The Bold & The Beautiful Thursday June 22, 2000

B&B Update Thursday 6/22/00  

Amber & Rick

Rick wants to know if Becky made things legal for a guardian for little Eric.
Amber says he is staying right there with her. He asks if she is absolutely
sure that that is what Becky wants.  She says, sure.  Rick tells her that it
to be legal. She has to get that in writing. She figures it shouldn't be a
seeing everybody knows.  How is she going to take him to the doctors or
register him in school?  What if the baby's father comes back?  She says he
is not coming back. He knows she just like to wing it some times but these
are things you have to worry about.  She doesn't want to think about that
right now. The only thing she is worried about is
seeing him through this.  Eric is losing his mother, that is all she is
 worried about. Rick looks worried as Amber plays with the baby.  Rick
apologizes, he didn't mean to upset her, she is not the only one that thinks
of him as (he pauses), things will be fine Amber, we'll make it through.  He
takes her hand and she has tears but gets out a smile.  After the baby is put
down for a nap, they clean up his toys and Amber comments how he got him all
riled up.  She tells him not to hold back from stopping by, he makes Eric
laugh and it is good for Becky to see that. For all of us. He says he has to
get going but he does want to talk to Becky about that lawyer stuff.  Amber
will tell her. He says, you are probably right, there is no rush, she still
has some time. Ok, I'll see you later.  Knock, knock hard on the door. CJ
yells for Amber to open the door. Becky wants to see little Eric.  CJ asks
Rick to give him a hand and they rush to little Eric's side. CJ yells to
Amber to call Dr Russell. Amber is a wreck, picks up the phone and dials,
leaves a message for the doctor to call her it is an emergency and hangs up
the phone. She looks frantically for Becky's pills. She finds two bottles and
holds them up.  Rick and CJ come out of the bedroom.  CJ tells her that Becky
just wanted some time with the baby, that's all. He gave her her medicine on
the way home.  Amber is frantic, CJ grabs her and tells her that he thinks
this is it, he thinks she is dying. Amber has a frightened look on her face.

Becky & CJ

Still at the restaurant, Becky is staring off.  CJ says he thought he lost her
a minute there. She tells him he will never lose her.  He asks what she is
staring at and she says it seems everyone is celebrating something.  Someone
is taking instant photos at a table nearby.  CJ asks her if she wants a
taken and Becky says yes.  CJ calls over the photographer and she snaps a
picture of the two of them smiling and sitting close to one another.  She
Becky the picture. She watches as it develops and hands it to CJ. She says,
this is for you.  CJ looks a bit solemn. Becky picks up the picture and asks
CJ what he thinks.  He says he thinks she is beautiful. She remembers the
first time he said that to her.  They were at her apartment standing in the
hallway, she decided right then that he was it, she didn't care what
happened, even if he broke her heart. He says you had pretty low
expectations, don't you think? She says you didn't break my heart, you filled
it. He says, I guess you decided right then, huh? Yes, she did.  He never
stood a chance did he.  Nope, she lured him into her web, but it's not that
bad, is it? He loves it and he wants to stay there forever. She says it is
OK, she is not worried about him, he has a wonderful future and some day
another girl will come into his life and she is going to feel as lucky and
special as she does.  He says this is a plays to celebrate, she is going to
get them kicked out of there.  She says, well, before I do, can I have this
dance.  He wants to know if she is sure she can and she says yes.  They dance
and Becky tells him that she loves being with him and being able to look out
over the city.  She feels like she is halfway to heaven.  Becky starts to
lose her energy and CJ asks if she wants to sit down.  No, just a little bit
more she says. Tears running down her chick. He tells her she is it for him
too and you know that.  She wants him to have a full life, after all he has
done for her.  Becky collapses in his arms. Everyone in the restaurant gathers
around.  They want to call an ambulance but Becky cries out that she wants to
go home.  CJ tells them no ambulance or doctors,
here are my keys, bring my car around. Becky is on the floor crying in pain
as CJ holds her and comforts her.

Brooke & Morgan

Morgan's door is open and Brooke strolls right in. Morgan is drawing at
her easel.  Brooke says, still here? Morgan tells her that she was wired so
she decided to put her energy to work. Brooke asks her how things are going
her and Morgan says great.  Brooke says, really?  Morgan comments that
Brooke seems surprised.  Brooke says, well, I knew this wasn't going to be
for you working with your ex-lover and dealing with his mother. Morgan
doesn't let Stephanie get to her. Well, good for you, says Brooke, you'll have
to teach me how to do that.  Brooke asks how everything is going with Ridge. 
Better than Morgan could have imagined. Brooke says, so you and Ridge got
past that tension? Yes, and Morgan wouldn't have it any other way, Ridge is
too important to her. Brooke cautions her that getting along for Ridge is one
thing but him coming through for her is another.  Morgan says that he has
come through for her already.  Brooke says, how so?  He helped me get
pregnant. Brooke stands there shocked. You're pregnant?  Morgan thinks so,
she hopes so. Brooke says the way you say it sounds like you are saying Ridge
is the father.  Morgan says, oh, did it?  Yes, but that would be impossible,
what do you mean he helped you? He helped her in so many ways.  When they
talked in Paris, she realized she wanted a child and when they came back,
Ridge and Taylor were so good to her and Taylor suggested insemination. Are
you opposed to that.  No, says Brooke, I am sure you looked into this. It is
very difficult raising a child on your own. Morgan's tells her that she
(Brooke) managed.  Brooke says she wasn't completely on her own.  Rick and
Bridget have a father who loves them very much and has supported them through
everything. Morgan says, well, hopefully my child will have the same. Brooke
asks her if she wants her baby to have a father. Morgan says that would be
the ideal situation.  Brooke says, but if you are not dating anybody.  Morgan
says, that can change. If there is one thing she has learned in this life, if
you want something you have to take control and make it happen and that is
what she is going to do for her baby. Brooke wishes her luck and hopes it all
works out for her and congratulates her.  They says goodnight and Morgan says
to herself, tomorrow, I will know for sure.

Ridge & Taylor

Ridge enters the  bedroom calling out for Taylor.  She is hiding behind the
door dressed in a black negligee. After he walks through, she closes the door
and turns out the light. She got the distinct impression he needed a little
stress relief, he has been working so hard.  She rubs his shoulders and
comments that he is so tense and she has her work cut out for her.  She lies
on the bed and calls him to her.  She tells him that whatever is bothering
him to put it out of his mind. Just feel my hands touching you, think of my
body against yours and my lips, as she kisses him passionately. 
Later..... Ridge goes to get up from bed and Taylor wants to know where he is
going.  Going to get some water.  No you're not, you are not going anywhere.
He can really use a glass of water, she lets him up. He goes over and pours
the water and with his back to her, she comes up behind him and hugs him.
She feels so safe with him and happy and knows he would never do anything to
her to hurt her.  Ridge looks so guilty.
Later Taylor is lying asleep on the bed and Ridge is standing and staring at
her. He whispers, Morgan, you can't be pregnant, just can't be. He picks up
the phone and calls her office.  Morgan answers. He orders her to get that
pregnancy test tonight.  She says, no, Ridge, I told you. He says tonight,
just meet me there and hangs up the phone.

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