The Bold & The Beautiful Friday June 30, 2000

B&B Update Friday 6/30/00  By Linda

Brooke & Thorne

Brooke asks why Macy went to Big Bear. Thorne wants the divorce papers so he can bring them with him to Macy. Brooke doesn't think that is a good idea, Macy is desperate and Thorne doesn't know what she is capable of. Thorne says Macy is not dangerous. She asks if he thinks Macy thinks he is going back to her. He says she is so strung out on booze, who knows? He tries his phone and can't get hold of John for the divorce papers. Brooke thinks he should just go to Macy so she doesn't try to drive down the mountain.

Macy & Sally

Sally has the table all set for Macy's dinner with Thorne. Sally assures Macy she has been a perfect wife. Macy disagrees. Sally says there is hope, Thorne is coming to see her. Macy asks if she really thinks Throne will leave Brooke and come back to her. Macy tells Sally she doesn't believe Thorne will come back to her. Sally is more concerned about Macy. She offers to take Macy and go if she has changed her mind. Sally wants to take Macy home and do things they did when they were young. Macy turns her down. She has things to take care of. Sally worries about Macy's motives. Sally refuses to leave unless Macy promises she is OK. Sally is so distraught. She thinks Macy is not OK and doesn't want to go. Macy tries to assure Sally that she is OK. Macy thinks Sally worries too much. Sally says Thorne is the reason Macy is unhappy. Things could spin out of control. Macy says, tonight she has control. She knows what she has to do. Sally says she promised Macy all her life that she would protect her and she isn't stopping now. She's been around all Macy's life. She knows there is a reason all those memories are coming back. Macy promises she will make her more memories. Macy promises to call if she needs Sally. Sally tells her she loves her and leaves.

Taylor & Ridge

Catherine is still at the park with the kids. Ridge is frisky again. Taylor asks what has gotten into him. He says he loves her and he is like that with his wife. She hopes he is only like that with his wife. Taylor wanted to invite Morgan to the barbecue. Ridge thinks Morgan should get herself some other friends. Taylor wants to know what is going on between Morgan and Ridge. It seems ever since this pregnancy thing happened, Ridge seems upset with Morgan. Taylor apologizes for putting him in a situation like that. Ridge thinks Morgan can take care of herself. Taylor thinks he has been negative about Morgan a lot lately. Ridge says they have their differences. She asks if it is work. He says no, it is personal. Taylor thinks Morgan is a good friend and maybe they should sit down and talk things out. He tells her to leave it alone. She thinks Ridge thinks Morgan will regret the decision about the baby. Ridge agrees. Ridge is staring off into the night. She asks what he is thinking about. He says he is praying, thanking God for what they have. So much love and a great marriage. He tells her how much he loves her.

Morgan & Clark

Clark asks when this happened with her and Ridge. Morgan says when Taylor was out of town and they did it to have a baby. Morgan tells Clark that Taylor emailed Ridge and told him to go ahead with the insemination the natural way. He can't believe Taylor would agree to that. Morgan admits that she borrowed Taylor's laptop and sent the email to Ridge herself. Clark can't believe Ridge went along with it. Morgan says she had a hard time convincing Ridge so she called Taylor and talked to her. When Taylor called Ridge, he thought she was referring to the email he received. Clark thinks Morgan is crafty. She says it was a means to an end. She didn't want a strangers baby. Clark is surprised Ridge didn't go out and get a pregnancy test and make her take it. She tells him he did, but she tested negative, at least that is what Ridge thinks. Clark asks that Ridge thinks Morgan is not pregnant? Morgan says she saved some urine before she and Ridge had sex in case she needed it. Clark urges her to go test herself again. She goes off to take the test. The moment of truth. Macy comes out. Clark says, you and Ridge are about to be parents, huh? Morgan holds on to the test, but never answers.

Thorne & Macy

Thorne arrives. Macy is dressed in all white. Candles are lit. She tells him she has a surprise he will never forget.

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