The Bold & The Beautiful Friday June 23, 2000

B&B Update Friday 6/23/00  

CJ & Becky's Apartment

CJ is sitting on the couch looking so sad.  Amber and Rick are standing by
the window.  Amber tells Rick he can go, it will be fine.  He asks if she is
sure.  Yes, she says. He says he will be at his dad's so call him if he can
do anything.  She will. Rick goes over to CJ and sits by his side and rests
his hand on CJ's shoulder.  CJ reaches up and touches Rick's hand. Rick gets
up and leaves. He stops at the door and turns as Amber nods her head to him
that all is OK. Rick leaves and Amber goes over to CJ on the couch and puts
her arm around him.  CJ says, I just didn't think, I mean, it's so soon, it's
too soon, Amber.  She begins to cry and tells him to listen to her, he has
got to be strong for Becky. She hugs him.  Meanwhile, Becky is in her room
with little Eric on her bed. She is feeding him grapes.  She tells him that
he is going to be a little rascal and Amber is going to have her hands full.
Mommy is so proud of you. You're such a sweet, sweet boy. Sometimes I think
about when you were inside of me. You are a part of me. But you know Eric,
things are going to be different now. Mommy's going away and you have to stay
here, but you're going to see such wonderful things. I wish that I could but
you're going to be fine, because you're going to have lots of grapes and you
are going to be taken care of by Amber and CJ.  You better be nice to them
because you are going to need them. But you know, you're the reason that I
can leave, because I feel like, I have done my part by giving you to the
world and you are going to do great things someday and when we see each other
again, you can tell me all about it.  Isn't that wonderful?  Becky has little
Eric in his crib and plays a lullaby for him.  He is looking up at her and
waving bye.  She says, Mama loves you. Amber comes in and helps Becky back to
bed and covers her so she will be warm. She thanks Amber. She looks toward
the baby and says he is so beautiful, who could imagine I could do something
so amazing.  Amber tells her that she is full of surprises these days. Becky
says, so are you. She tells Becky that she has her medicine, they thought she
needed some more. Becky says she doesn't want it, she doesn't hurt. Becky
tells Amber to sit, she has to ask her something.  Is she sure about little
Eric, it is a big responsibility? Amber tells her she never has to worry
about little Eric. Amber loves him so much and thinks of him as her very own.
Becky says, he was yours once, I gave him to you, do you remember, but this
time it is not a sacrifice because I want to, it gives me peace.  He is going
to be a wonderful person. Amber points out that there is so much of Becky in
him and she is going to tell him everything about Becky.  Becky says, not
everything.  Amber breaks down in tears.  Becky don't die, please try, I
don't want to lose you.  CJ is standing there watching. Tears run down
Becky's face. She tells Amber that she has to be strong, she needs her to
take care of both of her boys.  She needs her to tell her parents that she
was happy. Amber says she will.  They say I love you to one another.  Amber
leans up and kisses Becky on the forehead. She walks away and CJ approaches
Becky and sits by her side.  She looks at him and tells him that it is over. 
He says it is never over, do you hear me? She shakes her head, yes. It's our
song, they played it tonight, I can't get it out of my head, "You'll never
know the gift you have given me, I'll carry it with me," I will, she says. It
was a beautiful wedding, everyone was happy for us. He says it was.  She
says, tell me.  He says, tell you what?  Tell me about the wedding, she says.
He says, oh, baby, it was beautiful, it was perfect, exactly what we wanted
and everyone that loved us were there, Amber, our parents, Forresters. She
asks if he was nervous.  He says, nervous, I was a wreck. They both laugh. He
says, until her saw her, she was so incredibly beautiful that I just couldn't
wait to make you mine.  She smiles and says, I remember when you said,
forever and ever, love never ends. He says, that's right, and then you said
no. She says, and you talked me into it. He says there was no way he was
going to let her get away.  She says, to be your wife, love, cherish. CJ
starts to cry and finishes her sentence, "forever and ever." She repeats,
forever and ever, and then you kissed me. He says, yeah, just like this and
he leans forward and kisses her. She looks at him and smiles.  Her smile
fades and her eyes close.  She is gone. CJ calls, Becky, Becky, Becky, hey,
oh, God, Becky, oh baby.  He cries and lays by her side, I love you so much,
he kisses her, "You're OK now, you're OK."  At the end they show the picture
of Becky and CJ that was taken at dinner that night by the photographer

Ridge at Morgan's

Ridge is knocking on Morgan's door. She opens it and he hands her a pregnancy
test and says to her, go ahead, what are you waiting for?  Ridge paces the
floor waiting for Morgan. Morgan comes out.  Ridge grabs the test out of her
hand.  She says you have to wait a few minutes, it doesn't show anything yet.
He puts it on the mantle and turns away. She says she wishes there could be
another way. She says, Ridge, the last child we created, we created out of
love and I thought. (She pauses) Ridge, could you just be honest with
yourself.  He says, if  I'm honest? She says the other night was special and
not just to her.  I know you felt something or you wouldn't have been able to
do what you did. Ridges says, that's right, I did feel something, I felt
friendship, concern, pity, but you twisted all that and used it against me. 
She says, no, Ridge, please, I didn't mean that.  He says, if you cared about
me, you could never have done what you did.  She walks over to the mantle and
picks up the test.  Ridge looks at her and asks what it says.  She just
stares at him.

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