The Bold & The Beautiful Thursday June 29, 2000

B&B Update Thursday 6/29/00  By Linda


Eric tells Thorne to tell him it is over between he and Brooke. He orders Thorne to come with him. Brooke says Thorne is not going anywhere. Eric tells Brooke to stay out of it. Thorne tells him not to talk to Brooke that way. Thorne hollers at Eric about putting them through hell and orders him out of the house. Brooke feels they deserve to be together. Thorne tells Eric that it is his fault for what they pulled on him in Venice. Eric says he shouldn't have gotten involved and maybe this would have blown over by now. Thorne says they will stay together. Eric says the company can fall apart when this gets out, and what about the people he is hurting like his mother. Thorne tells him to not use his mother and he doesn't care who knows. Eric says he is warning Thorne how this relationship will end. He knows how Brooke is. He tells Brooke she needs help, not another Forrester. Eric tells him he is still married to Macy and he owes her the respect. Thorne tells him he is divorcing Macy and there is nothing Eric can do about it.


Macy is having another drink, saying maybe Thorne will listen to Eric. She wonders if he realizes how much he is giving up. She thinks back on times they had together. Shows flashbacks of them in love. She goes to the phone but someone knocks at the door. It is Sally. Sally asks her what she has been drinking. Macy tells her how she told Eric and he went to Thorne. Sally tries to convince Macy she doesn't need Thorne. She deserves better. Macy talks about going up to the mountains. Thorne would like that. She says she thought about what it would be like and she knows what life would be like without Thorne and she heads out the door. Sally goes after her.

Morgan and Clark

Clark is glad she called. She admits she overheard the arguing at the office. Morgan asks what the arguing was about. Clark tells her about Macy and Thorne. He says that Taylor and Ridge won't help. He says that someday they may have troubles of their own and he can't wait until that day comes. He asks how things are going with her. She says great and wishes she could share it with the world. He asks if she is pregnant. She says not that she knows of. He is glad to hear that, now there may be a chance for him. She says she doesn't want to ruin their friendship seeing he is her only friend. He asks if she is no longer a friend of Ridge's. She says not at the moment. He says good he wants to take that family down a notch or two. He asks if it has to do with Stephanie. She thinks he is perceptive. Stephanie hurt her in the past, she says. He warns her not to mess with Stephanie. There is no defense against a queen. She will grind you up and you will lose. Stephanie is above justice. Morgan says that Stephanie is going to get what she deserves and she is going to serve it all to her. Clark doubts Stephanie will fall. He wants to know what Morgan's secret is. She doesn't want to share her information unless he swears not to tell anyone. He swears he won't tell. She says it has to do with Ridge and Taylor and she does need to share it with someone. He says he would never share her secret. He values her friendship too much. Morgan tells him that she and Ridge slept together.

Ridge and Taylor

Taylor is trying to go out the door to go shopping. Ridge stands in her way. He says Catherine can do that. Taylor says Catherine is at the park with the kids. Ridge finds that an opportunity to fool around. Later, on the couch, covered only by a blanket, Taylor wants to know what is going on. What is this all about? Not having a child, because three is enough? He agrees. She says the only baby they will see in nine months is Morgan's. He says "I wouldn't count on that, my love." She questions if he thinks Morgan is pregnant because she does. He doesn't want to talk about her, they have a barbecue to go to. She gets up to go get dressed. Ridge lays their and watches her leave and whispers, "I love you."

Thorne and Brooke

Thorne is on the phone with his lawyer, he tells John he needs another copy of the divorce papers. He doesn't want to put it off another day. Brooke asks what if Macy tears them up again. He says he won't let her. She says Eric is going to rally the family again. He doesn't care, all he needs is her. The phone rings. It is Macy for Thorne. Brooke hands him the phone. She says she knew he would be there. She tells him she is at Big Bear. He asks if she is alone. Yes, she tells him. He says, you drove up there alone and you have been drinking? She says please, I need you to come up here. Don't go anywhere, I'll be right there, he says. She tells Sally that Thorne is coming and she will have him all to herself for the last time.

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