The Bold & The Beautiful Monday June 19, 2000

B&B Update Monday 6/19/00 By Linda


Thorne & Macy

Macy is still trying to convince Thorne to stay in the marriage. He says he
cares about her so much, but he can't.  He realizes it is so difficult for
her.  He tells her he will not change his mind no matter how much they talk
about it.  He wants a divorce.  Macy is pouring herself a drink.  Thorne
tries to stop her.  Her husband just told her he wants a divorce, she can't
find a better reason to take a drink. She tries to blame Brooke.  Thorne
tells her that is fine if that is what she wants to think but nothing
justifies her drinking.  He respects her, she has gone without a drink in so
long, she does not need to feel ashamed.  He has so much pride in her and
will not rest until she is sober.  He is committed to that, more committed to
that than anything else in his life.  Thorne tells Macy he just made some
calls to get her into rehab.  He wants to know if she will go.  She says not
tonight.  He tells her there is no way of timing it.  She says she has been
through too much tonight to go now.  She tells him she knows he wants to end
their marriage, go, go now.  He doesn't want to leave her like that.  She
insists, she needs time to absorb all this.  He asks if she is sure.  Yes,
she is.  He leaves and Macy approaches the Vodka bottle on the table and
picks it up taking a swallow.

Brooke & Kimberly

Kim is still trying to get Brooke to back off and let Macy and Thorne work
things out. Marriage is a sacred thing.  Kim asks Brooke if she feel at all
responsible for Macy's drinking.  Brooke says absolutely not!  Brooke tells
Kim not to focus on her and Thorne. Worry about Macy. Kim says that all the
Forrester men have hurt their women because of Brooke and if Brooke doesn't
find that troubling, Kim does. Brooke says that Kim really thinks Brooke is a
vile creature. Kim doesn't want to believe that but that's the way it is.
Brooke is sorry Kim doesn't trust her but life is not a popularity contest
and she has to do what is right in her heart and knows Kim would do the same.
 Kim says she has to protect her sister. Brooke tells her that supporting her
sister as much as possible because Macy is in trouble and needs professional
help. Kim thinks that is Brooke's way of sweeping it all under the rug so
people will forget the real tragedy here, Brooke's interference with Macy's
marriage.  Well, Kim is not going to do that.  Kim says that Macy will get
her act together and when she does, Brooke will have more than she can handle
with her and Macy and that is a warning and a fact and walks out the door. 

CJ & Becky's Home

Becky is home from the hospital.  CJ helps her down the hall while Amber
opens the door.  Surprise!  Her parents, Stephanie and Rick are there.
Stephanie welcomes her home and hands her her wonderful baby.  Becky thanks
them all for the wedding and all of this.  They have done so much for her. 
CJ tells her that is because she is loved and kisses "Mrs. Garrison".  CJ
holding the baby and talking so sweet as Becky looks on.  Rick walks over to
Amber and Stephanie. Amber comments how content Becky seems.  Stephanie says
how she is happy to be there with her family and friends. Rick wants to know
if there is any possibility. He is interrupted by Amber and Stephanie as they
both say "no".  Becky tells him that they have changed Becky's pain medicine
but that is the best they can do. Rick thinks Becky has such a great
attitude. Stephanie says yes, she does.  Amber claims, "that's Becky, she's
the best". Stephanie want to get the cake made, it is Becky's favorite. Amber
and Becky's parents  looks on somberly as Becky and CJ play with the baby on
the couch.  Becky is telling him that she and Daddy is going to take him to
the zoo after their honeymoon in Santa Barbara.  Becky's dad tells her they
don't want her straining herself.  She says she won't, that is their special
place.  They went there before their wedding.  She says everything seems so
different now, but that is ok.  She knew something was wrong with her but
didn't know what.  Now the whole world seems different. Funny, now she really
notices everything.  Especially her son. The cake is done and they are having
some.  German chocolate.  Rick offers coffee to everyone. Becky sits down on
the couch with the baby. She tells him that she wants him to take a good look
around at his new family. She points to her dad, "see that handsome man over
there?", Becky's dad points to CJ, that is your grandpa, says Becky, as her
dad smiles and points his finger at himself.  Becky says, he is kinda silly
and he always tells the goofiest jokes, he makes me laugh though. And over
there, that's your grandma, (grandma throws him a kiss) she is just going to 
spoil you rotten.  She knows I will be watching if she doesn't. And that lady
cutting the cake, that's your aunt Stephanie, she's very classy, she is going
to teach you manners and she is going to teach you etiquette like she did for
me (Stephanie winks at her).  Becky points to Rick.  And you already know
this 'studmuffin' over there, he was your daddy's best man. (Rick is smiling
ear to ear) You're going to learn a lot from Rick, he is going to teach you
about integrity and about being a great human being. And over here, your
cousin Amber, she's your mama's heart and soul. I know she is going to love
you to pieces.  And there, there's your daddy, (big grin over CJ's face with
a proud attitude) he's the reason I know you are going to have a good life,
you can depend on him, he will always be there for you as he has always been
there for me.  CJ walks over to her and sits down.  He tells little Eric that
his mama is right, he always will. Eric starts fussing and they tell him not
to cry.  CJ takes him onto his lap and Becky tells him he is going to be
fine, just fine. Amber is watching on with such sadness on her face. Later,
Becky is watching on as everyone crowds around Baby Eric to feed him, she
turns and walks away in pain and turns to look on at everyone with the baby
as tears fill her eyes. The baby stares back at her.  Your going to be fine
little one, you're going to be just fine, she says to herself.
Brooke's Office

Thorne arrives, kisses Brooke.  Brooke asks how Macy is.  Did you get her
into rehab.  She is not ready yet.  he says. He asked her for a divorce,
Brooke asks, and? and?  Thorne says that Macy has accepted it.

Macy and Kim

Kim walks in and spots Macy on the terrace.  She calls out to her.  Macy
tells her that Thorne wants a divorce.  Kim tries to stop her from drinking
but Macy tells her no, it doesn't matter anymore.  Kim tells her she is not
going to do this to herself.  Macy tells Kim that Thorne thinks that she has
accepted it.  Kim asks if she has.  Macy says no, and give up my husband to
that slut. Brooke has no idea what I am capable of.

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