The Bold & The Beautiful Wednesday June 28, 2000

B&B Update Wednesday 6/28/00  By Linda


Macy is looking at the divorce papers. She asks Thorne if he wants her to sign them now. He says, you know this was going to happen. She looks over at Brooke and turns back to Thorne and tells him he didn't waste any time. He says that is not how he wanted to handle it but he doesn't know how else to get through to her. He tells her their marriage is over. She says, with the sweep of the pen it is finished. He tells her there is a settlement in there, John made sure of it. He knows she is probably not concerned about the money but he wants her to have it. She says John is your attorney? He says yes, she says he is a friend and she wanted to know how John reacted. Or maybe he knew already? He asks her to just sign the papers so they can go on with their lives. She says she can't do it. Thorne tells her she can. She says not in front of Brooke. Brooke offers to leave. Macy says, now you want leave us alone? He tells her not to make it difficult. She says he is the one making it difficult, confronting her in his lovers home. He pleads with her.   He didn't want it to be this way. She said it shouldn't have been this way.  It never had to happen. He says but it did and she has to accept it. She begs him not to do it. He tells her it is going to be OK. He says once Macy clears her head she will see that what they are doing if right. She says, yes and walks back to the papers. She picks up the pen and starts to cry and says she can't do it and tears up the papers. She tells Thorne that she can't see him destroy his life she loves him too much, can't you see that. I love you Thorne and she bolts out the door. Brooke realizes that Macy has been drinking and they run toward the door. Thorne calls out to Macy but all you hear is the tires screeching in the background. They go back inside. Thorne picks up the papers and comments how that didn't go too well. Brooke says you tried. He says he only got her more upset. He worries that she is wandering around out there. All she had to do was sign. Brooke says maybe Macy needs more time. He says he is leaving the house tonight. Brooke says now you can move in here like it is supposed to be. Thorne says he is supposed to take her to rehab. Brooke says he can do it tomorrow.


Ridge comes in and drops Morgan's designs. She wants to discuss them. He doesn't have time. She wants there to be no tension between them. He is not ready to talk to her and doesn't know when or if he will ever be ready. She says OK, I know you aren't ready to forgive me but you can at least be civil. He says he is. He wants to keep his distance. She says everyone will notice. He asks if she blames him, she tricked him into having sex with her. She tries to change his mind but he says that is the way it has to be.

Taylor and Clark

Clark comes in looking for Brooke and Thorne. Neither of them are there. He asks Taylor if she isn't upset. Taylor doesn't know what he means. He tells her that Thorne is leaving Macy. Taylor says, it isn't because of Brooke is it? He says, yes. He asks Taylor if she can help. She is close to Thorne, maybe she can talk some sense into him and Brooke. Taylor says she understands Clark's concern, this is very upsetting news. He asks what they are going to do about it? She doesn't think there may be anything they can 
do. She can't get involved with it. Clark tells Taylor that she is as bad as the rest of them. He thought he could count on her. Ridge comes in and wants to know what is going on there. Clark tells Ridge to back off. Ridge tells him that her heard what he said and no one talks to his wife like that. Clark tells him not to worry because he is done talking to her now. Taylor tells him to wait a minute. Clark says why, you're not going to help. You talk about family loyalty all the time, where is your loyalty now. Taylor tells Ridge that Thorne asked Macy for a divorce. Ridge says what? Clark says, yes, he is leaving her for Brooke. Ridge wants to know when this happened. Clark asks why he cares, he isn't going to help, he can't get involved. Morgan starts toward the office and hears Clark in the doorway and hides behind some boxes. Clark asks Ridge if he is going to let Thorne leave his wife. Ridge tells Clark he wants him out of there, it is none of his business. He says it is his business and wants to know if Ridge is going to talk to that idiot brother of his. He says, not that you give a damn but Macy is drinking again. He says, six years sober and she is back on the bottle. If anything happens to Macy he is holding them responsible. He tells them that the Forresters make him sick, they are a bunch of hypocrites. He hopes that Brooke tears their family apart. 

Macy and Eric

Macy shows up at Eric's office crying. Eric approaches her as she stumbles. Eric asks her what is wrong. She tells him that Thorne is leaving her for Brooke and that their marriage was a horrible mistake. She tells him how she went to Brooke and begged her not to do this. She is so scared, she just can't lose him. Eric hugs her. He assures her it is all right now. He is going to straighten this whole thing out. She can't understand how this happened. They were happy, he said he would never hurt me. He asks her if she is drinking. She says she tried to ease the pain. She just couldn't stand it, the thought of Thorne with Brooke made her sick. She feels so weak and helpless. He tells her she is not helpless. He tells her she will get through this. She says she can't do it alone. She says she needs his help, he stopped Thorne before. He says he tried to stop them before, he guesses it didn't work. She tells him that Thorne is really going to go through with it this time, he served her with divorce papers. He asks her if she signed them. She says, no, but he wanted me to, right in front of Brooke. Eric says, she was there? She says he gave them to her at Brooke's house. She says Thorne doesn't know what he is doing. She knows deep down he loves her and she loves him too. He tells her that Megan will drive her home and he will talk to Thorne.

Eric at Brooke's

Eric knocks on the door. Thorne thinks it is Macy. Eric gets all over Thorne about leaving Macy. Eric tells him he is going to give his mother a stroke. Thorne tells him to stop, he loves Brooke and he is not lying to anyone anymore. Eric hollers that Brooke is not going to put his kids through this and Thorne is not going to marry Brooke. 

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