The Bold & The Beautiful Wednesday June 14, 2000

B&B Update Wednesday 6/14/00  

By Linda

Morgan's Office

Ridge is irate.  He grabs Morgan by the shoulders. He tells Morgan to admit
she set him up. She pulls away. Here he is trying to help her and she scammed
him.  She says she didn't scam him.  He knows exactly what she did, borrowed
the laptop from Taylor, wrote that email to him to make it looke like Taylor
wanted him to sleep with her.  It wasn't Taylor wanting him to sleep with
her, it was all Morgan.  He tells her that she orchestrated the whole thing,
but why, why, you have a vendetta against me, you came all the way back here,
do you hate me.  She says, no, she loves him. He looks surprised then smirks,
you love me?  You expect me to believe that after what you just did?  Morgan
tells him that he just doesn't understand. Oh, you're right about that, I
just don't understand.  I don't understand how a woman who claims to be my
friend can do something so heinous, something so completely vile, you're
right, I don't understand.  Morgan says, vile? It is beautiful what you did
for me.  I cheated on my wife, Morgan, you conned me into having sex with
you, I told you she wasn't going to condone that, I just knew there was
something wrong, but you just kept piling on the proof, the email, telling me
what she meant in the phone message, and I fell for it, I fell for it because
I trusted you, but you were counting on that weren't you, cause I wouldn't
suspect you, no not you, poor vulnerable Morgan DeWitt, my best buddy, my
wife's best friend.  I am sorry Ridge, I really am.  Sorry, you're sorry, let
me tell you something Morgan, it has taken Taylor and I years to get where we
are, you have no idea what a set back this is, the adversity we have to
overcome, you have no idea.  And now we have everything perfect, we have 3
healthy wonderful kids, and a passionate and committed marriage, and because
of you all that can go to hell for me. She says, I never meant to hurt you, I
didn't, I just wanted to get pregnant, that's all. I just wanted to get back
for me what Stephanie stole from me all those years ago. Maybe it was selfish
of me, and maybe I didn't think it through, but I have every right to have
that child. Ridge is angry. You have a right to have my child? I don't think
so, Morgan. She says, you act like I forced you to do this, if you didn't
want to you could have just sait no.  I did say no, he hollers, I told you
when I got that email I didn't feel right about it and I wanted to wait.  She
shakes her head no, well she couldn't. He says, oh , no, that would have
ruined your plans.  I am sorry Ridge, I really didn't want to take advantage
of you. He butts in, you mean you couldn't help yourself? You mean you didn't
know what you were doing?  No, I knew exactly what I was doing, I saw Taylor
left town and I saw my opportunity.  He says, to do what, get me into bed? 
No, to close the circle, you don't know how much hell my life has been since
your mother took me to that clinic, and all these years, I haven't felt the
way I did with you last night. You know, all the hate and anger I felt is
gone and that is because of you and the gift you gave me. What about my life
Morgan, what is going to happen to me and my marriage.  She says, it doesn't
have to effect that.  He says, I slept with you, you think Taylor is just
going to accept that? She says, maybe she won't have to. Taylor never has to

Stephanie and Taylor

Small talk.  Taylor says her dad thanks Stephanie for the flowers, Stephanie
asks how he is doing.  Taylor says better, much better. Stephanie asks her
how Ridge and the children handled Taylor being away. Taylor tells her to say
what is really on her mind. Stephanie hopes Morgan is out of their lives. 
Taylor doesn't want  to go down that road.  Stephanie insists, tell me, at
least you aren't going to that fertility clinic any more. Taylor tells her
that that is over. What do you mean "that's over"?  Taylor doesn't want to
talk about Morgan anymore.  Stephanie asks her if Morgan has asked a favor of
her,  tell me, you know I am going to find out anyway. Taylor admits that she
did ask her for another favor but it's not as bad as it sounds. What is it?
She asked Ridge if he would be her sperm donor. Stephanie ha a shocked look
on her face. You can't be serious?  Taylor says, actually, you know what, she
came to me first. You said no to her and then she went to Ridge, I knew it, I
knew it says Stephanie. I knew that is why she came back to Los Angeles, she
wants your husband. Taylor tells her that is why she didn't want to tell her,
she didn't want to see Stephanie get so upset. Stephanie says, look, I have
been trying to warn you for months and you wouldn't listen to me, now look
what happened.  Taylor insists nothing happened, Ridge told Morgan he does
not want to be her donor.  Stephanie says she knew when Morgan came to town
she was up to something, but she never thought Morgan would be so brazen
about it. This is what she has always wanted, Ridge's baby, and let me tell
you something, I think she is going to try to force herself into a
relationship with him.  Taylor says, that is not going top happen, that is
not what she wants, she just wants a child, she never mentioned wanting a
child when she first came to L.A.  Stephanie says, of course she didn't,
she's too clever. She became friends with you, then she became friends with
Ridge again.  She got you to trust her, then, and only they, she discussed
the abortion with you, right, why? Because she knew you would be sympathetic
and being friends, you'd help her.  Taylor says, that is not what happened.
Stephanie says, oh, out of the blue one day she said, hmmm, I think I'll have
Ridge's baby. Taylor thinks that Morgan has had this notion of having Ridge's
baby for years and it doesn't surprise her, it is a symptom of post abortic
stress, she just wants to heal, she just wants to get back what she lost all
those years ago. Stephanie says, oh, so that is why she asked Ridge to father
her baby?  Taylor says, will you please stop worrying about it, there is no
way Morgan is going to have Ridge's child, the whole idea is absolutely
ridiculous. Stephanie looks at her like she is not too sure Taylor is right.

Macy at the bar

Taking another drink. Brooke walks up and apologizes to her, she didn't mean
to upset her.  Macy says she is not upset, I'm making a stand, Brooke, I am
not going to let you ruin mine and Thorne's life. Brooke says she is not out
to ruin anyone's life.  Macy says, you would have if Thorne hadn't come to
his senses. Brooke, he never could have been happy with you.  Brooke asks her
if she thinks he is happy now, how could he be. She turns to walk away and
says, the truth is, Thorne will never be happy until Macy pulls herself
together. Macy says she has. Brooke asks, have you, really?  Macy tells her
to shut up.  She says Brooke doesn't know a thing about her. Brooke says they
know Macy needs help and they are going to help her. Really? You and Thorne
aren't a "we", blurts Macy. You know, I just can't believe you, I mean, I
have never seen anything quite like you. I know I have heard stories, how you
move in and destroy marriage after marriage, well, it ain't going to work
this time, sister, because you have met your match with me. Brooke tells her
that it isn't a competition.  Macy says, right it's not, it hasn't been since
the day Thorne and I got married.  Macy takes another sip.  Brooke tells her
to please not do that.  Macy says, please, you don't care about my drinking. 
Brooke says, yes, yes I do. Macy says, you disgust me, you think the whole
world doesn't know what you are, you're not fooling anybody, Brooke, all this
pretense about caring, being in love with Thorne, you don't know the first
thing about love, you're about sex, working that body, but that isn't love,
no, love takes time, love needs to be tested and endured, you have never had
that with anybody, and you certainly don't have it with Thorne. He knew that
as soon as he saw you in bed with his brother.  Oh, I know, yeah, it was a
trick, right, and what did that prove?  Well, if you really loved Thorne like
you said, you wouldn't have been on that bed with Ridge in the first place,
and it is going to happen again, Brooke, it always does with you, another
man, another bed.  Brooke says, this is enough.  Macy says, that is why
Thorne is with me, he trusts me, he knows he doesn't' have to question my
integrity, that's what love is all about, he believes in me. Brooke rests her
hands on Macy's shoulders and says, let's get you home or call a cab for you
or something.  Macy swings around and tells Brooke to get her hands off her. 
Brooke jumps back in surprise as another patron looks on at the bar. She
tells Brooke that she doesn't need her help. She slaps some money on the bar
and hurries off.  Brooke tries to catch her, yelling Macy, wait, but Macy
runs out of the bar.  Brooke looks like she doesn't know what to think.

Thorne and John

Thorne says, no, I can't do that.  John says, if you really want to help
Macy, you have to. Thorne says, no, that is going to devastate her, John. 
Leave her, maybe she will fall, but she will survive. Thorne, honestly, I
don't think she will.  John, I know is sounds cruel right now, but Macy is
not going to get out of this nose dive until you give her the tools to do it.
She has to connect to her self alliance. She has to let go of you and grab
hold of her inner strength.  Thorne, I know that John but she will be able to
do that much better once she gets sober.  John says, no, it is the other way
around, she has to connect with her inner strength in order to get sober and
that is not going to happen until she faces reality, Thorne, she needs to
hear you say it. You've go to tell her flat out. You never should have
proposed to her and you are in love with another woman. Macy has to
understand that you made a horrible mistake and she needs to hear that from
you. John, Macy believes in this marriage, I can't just tell her it was a
mistake. You have to Thorne, a horrible mistake for both of you. Thorne says,
no, I am not going to say that to her John, that is the cruelest thing I have
ever heard. Being honest isn't shrew, Thorne, it is the right thing to do. I
am going to tell her the truth, OK, but I am not going to drop it on her like
a bomb, I have to break it to her gently.  You think that is going to make it
less painful? You are leaving her for another woman, no matter how you say
it, it hurts.  That is why I have to ease into it, John.  No, John says, you
see, Macy is pouring everything into saving this marriage, if it is over, she
has to accept that and move on. You have to tell her you are leaving, not
because of her drinking, not because of anything she did, but because you
don't love her the way a husband should love his wife, you have to give it to
her straight. John, you have no idea what you are asking me to do here man, 6
months ago, I looked into Macy's eyes and I swore to her that no matter what
ever happened, I would never leave her and if there is anything Macy has been
able to rely on, it is my word and if she can't depend on that, what in the
hell can she depend on? John says, she is going to have to depend on herself,
God, the passion and motivation she gets in AA. She's not going to go through
this alone, but she can't go through this with you. I know this is difficult,
but if you really want to help Macy, you have to tell her. Thorne says, that
our marriage, the happiest time in her life, is a horrible mistake.  John
says, that is what she has to hear, it is the only way.  Thorne says, OK, if
this is what you honestly think this is what Macy needs, I'll do it.

Thorne & Macy's

Thorne arrives and stands outside the door for a moment and goes in calling
for Macy. The phone rings, Thorne picks is up, Macy? Macy? Macy, is that you?
 It is Brooke calling from Mannequins.  He asks what is going on.  She tells
him that Macy just left and she was drinking again. Thorne's says, Oh God,
this has got to stop, John is right, I have to tell Macy that this marriage
is over. She agrees, it's time.  He says, it is time, I can't wait anymore, I
have to tell her the truth today.  Brooke says Macy will be hurt.  He knows
it will rip her apart. She says, but it will bring us together, right? He
knows, he just wishes it didn't have to happen this way.  Brooke says it will
be all right, just be honest with her, ok?  A noise is heard in the
background.  Thorne tells Brooke that Macy is home and he has to go. Macy
comes in and says, oh, good, you're home, you are never going to believe what
happened to me, I ran into Brooke and Mannequins.  You would have been so
proud of me, I didn't get insecure, I didn't run away, I stood there and I
told her flat out that I was not going to be her punching bag anymore. 
Honey, you should have seen the look on her face, she was shocked.  He says,
I bet she was.  She says she has something to tell him and he says so does
he. She says, she knows he's been worried about her, but that is just crazy,
she thinks they should get away and start working on a family. He interrupts,
Macy, I have to tell you something.  She says tell me later, I just want to
hold you as she hugs him and he looks distraught. He says, Macy, we need to
talk now. She wants to know why he is acting so serious.  He says, It is
serious. Macy, what I have tell you is so hard for me. In fact, this is the
hardest thing I have ever had to say to you.  The End


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