The Bold & The Beautiful Monday July 3, 2000

B&B Update Monday 7/3/00 By Linda

Jonathan arrives with the divorce papers looking for Thorne. Brooke explains
that he went up to Big Bear. John says he would rather leave them with
Throne, but Brooke insists he leave them with her. John asks what make them
think Macy won't just tear them up again. Brooke says that won't stop the
divorce. John says Thorne and Macy have a long history, this may devastate
her. Brooke says Macy will recover.

Thorne & Macy
Macy tells Thorne she has a proposition for him. Macy doesn't want to fight
him anymore. She knows she can't change the way Thorne feels about Brooke.
She talks about all the good times they shared. She wants to cherish it. She
asks him for 1 last night together. Dinner and possibly a dance than she will
check into rehab and he can start his life with Brooke. She asks if he could
give her that. He says yes. He pulls out her chain for her and they sit at
the dinner table. She says our last dinner together. He says, their last
dinner as a married couple. She holds a toast, "to us and what we have and
will always have." They sip their drinks.

Taylor & Ridge
Enjoying their picnic, Ridge tells her how much he enjoys his family. Taylor
says he is a bit temperamental lately. He says he is probably going through
something watching Thorne and Macy lately. How everything is falling apart
due to another woman. She says that isn't happening to our marriage. He says
and it wouldn't. He couldn't bare losing her and his kids. He cherishes so
much. She tells him no one can make him lose her. Their marriage is strong.
She asks Ridge to sing.  Ridge gets his guitar and sings "Itsy Bitsy Spider".

Morgan & Clark
Morgan checks the pregnancy test. She's crying. Clark thinks it failed but
she surprises him by telling him it worked. She is pregnant. She has Ridge to
thank. Clark thinks she si a genius pulling this off. She deserves an Oscar
for her production. Clark can't wait for the Forresters to find out. She
tells him nobody can find out about this. She doesn't want to hurt Ridge and
Taylor. She tells him the story of her getting pregnant by Ridge years ago
and Stephanie making her get the abortion. She has never felt happiness since
then until today. Clark thinks the Forresters will find out. She is concerned
about Ridge. She thinks it will take time but Ridge will forgive her.  She
had to do what she did to get pregnant. She admits she loves Ridge and Taylor
and will protect his family as much as her own.

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