The Bold & The Beautiful Tuesday June 27, 2000

B&B Update Tuesday 6/27/00  By Linda


Brooke comes down the stairs and says, well, today is the day Thorne, you move out of the beach house and in with me. Thorne and Macy's Thorne is sleeping on the couch. Macy comes into the living room and looks at him and says, I'm not going to let her Thorne, I am not going to let Brooke take you away from me. She walks out or the house and puts on her sun glasses. Later, Thorne wakes up and calls out for Macy. No answer, he looks outside and says, she is gone, maybe she had an AA meeting today. 


Sally is staring out the window. Clarke is there. Sally says she wishes they could do something to help CJ. He says CJ has to handle it in his own way. Sally wishes he were there with them. Clarke tells her that CJ knows where they are when he needs them. Kim shows up. She looks at Sally and Clarke and asks what is wrong. Sally tells her about Becky. She asks how CJ is and Clarke says, not well, he wants some time alone. Kim knows this is not the best time to talk about this but she needs to talk to them about Macy. She tells them that Macy is drinking again and Thorne is leaving her. Sally can't believe it, Thorne wants a divorce. Kim says that is what Macy tells her and she was supposed to call her this morning but she hasn't heard from her. Sally says, if Macy is drinking, she can't be driving anywhere. Sally hopes not. Kim tells them how Thorne told Macy that their marriage was a big mistake and he should never have married her because he is in love with Brooke. Sally goes out the door to look for Macy. She is hoping Thorne didn't serve her the divorce papers yet. She feels Macy is too fragile for all this. 

Brooke and Macy 

Macy knocks on Brooke's door. She asks why she is there. Macy says she has come there to save her marriage. Brooke doesn't feel she is the one Macy should talk to. Macy feels she is because she is the one who is coming between her and Thorne and she can't let Brooke take away everything she has cared about. Brooke tells her she knows Macy is upset. She offers to call a ride for Macy because they have nothing to talk about. Macy says you may not have anything to talk about, but I do. Macy feels that Brooke is just going through a faze and it will pass, just like what she had for Ridge. She tells Brooke that Thorne is her whole life, she needs Brooke to leave Thorne alone and begs Brooke not to take Thorne away from her. Macy tells her to stop it. Brooke says it is too late. Macy says it is not too late, he hasn't divorced her yet. She points out all the others that will be hurt by her decision, Brooke's children and her family. She thinks Brooke just woke up one day and decided that Thorne was her soul-mate? She says no, she has felt this way for a while. Macy feels she let Brooke get her claws in and she started drinking again and fell right into Brooke's hands. Macy tells her that her relationship with Thorne is because she is beautiful and sexy and Macy is not. Brooke tells Macy that their relationship is not about sex and that Thorne really cares about Macy, but he does not love her the way he should be in a marriage. Macy turns and looks at her with tears in her eyes. Brooke tells her that their marriage should never have happened. Macy was there when Throne was upset about what Ridge and Eric did to them. Brooke says that Thorne would have married her. Macy says that she has loved Thorne for a decade and she thinks that Brooke should understand as a parent what Macy is going through. Brooke says it is not her decision. 

Thorne and his lawyer 

His lawyer wonders if this is what Thorne really wants. They haven't been married very long. He has heard rumors about Brooke and he being involved. Thorne admits this is not a rumor. His lawyer warns Thorne that Brooke is his CEO and this can really affect his family and what a backlash this can cause. A lot of people will look at this as highly inappropriate and tells him to really think about it. Thorne believes his future really is with Brooke. His lawyer asks about Macy. Thorne says she will be well taken care of. His lawyer says, financially, but emotionally? Thorne feels that Macy will not fight the divorce. His lawyer offers to give the papers to Macy's lawyer. Thorne feels that is not necessary. OK, we are all through here says his lawyer, all Thorne needs is Macy's signature and the marriage will be over. 

Thorne, Brooke and Macy 

Thorne comes in and asks what is going on. Brooke says that Macy just wanted to talk. Thorne feels more is going on than that. Macy tries to tell him how she feels and what she thinks about Brooke. He tells Macy that she has to go home and pack. The rehab center is waiting for her. She is not going to lose him she says. He says he told her last night that he wanted it over by today. She says, but you didn't mean that. He says he has the divorce papers right there and he wants her to sign them right now. She looks just stares at him.

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