The Bold & The Beautiful Tuesday June 13, 2000

B&B Update Tuesday 6/13/00  

By Linda

Ridge & Taylor's

Ridge looks very upset.  Asks Taylor, "Artificially inseminated?" Taylor says
yes, she knew that Morgan decided to go with a different donor.  The idea of
them considering using Ridge, she can't believe they even considered it.
Taylor thinks Morgan was way out of line to even ask. Ridge says, I doesn't
understand, you asked me to be there for her.  She says, yes, to be with her
through the whole procedure. So, how did it go?
The babysitter comes in the room. I don't mean to interrupt but the babies'
bottles are ready.  Taylor, oh great, she and the sitter take the babies out
of the room as Ridge stares and thinks, what is she talking about, she thinks
it was an anonymous donor, but  I had her blessing, the email, the phone
call.  Unless, Morgan, what the hell was this a set up.  Taylor walks in, I
hope it worked, Morgan got what she wanted after all these years.  Taylor
asks Ridge if he thinks Morgan got what she was after, is she pregnant?  He
doesn't know. I know it is too early to tell but um at least she was able to
get through that whole insemination procedure.  At least she had you there
for her. I am sure having you there made it a whole lot easier for her. 
Honey, I sorry if I put you in a weird position. He says, Well, doc, not
half as sorry as I am.  What do you mean? What do you have to be sorry about?
 I think there has been a huge misunderstanding here, doc.  Oh no, did you
and Morgan have a falling out?  No, it has to do with the email you sent me. 
She says, what email? The one you sent when you were gone.  I didn't send you
any email, I didn't even take my laptop with me.  He asks where it is. She
loaned it to Morgan, she used it to check out the clinic.  The sitter comes
in, Mrs. Forrester, the girls are getting fussy. Taylor asks him to come in
the kitchen and they can talk about it there.  He says, not right now, he has
something he has to take care of and walks out the door.

Thorne with John the counselor

John, "You mean it, you're leaving Macy?"  Ya, John, I am.  I don't know what
to say, she told me you were having problems but I thought you were working
them out?  It is a little more complicated than that.  How is she taking it? 
She doesn't know.  You haven't told her? No, John look, her recovery is my
number one priority. That's why I'm here. Macy needs to get her confidence
back and she needs to do it quickly. Thorne, I'm sorry, I know you are
anxious to see Macy back on track, I am too. If you're looking for a quick
solution, I don't have it man.  Thorne says, John, I am involved with another
woman. You know the woman Macy told you about, well, we are ready to start a
life together and we want to do it as soon as possible. John asks him if
there is any hope of saving his marriage. You want to be with this other
woman?  Yes, but I can't, not until Macy gets better.  John tells him that
alcoholics don't get better.  Macy is always going to have a drinking
problem. He realizes that but thinks Macy will get it under control.  Yes, if
she is really committed to recovery. Throne says that Macy says she is ready.
 John says it takes more than words. Thorne knows, he still loves her and
this is killing him what this is doing to her. John tells him that there are
some things he can do to help, first of all, keep this other woman as far
away from Macy as possible. He receives a phone call with a hang up.  He
apologizes to John and tells him that he told Macy she could call him anytime
she needs him. And you'll do what, drop everything and come to her rescue?
Yeah, I'd be there to support her.  You can't become Macy's protector,
Thorne, she has to face the challenge on her own, she has become too
dependant on her, and she knows it, she is more attached than she realizes. 
Thorne says he turned her whole world upside down.  John says it is not his
fault, he did not make her drink. Thorne feels he did. Macy was satisfied
with her life and ready to move on.  He took her to Amsterdam, she didn't
want to go, he promised her he would not hurt her again, and he did, and has
turned her into an alcoholic.  John tells him that Macy has had this problem
for years, it is not his fault.  John is going to tell Thorne exactly what to
do, but he knows Thorne is not going to like it.

Brooke & Rick

Rick says, "Mom, you don't have to keep thanking me." Honey, Thorne and I may
not be together now if it wasn't for you. The things you said to him the
other day really made him face reality. You're sure I wasn't out of line Rick
says. No, nobody understands Thorne like you do.  You were in a similar
situation with Kim and Amber.  He says no, he didn't leave Amber until he
found out little Eric wasn't his.  I had an out, Thorne doesn't.  That's
true, Macy hasn't betrayed Thorne, that is why this decision is so difficult
for him.  In comes Macy and sits at the bar.  Not seeing Macy, Rick asks
Brooke how Macy is doing with her drinking.  Brooke says, Macy seems to be
committed to becoming sober.  At the bar, Macy orders a vodka and is about to
take a sip. Brooke tells Rick they better get going as she spots Macy at the
bar. Rick says and she is drinking and advises Brooke to leave too and to not
talk to Macy.  She feels she better call Thorne. Brooke dials the phone and
Macy comes up behind her and grabs the phone.  Who are you calling?  She
listens and hears Thorne's voice on the other end of the phone and hangs up.
Macy asks Brooke why she was calling her husband. Why?  Brooks thinks Thorne
should know Macy is there. Since when is it your job to keep tabs on me?  She
just saw her at the bar.  Macy thinks Brooke just couldn't wait to squeal on
her.  Macy tries to convince Brooke that there is nothing she can do to break
up their marriage.  Macy feels Thorne is totally committed to there marriage.
 Brooke feels for her.  Macy tells her not to feel sorry for her. She is
under control and that is her last drink.  She tries to make Brooke believe
she is fine. Brooke tells Macy that she knows how much Macy loves Thorne and
thinks she can't live without him. Macy tells her that she won't have to live
without Thorne, they are fine.  Brooke wants to know if Macy really believes
that.  Macy says she does.  Brooke thinks Macy drinks to relieve the pain
because to knows things are not going well between her and Thorne.  Macy
points out that she has his wedding ring and nothing is going to break them

Clark & Morgan

Clark is dying to know, how did Taylor answer her.  She says, Taylor was very
understanding.  He says, she was understanding, but she did not give you the
green light. No, she says.  He says he didn't think so, Taylor is very
conservative, there is no way she would give Ridge permission to get you
pregnant.  He offers himself but she tells him it is not necessary.  Clark
wants to know what she means, it is not necessary? Have you found yourself
another donor? She shakes her head no. No? I got it, you already went ahead
with your artificial insemination? No, she says, there was nothing artificial
about it. Nothing artificial? He has a surprised look on his face. Are you
telling me?  She says, I am not telling you anything, as she gets up to leave
for the office. He wants to know what is the rush?  She has a meeting with
someone, a meeting that is going to be anything but enjoyable.

Morgan's Office

Ridge enters and slams the door.  Ridge? She knows he is angry and she gets
nervous. She says, I'm glad you're here, I just finished this design.  What
do ya think?  He looks so angry. "I talked to Taylor." How's her father, asks
Morgan.  He is doing better. Morgan says she bets Taylor is happy about that.
 Actually, I thought it was rather strange, Morgan, but everything about this
has been strange, hasn't it.  First Taylor tells me I can't be the sperm
donor, then she sends me an email and asks me to get you pregnant. Something
just didn't seem right with it.  Then I get a voice mail, seems obvious what
she was asking me to do, wasn't it? But I still didn't feel right about it,
how could I refuse, she was so insistent, so I went over to your house and
had sex with you.  She says she is forever grateful for that, what you did
for me.  He says, what I did? How about what you did Morgan? You set me up,
didn't you?  You set me up !!  Ridge, if you would just calm down, I will
explain everything. Ridge is furious. He knocks over he easle.  It was you,
it was you, you sent me that email, the voice mail, you were behind the whole
damn thing, weren't you? Admit it Morgan, just come out and say it, what you
did to me, what you did to Taylor and my marriage, how could you do that? How
the hell could you do that?

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