The Bold & The Beautiful Friday June 16, 2000

B&B Update Friday 6/16/00  

By Linda


Brooke is daydreaming about Thorne telling her that Macy is giving him his
divorce and he sweeps her off her feet and into bed.  She comes to and says,
that is just the way it is going to be, Thorne. Brooke then wonders how Macy
will react to Thorne's request for a divorce.

Sally's Office

Kimberly (who I can't ever recognize with all the hair color changes) says
how Brooke is a very powerful woman.  Sally says Brooke is an alley cat.
Kim's heart goes out to Rick being Brooke is his mother.  Sally doesn't think
Brooke scores very high on the maternal instinct. She only cares for herself
and the Forrester men.  Kim thinks Thorne won't leave Macy.  Clark says
Brooke is a threat to be taken seriously. Kim thinks Clark is right, but
Sally doesn't agree.  Sally thinks if Brooke does get her hooks in Thorne,
she will just have another notch in her belt and move on.  Kim heads over
there to talk to Brooke.  Clarke tells Sally to calm down and get back to
work.  Sally worries about her little girl.  Clarke reminds her that Macy is
a grown woman and has been on her own for years.  Sally hopes Kim can get
through to Brooke.  Clark can't believe this is happening to Macy again. 
Sally says you sound like you gave up.  He says she is drinking again. It
seems like her marriage is summing up that way.  Sally doesn't believe Thorne
would ever leave Macy, he is too good a person to do that.

Thorne & Macy

Thorne tells Macy it is not working.  She thinks it is her drinking and he
says no, that will be dealt with by both of them.  She swears she won't take
another drink.  Please don't talk divorce.  He says he is sorry.  She wants
to know about the commitment he made and promises that he would never leave
her.  That is why she agreed to marry him in the first place, did he forget
about them?  No, he says. She says then that is enough talk about a divorce
because that isn't even an option.  Macy is in tears. She tells Thorne that
they are just going through a difficult time right now and they will get
over it.  He disagrees. He tells her they will always be close but the
marriage is a mistake. She says she didn't want to get married, she had a
good life, she went to Venice to be a friend, but he told her that she was
the one he wanted  and nothing would make him happier and he wanted to marry
her and she believed that.  He says, not like a man in love with his wife. 
Macy slaps him in the face.  She wants to know how he made love to her their
wedding night and there after and that wasn't a man making love to his wife. 
He claims that he was trying to make it work.  She feels it has been less
than a year and it needs time. He tells her that time won't help.  He blames
the whole thing on Ridge and his father for setting them up. It is over and
he wants a divorce. Macy won't let go.  She reminds Thorne how they had
planned a family and he is her friend and lover and now he wants her to
forget all that.   She says, now you want Brooke.  He says that Brooke has
nothing to do with it.  She wants to know if Brooke wasn't in the picture now
would he be saying all this? If there was no Brooke Logan, you wouldn't be
saying this. No matter what Macy says, he says it is not enough.  They have
challenged so many things in life and won.  He tells her that her sobriety
was her own challenge and they weren't even married when she became sober. 
He tells her that she is strong.  She wants to know if he thinks she can be
stronger without him.  He says that being in a marriage he doesn't want to be
in won't make her stronger.  She is begging him to stay in the marriage and
give it a chance.  She is dedicated and she wants what is best for him, she
loves him and she would die for him.  She wants him to give them a chance,
not give up on them.

Kim & Brooke

Kim knocks and enters. She needs to talk to Brooke about her and Thorne.  
Brooke says she knows Kim  is worried about Macy.  She says that Thorne and
Macy don't have a marriage.  She and Throne had a relationship long before
Thorne married Macy.  Kim wants Brooke to back off and see what happens with
Thorne and Macy's marriage. Kim begs her to just give Macy and Thorne a
little space.  Brooke says she is not the problem here.  Macy came  between
Thorne and Brooke she didn't come between them. Well, he chose Macy not you.
Kim mentions what happened with Ridge in Venice. Brooke says Thorne would not
have married Macy if it wasn't for that.  Kim tells her to just back off like
she did for Rick and Amber.  She let Rick decide.

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