The Bold & The Beautiful Tuesday July 4, 2000

B&B Update Tuesday 7/4/00  By Linda

Taylor & Ridge
Taylor and Ridge are out by the pool. The kids are sleeping so they have time
alone again. But, soon, Morgan comes by with a sketch. Taylor says they were
just going to watch the fireworks. Morgan is impressed with the view so
Taylor invites her to stay. Morgan says that she doesn't want to intrude,
Ridge may want to spend the time alone with Taylor. Taylor tells her that
Ridge would be happy to see her. Ridge is getting them a drink. He comes out
with a bottle of wine. Taylor tells him they need one more glass. Taylor
motions to Morgan. Ridge tells her it could have waited until morning. Taylor
says, yes, but Morgan would have missed the fireworks. Ridge asks Taylor why
she had to ask Morgan to stay. Taylor felt bad for her. Taylor leaves to get
the other glass. After Taylor leaves, Ridge asks Morgan what she thinks she
is doing. Morgan tells Ridge not to act like a child he is only making
matters worse. He says it is a good thing she didn't get pregnant, he doesn't
have to put up with her anymore. She says, yes he does and he better get used
to it. She tells him she didn't come there to fight. He tells her she
shouldn't have come at all. She says you better get past it or you will make
everyone else wonder what is going on. She tells him she lost his friendship,
and would never do anything to hurt him, she loves him. He tells her to stay
away from him and his family, they work together and that is all. He walks
away and she goes after him and grabs him by the arm and tells him that it
was his choice to make love to her, it was not only the email. He tells her
to be quiet. She tells him that he wanted her and he proved it that night the
way he touched her. She says you can blame me all you want but you can't
forget that night either. He turns and tells her to shut up, shut up and then
grabs and kisses her passionately with the fireworks go off and Taylor looks
on. Then you hear Taylor's voice calling Ridge, Ridge, and Morgan comes to.
She was daydreaming about Ridge. Ridge comes out from the house and hugs

Brooke thanks Jonathan for the divorce papers. Brooke feels they have done
all they could to protect Macy and help her face reality, the marriage is
over. Brooke excuses herself to bring the papers to Macy. Jonathan tries to
persuade her to wait. Brooke tells him, that will be all so he leaves.

Thorne & Macy
Thorne and Macy are having dinner. Macy tells Thorne that the evening means a
lot to her. He says to him to. She spills her drink on her dress and Thorne
acts like a gentleman and helps her clean her dress. He tells her she is
beautiful, even messy. He says she doesn't owe him anything after all he has
put her through, let alone the dinner and all. She says she did this for
herself, so she can look back on tonight and smile. Thorne gently touches her
cheek and she smiles. Macy wants to know what he will remember. He tells her
not to talk like he will never see her again. She says she will be in rehab
for a while and then is moving to the East coast. He asks her not to leave.
She wants him to answer her question about what he will remember. He says the
look on her face when he gave her that ring. She says, oh the one I nearly
choked on? They laugh. He asks what she will remember. She says a lot of
things, but mostly tonight. Strangely enough this is going to be our finest
hour. He says they have never done things traditionally, no proposals, not
rings. He asks her to dance. She says she would like that. He puts on a cd,
Macy had left out with their song. They dance. Macy cries and turns it off
before it is done. He hugs her. Later, Thorne offers to bring her home. Macy
says she wants to be alone and will call her Mom in the morning for a ride
home. She needs time to think this through. He tells her he will miss her. He
kisses her good-bye. She tells him he had better go. He thanks her and
leaves. He looks back and waves and she waves back. After he is gone, she
breaks down and cries. She hears a sound outside and opens the door and it is
Brooke with the divorce papers. She explodes at Brooke. Divorce papers? You
brought me divorce papers?

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