The Bold & The Beautiful Wednesday June 21, 2000

B&B Update Wednesday 6/21/00  

Morgan's Office

Stephanie questions Morgan about what she did when Taylor left town. Morgan
retorts with she discovered something, Ridge stills cares about her. 
Stephanie laughs and tells Morgan that she is delusional. Morgan says, "I'm
delusional," you never get new material, you have been saying the same thing
for years, Ridge doesn't love you, Ridge doesn't care about you, and I
believed you right? I gave up everything, I gave up my child, that is because
I trusted in you, I am not going to listen to you anymore, I am going to
trust my own instincts.  Stephanie wants to know what her instincts tell her,
Ridge is still in love with her? No, I didn't say that. Stephanie asks her if
Ridge has made any motion since Morgan has been back to show that he is
romantically involved with her. No, he didn't, Stephanie says, as Morgan
smirks and walks by her. Stephanie tells her that Ridge loves his family and
he is not going to jeopardize that. Morgan has a "that's what you think
look." If Ridge has no feelings of any kind, why would you be here, why would
I be such a threat to you.  Stephanie says that Morgan is unstable.  Morgan
says if she is unstable, it is because of what Stephanie did to her.
Stephanie, says, so I am responsible for your mental state? It was a turning
point in my life she says. Stephanie tells her that she was wild at the time,
it was a matter of time she would have been out of control.  The fascination
you have with Ridge is unhealthy and he is on to you, he has made it very
clear to me.  Ridge comes up to the door and listens from outside.  Stephanie
continues to badger Morgan.  Morgan tells her that she has no control over
her, no one controls her. Stephanie says, obviously, not ever you.  Morgan
throws her out.

Ridge's Office

Ridge and Taylor are kissing passionately in the living room. Taylor says,
wow, wow, what's gotten into you? Ridge wants to get out of there.  Taylor
says, Ridge, you have a dead line.  He says the hell with all the dead lines,
let's go away from here.  Taylor says normally she wouldn't argue but this is
Morgan's deadline. Ridge goes to pick up has briefcase and everything falls
out onto the floor.  Taylor continues with Morgan is your friend and you
shouldn't take advantage of her.  Ridge wants her to forget about Morgan, he
should be with her and the kids. He thinks that is where he should be. They
are so precious to him.  Taylor thinks that one night with Morgan won't hurt
it. He holds her close. He steps back and looks at her.  Let's go on a
vacation.  She says they already have one planned.  He says no, now. He needs
to get out of there now. She tells him he seems really stressed out and
wonders if Brooke is giving him a hard time. He says no, it has nothing to do
with her.  Taylor says, well, I know it has nothing to do with Morgan, she
has been on cloud nine lately, ya know why, I think she is pregnant. A woman
can just sense this sort of thing.  Ridge looks sick with guilt.  Taylor
thinks it would be great, wouldn't he? She could finally put all these demons
to rest. Actually, you better hope she is pregnant.  Ridge turns around to
look at her, why? She thinks that with Morgan being in a good mood she won't
make his life miserable.  She suggests he goes off by himself because it is
too much for her to just pack up and go.  He doesn't want to get away from
her.  He hugs her and tells her he loves her.  She tells him to finish up
there with Morgan and she will see him at home. She leaves.

Amber and Becky's

Amber answers the door holding the baby.  It is Rick, he reaches out for the
baby. He apologizes for the last minute call.  She tells him he doesn't need
an invitation to see him.  He knows, he just doesn't want to take him away
from Becky right now, these are the last few weeks they are going to have
together. Amber tells him that Becky likes to see other people take care of
him, it reassures her.  Rick says, it has been on her mind a lot hasn't it,
what's going to happen to him when she is gone? Amber wants to know if Becky
talked to him about it. He says a little.  Amber wants to know what she said.
He says that Becky is just worried about little Eric, just like she said and
she was wondering what might happen between you and me. She says, if we will
ever get back together? I told her she was crazy says Amber.  You did?  Yes,
she says, I know how you feel, you have to understand where Becky is coming
from.  Rick says he does. Amber says that since we raised him for a year,
Becky thinks that is the best solution, we get back together and raise him.
Rick says he promised her that he will always be there for him and he meant
it.  Amber says she is sure that helps.  He wonders if they have talked about
what will happen when she is gone.  Amber says, not in any details but she
wants him to be with someone he loves like you love him, and me, but that is
an idea she is going to have to let go and I am sure she already has.

Becky And CJ at dinner

CJ says, so you asked Rick about getting back together with Amber.  She says,
yes.  He wants to know how Rick reacted to that. She says he really didn't
see it happening. CJ says that Amber and Rick really don't have anything in
common anymore. She says except her son.  CJ looks surprised and asks her if
that is what this is about, are you worried about who is going to take care
of little Eric.  He says good because if you count of Rick and Amber getting
back together.  She says no, that is a lost cause, but Amber is such a good
person, beautiful, fun and she has a great heart and she knows someday she
will find someone, someone wonderful, as she looks passionately at CJ. Becky
says, so what do you think.  He says, about what?  She says Amber, she is
attractive, right? He says, yeah sure.  She says, and she does have a lot to
offer.  He says, Becky, why are we talking about Amber, it is supposed to be
our honeymoon remember? She says it is not just about Amber, it is about
little Eric and what kind of life he is going to have.  She doesn't want
Amber with just any guy, it has to be someone that will love little Eric. He
says she doesn't have to worry about that, he is adorable and anyone in his
right mind would love him, I think Amber is the one you have to worry about.
Becky says, oh, come on, you were never attracted to her? Not even a little? 
He says she is a pretty girl. He says, maybe a little crush, but nothing he
ever felt like he does for Becky.  She wants him to be with Amber, that is
what she wants for him. He wants to drop the subject, this is their honeymoon
and is supposed to be spent on them. She apologizes.  He tells her she
doesn't have to, just sit back and relax and enjoy.  She loves the place,
there is nothing more he can do for her, and there is nothing more she could
want.  He finds that to be a challenge. She wants him to remember that,
later.  He doesn't want to bring up later, at least for tonight.  She says
she had never seen her dad cry before. She remembers when she was young and
her dad would come home from work so tired and she wouldn't let him go to bed
and he would stay up and read her the comics.  She says how she had forgotten
about that and so many things. How her parents and she fought when she was in
high school, when I got pregnant and they were so disappointed in me.  It
wasn't until the wedding I realized how much they loved me, it was there all
the time and I never realized it.  It took someone to show me and you did
that.  I know you don't like to talk about it but I don't know if I will have
a chance.  He says they have plenty of time and she lies her head on his
shoulder. She says, I love you.

Morgan's Office (later)
Stephanie goes out the door as Ridge hides behind a potted tree by the door. 
After she is gone, Ridge steps into the office.  Morgan looks at him and
says, if you are here to give me a hard time, well, just don't, I just got
through dealing with your mother. He tells her that she should listen to his
mother and that he wishes to God he had.  I did listen to your mother once,
she nearly ruined my life. So now you're going to ruin mine right. She says
she didn't do anything, he should be grateful. He asks her if she is insane.
She says, no, what did I do, I let you live out every man's dream, you got to
sleep with your ex-girlfriend with no repercussions. He hollers at her, you
call a baby no repercussions? She says you don't know that I'm pregnant.  He
says, we are going to find out right now. She says this is too soon.  If she
took a test now it would be a false negative. He says then when?  She says
tomorrow, she will pick up a test.  He tells her to bring her HIV results
with her.  She says I told you. He interrupts with, do you think I am going
to take your word for it? No, but you should take my doctors word for it, he
wouldn't inseminated me if I had a disease. I was squeaky clean.  She tells
him to go on home and get some rest, you look like hell.  He wants to know if
all this is funny to her. She chuckles a bit as she insists he doesn't have
to lose his family or anything, unless he blows this secret like some kind of
nut case.  Make sure you don't talk in your sleep. He is angry and as she
tries to walk by, he grabs her.  She screams for him to let her go. He tells
her to shut up, they are not joking, it is his family they are talking about.
 This is my life, my family, my kids, don't you understand that.  She says,
Ridge, look, I'm so sorry. He lets her go and walks away. She says she knows
how he feels. Ridge turns around and says, I don't think you give a damn how
I feel. She says, you don't know how much it meant to me that you helped me.
She knows the only thing standing in their way was Taylor and if it wasn't
for her, he would have wanted to father her child, we both know that and I
was just helping you do something you were going to do anyway.  He says, you
lied to me.  She says, oh, come on Ridge, don't tell me you didn't know. He
says, you really are insane aren't you, Morgan, if I had a clue what kind of
game you were playing, I would have run your hide out of town. And I will
tell you something else, if you really are pregnant (he pauses).  She says
"what"? He says, we will just deal with that when it happens. You be here
first thing tomorrow, first thing, you understand, with the test. He turns
around and storms out. Morgan is shaken and holds her tummy.  She says, If I
am pregnant, I will protect you little one, from all of them.  I don't care
what it is I have to do.

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