did, because she just
reminded her of how low she will go and now she knows what she has to do.
Brooke looks a bit scared by Macy's reaction and says she has to go. Macy
grabs her and throws her to the floor and tells her she is not going
anywhere. She tells Brooke that she will never, ever have Thorne. Brooke
stares up at her from the floor as Macy glares back at her.

CJ & Amber
They arrive at Amber's place. Reminiscing about Becky. Amber comments to
little Eric about how wonderful his mama was. CJ tells her never to stop
telling him things like that about Becky. Amber asks him if he wants to stay
the night. He says OK and if it is all right, he can stick around for a
while. She says she would really like that. CJ picks up Becky's picture and
stares at it. He places it on the table and says, now comes the hard part.
Amber agrees. He says, we have this little guy to take care of, maybe that
will take my mind off how much I will miss her. Amber gives him a hug. CJ
looks at a book of French poetry, he and Becky used to read to one another.
CJ says how Becky was an amazing person and he misses her so much. Flashbacks
follow of him with Becky. CJ and Amber cry. Amber tells him that he made
Becky happier than she had been in her entire life. Becky suggests they go
through Becky's things and comes out with a video tape she found. On the
label it reads, To: Amber and CJ. Amber says it is from Becky. CJ asks if she
knew about the tape and she says, no, she knew Becky had Rick's camera but
she thought she was taping the baby. Amber asks if he wants to watch it? Yes,
put it in. It is Becky talking to them, her little surprise, she has
something very important to tell them.

Sally & Kim
Sally is telling Kim she hopes Macy is all right when Thorne calls. He tells
her that Macy has chosen to stay behind. He doesn't want her to worry, he
thinks that everything will work out OK. They have a bad connection so he
hangs up. Kim wonders if Macy got through to him. Sally says that they had
too much to work out, and she hopes Macy is all right. Kim assures her that
Brooke is not a factor tonight and tonight could change everything. Sally
doesn't feel right leaving Macy up there, she wants to go. Kim reminds her
that she told CJ she would be there for him and offers to go herself. She
promises Sally everything will be fine.


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