The Bold & The Beautiful Tuesday June 20, 2000

B&B Update Tuesday 6/20/00  By Linda

CJ & Sally

CJ is standing there looking a bit sad when Sally drops by with a little
traveling package she made up to make their trip to Santa Barbara a little
easier.  CJ informs her that they are not going to go.  He tells her that
Becky doesn't want to leave little Eric with anyone. Sally says Becky isn't
feeling too well is she?  He says no, she had a really rough time last night.
 She is feeling a bit better today but not up to the trip.  CJ tells Sally
that he is taking Becky out to dinner tonight.  Sally says dinner is on her.

Becky and Amber

Becky is singing Mocking Bird to little Eric.  Amber and Becky start talking
about the party yesterday.  Becky says she didn't know he was so loved. 
Amber corrects her with "is" loved.  Becky points out how nice everyone was. 
She saw how Rick and Amber interceded.  Amber doesn't want Becky to read too
much into it.  Becky knows it has been a while and little Eric doesn't see
Rick and Amber as his parents.  Knock, knock, it is Rick. Becky tells him
they were just talking about him being there yesterday.  Becky says a lot of
special people here then and Rick says, yes, especially this one and takes
little Eric from Becky. Amber excuses herself and leaves. Rick  plays with
him as Becky looks on and smiles. Becky tells Rick he is such a great father
figure.  He says he is out of practice.  She says he and Amber, you know
she's a great mom. Rick agrees. She points out that it is great to see they
are friends again.  He feels they did some growing.  Becky says she wonders
if maybe there is a chance for he and Amber again.  Rick has a shocked look.
Becky says that Amber is sorry for what she has done to him.  He is trying to
forgive her but there is not a chance for the 2 to get back together.  He
assures her that Eric will be well taken care of and loved and she should not
worry about that.  Amber walks in.  Becky looks sad.  Amber asks what
happened between her and Rick. Becky says nothing happened between them. 
Amber says, you were fine when I left and now you are not.  Becky claims she
just a little tired, that's all.  CJ comes in, kisses Becky and asks her how
she is feeling.  She says she is fine.  He has plans.  Go put on that dress I
bought you cause we are stepping out, consider it our honeymoon dinner. 
Amber offers to watch the baby.  CJ picks him up and, uh-oh, someone needs a
diaper change.  Amber offers her help.  CJ looks forward to doing this. 
Becky watches from the doorway and smiles.


Morgan pats her stomach and says, this is your baby Ridge that's inside of
me, I know it is and then starts reminiscing about her night with Ridge. 
Sitting on the  couch unbuttoning his shirt. when all of a sudden she is
interrupted by Taylor.  Taylor asks her what she was thinking about. She is
sorry, she didn't mean to startle her. Morgan says she wasn't startled, she
just wasn't expecting her that's all.  Taylor wants to know if she has a few
minutes, they never did get a chance to talk.  Sure, she does.  Taylor says
you must be on pins and needles and hoping  that you have that baby growing
inside of you.  Morgan says, yeah, wouldn't that be something. Taylor tells
her as long she and Ridge can be God parents.  Morgan wouldn't have it any
other way. Morgan walks away with an uncomfortable look on her face. Taylor
apologizes if Ridge seemed a little awkward about helping her. Morgan says,
well actually, he was very sweet and tender.  Taylor comments about the way
Ridge has been acting you would think it was combat duty. You should have
heard him last night, it was so strange, he didn't even want to talk about
it. The insemination procedure went all right didn't it?  Morgan says it
couldn't have gone any better. Taylor questions her about have anxiety. 
Morgan says no, it was great, it went perfectly.  Taylor says because Ridge
was there for you?  Yes and thank you for letting Ridge help me.  Taylor hugs
her and says it was her pleasure.


Talking to himself, how could I have let Morgan do this to me, it was a
trick, how can I say this to my wife, I slept with her best friend.  Yeah,
right.   In walks Stephanie and tells Ridge that she knows everything that is
going on between he and Morgan.  What do you mean what's going on? Stephanie
tells him how Taylor told her about Morgan wanting Ridge to father her child.
He says oh that, it has all been handled, OK?  Steph says so Taylor has told
her but she sees that Morgan is still working there and she can't stay. 
Ridge thinks that is not his decision to make. She tells him to fire Brooke
and she will.  Ridge thinks she won't fire her, and he doesn't want this
going public.  Stephanie says she is going to come between you and Taylor,
she is determined to have you father her child, I hope you see that.  Ridge
says he knows too well. Says says, you've changed your attitude about her.
Yeah, he is seeing things differently all right.  Steph says Morgan is
showing her true colors.  Steph thinks Morgan won't stop trying to get him.
She wants him to tell Taylor that Morgan is not  in LA to make clothes but
she is out to get him.

Stephanie & Morgan

Stephanie walks in Morgan's office and tells her that she is not going to get
away with it. She tells her she just left Ridge.  She can't believe Morgan
even asked Taylor and Ridge if she could have their child.  She tells her
that Ridge doesn't want her.  Morgan insists it is over.  Steph wants to know
why, if the insemination was successful.  Morgan says she got what she
wanted.  Steph says, you will never change, well, Ridge did, he is committed
to his marriage.  Stephanie tell her that she will never grow up.  She is
still playing her silly little games like she did when she was a teenager
years ago.  You haven't grown up one bit, and you want to be a mother. God
help the child you have.  Morgan says, fine, you want to know what happened
when Taylor was away, I am going to tell you Stephanie.



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