The Bold & The Beautiful Monday June 26, 2000

B&B Update Monday 6/26/00 By Linda

Morgan's House

Morgan takes a look at the pregnancy test. Ridge wants to know if it is positive or not. Morgan stares at him. She doesn't answer so Ridge goes over  and pulls it from her hand. It is negative. He is happy. She is disappointed. He gives her the big lecture about her deceiving him and Taylor and he doesn't feel sorry for her. He knows how much she wanted this baby but she took advantage of them and what she did was evil. She says, evil, what she did was one of the most special and tender moments in her life. She loved being with him and that was not disgusting. He brought a joy into her heart. Wanting a baby by the man she always and only loves is not evil. She knows things got out of hand but she would not do anything to intentionally hurt him, never. He says the bottom line is there is no baby and they are not ever going to have one together and she says she knows.  Morgan promises that she is not going to tell anyone what happened. He says good. She didn't mean to ruin their friendship or his marriage and she hopes that someday he will realize that. Ridge leaves and she picks up the pregnancy test and looks at it. After Ridge is gone, Morgan is sitting out on the patio and says to herself. You will forgive me Ridge, I know you will.

Brooke's House

Thorne and Brooke are embraced and kissing in front of the fireplace. Brooke tells Thorne she can't believe this is happening. He says, you better believe it. They sit down on the sofa and begin to eat while they chat. He is meeting with his attorney and Macy is going into rehab. Brooke asks if he is staying at the beach house with Macy. He is, just to see her through this.  Brooke hopes they aren't sharing a bed and tells him he shouldn't send her mixed signals. He says he is not going anywhere near Macy. He says it is just plutonic and Macy knows it. She says she is not jealous. He knows that she is just as anxious as he is to get it over with. She wants him to move in with her as soon as Macy goes into rehab. He asks, what about Bridget?  Brooke will talk to her when she gets home. She knows Bridget will have questions but Rick handled it well and she thinks Bridget will too. He says then there is his family not to mention the Spectras. Brooke says maybe it won't bee so bad. If Macy accepted it, why shouldn't they? They are both too happy to care. He tells her that she knew they would get through this. She knew he still loved her and that is all she could think about is the day they would finally be together. He says, imagine our lives once we talk to Bridget and Macy is in rehab, maybe they should take off for a while, go back to Italy. She is so happy. She says they could do anything. He says, and nobody can stop us. She wants him so badly. She knows he has to go. He says this is the last night. He is going to admit Macy into rehab and then she will never spend another night alone. She likes that idea. He tells her that he loves her and she says it back.

Macy's House

Macy is still drinking. Kim is there and she is wondering who Brooke thinks she is. She thinks that Brooke is brain washing Thorne. Macy feels she made a fool of herself for begging Thorne. He has lost all respect for her. Kim tells her that is her drinking. This isn't the real Macy and she is greater than Brooke. Macy says she doesn't feel of wonderful. Kim hugs her and tells her she is 10 times better than Brooke. Macy claims she is a wreck and has lost her confidence and pride and no one would want her over Brooke. Kim wonders why Thorne is still hanging around there if he wants out. He could have called anyone else to stay. Macy says he just didn't want me to be alone. Macy said he slept there but that was it. Kim asks about tonight.  Macy says that he said he would be over. Kim says he wouldn't be coming over tonight if he didn't want to be there with her. Kim leaves. Thorne arrives home. He approaches the bed room when Macy comes in from the patio. She offers to fire up the grill and make him something to eat. He is beat and asks how she is and what she did all day. She says Kim came by. He says, so you weren't alone. She tells him she doesn't need a babysitter, all she needs is a hug and hugs Thorne and tells him she needs him and missed him so much. Thorne pushes her away and tells her to stop, we talked about this. She said you said you were leaving but you are still here. He mentions Brooke and she doesn't want to talk about her. He says he knows she is drinking. She thinks that is why he pushed her away. He wants to call rehab. She says no. He says tomorrow then. He is worried about her, her sobriety is important. She doesn't want to talk about it, she is tired. He says he is sleeping on the couch. She wants to know why, he slept in the bed last night. He says that was a mistake. She blames Brooke, she thinks she is the one that put him up to it. He says no, it is because he cares about her. He walks away. She wants to know where he is going. He says to get sheets and pillows. Macy starts crying and grabs her bottle of Vodka and drinks it. She is talking to herself and she says, Brooke tomorrow I am going to come find you and put a stop to this once and for all.

Taylor and Ridge's

Taylor is reading in bed when Ridge comes in. She says, there is my husband.  He goes over and kisses her passionately. She says, hello to you to. He tells her he had to take care of some things and now he is going to take care of her. She feels she is lucky and he tells her that he is the lucky one and she means everything to him. She thinks he is in a strange mood, was there problems at work. He says, some but that is done now and he doesn't want to think about that anymore. He loves her so much. They undress.

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