The Bold & The Beautiful Thursday June 15, 2000

B&B Update Thursday 6/15/00  

By Linda

Thorne & Macy's

Thorne is trying to tell Macy that it is over between them.  She is not
listening, keeps going on about how much he means to her.  He finally blurts
out that he made a terrible mistake proposing to her.  Their marriage has not
been a happy one for a long time.  She says the last 6 months have been the
happiest of times.Macy accuses Brooke of calling Thorne and telling him about
her drinking.  Macy feels as though she let Thorne down. He wants to talk
about them and their marriage. Thorne wishes she could be the way she used to
be. He tells her his feelings have been going on for a long time.  He feels
she is getting too dependant on him and this is about her needs.  He feels
that she is not an insecure person and she doesn't need alcohol to make her
feel confident, she is one of the strongest people he knows. He will never
forget how she flew over to Venice and told him exactly what was on her mind,
telling him what she believed to be the truth and he owes her the same.  He
is being honest because that is what she deserves. She doesn't know what he
is talking about.  He is talking about them.  The truth is, our marriage is
so horrible, a horrible mistake. Macy is crying, our marriage, is a mistake? 
He says yes, the proposal, the wedding, all of it.  She thinks they should
have waited until they got back and he says it shouldn't have happened at
all. She wants to know why he is telling her this.  He says she is not going
to get better until he gets this out.  He tells her that she was there when
he was down and confused and saying all the right things like always. He
apologizes but she doesn't want to give up, she feels it will get better and
he says it is not.  He tells   her he wants a divorce.  She stands there
shaking her head no.

Stephanie & Taylor

Stephanie tries to convince Taylor that Morgan is after Ridge.  She tells
Taylor that Morgan isn't the type of person that stops when she really  wants
something. Taylor tries to defend Morgan saying that she has taken care of
many patients like Morgan.  Morgan is suffering from depression. Taylor
thinks that Morgan will give up now that they turned her down. Stephanie
doesn't believe it. Stephanie doesn't think anyone could know what is going
on in Morgan's head.  Taylor says Morgan just wants peace, that is why she
came back here. Stephanie says that she thinks Morgan came back to LA so she
could befriend Taylor and get pregnant by Ridge.   She is after Ridge says
Stephanie and she can't believe Taylor can't see it.

Morgan & Ridge

Morgan keeps insisting that Taylor never has to know that they slept
together.  Ridge feels he has to tell his wife.  Morgan says if you tell her,
you will be ruining your own marriage.  She doesn't even know if she is
pregnant yet. Ridge feels guilty. Ridge tells her that Taylor thinks of her
as a friend.  Morgan says she is a friend and she respects his marriage.  
Ridge wants her to leave town.  It is over, my trust for you, your friendship
with Taylor, hand in your resignation, I want you as far away as possible.
Morgan admits she was not honest with Ridge, but what happened between the 2
of them was a clinical act, no more and he is over reacting.  He doesn't
think he is over reacting at all, he marriage can fall a part.  Morgan says
if it falls apart, Taylor isn't the kind of wife she thought she was. She
doesn't regret what happened between he 2 of them, it was inevitable. She
doesn't think Ridge would regret it either if he knew how much it meant to
her, she felt at peace with herself for the first time in a very long time.
She really hated lying to him and Taylor and she doesn't want to lose their
friendship over this, but if it worked and she is pregnant, it was all worth
it.  She tells him he can go on with his life and no one ever has to know it
is his child.  He says they slept together.  She says it wasn't an affair or
anything. Taylor knocks on the door, comes in and sees the mess on the floor
and asks what happened there. Morgan says Ridge knocked it over, you know how
clumsy he is.  Taylor wants her laptop back to look up info on her father's
condition.  She asks how he is and Taylor says he is doing better. Taylor
asks how the procedure went and Morgan feels it went well.  Taylor asks if
she was a bit nervous and Morgan says that Ridge seemed to be more nervous
than her.  Taylor looks at Ridge and say, oh really, you didn't tell me that.
Morgan tells her that she knows how squeamish men can be, they act like they
can handle anything.  Taylor sweetly tells Ridge if he didn't feel
comfortable with it he should have just told her. Morgan says that she was
glad he was there, she couldn't have done it without him.  Taylor really
wants to hear all the details, but she has to run, and asks Morgan to do
lunch this week and they can talk about it.  Ridge tells Taylor he will walk
her out.  As he turns to leave, Taylor hugs Morgan.  Ridge turns and looks at
Morgan while Taylor congratulates Morgan and wishes her luck. Ridge tells her
to catch the elevator, he will be right there and goes back in to Morgan and
tells her he is going to be there when she takes that test, and you better
pray you're not pregnant.  Morgan looks hurt as Ridge walks out the door.

Brooke & Rick

Brooke tells Rick that Thorne is leaving Macy.  Rick can't believe he is
going to leave Macy when she is down.  Brooke feels Macy has to face the
truth, no matter how she feels about it, her marriage is over. He has to tell
her for his sake as well as her own.  Rick is worried about telling her when
she is drinking.  There is no telling how Macy will react.

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