The Bold & The Beautiful Monday June 12, 2000

B&B Update Monday 6/12/00  

by Linda 

Becky's Hospital Room

CJ & Dr. Russell are standing there over Becky as she wakes up.  CJ says, there she is. She says, CJ.  He tells her he is right there.  She asks where she is and he tells her she is at the honeymoon sweet at Cedars. The hospital?  Yes, we brought you here right after the ceremony. She says she is sorry.  He says that is OK, you're with me and that's all that counts. He introduces her to Dr. Russell.  He says it is nice to finally meet her. She wants to know what happened. The stomach pain was a little too much for you, we had to adjust your medication. How are you feeling? Good. Dr. Russell is
glad to hear it.  Amber knocks and comes through the door with Becky's mom, dad Sally and Macy.  Mom says, " How ya baby? How ya feeling?" Becky, OK.  Becky wants to know where little Eric is.  Stephanie will bring him by later. Daddy, says you about scared us to death little girl. Sally thinks it was too much excitement, maybe they should have postponed the wedding.  Becky says, no she would not have given that up for anything.  Macy hugs her and welcomes her to the family.  Becky says she always wanted a sister and now she has two. CJ thanks Sally for everything.  Macy invites her out to the beach house when she gets better.  CJ will take them up on the offer.  Macy leaves with Sally.  Mom  sits by Becky's side, It was a beautiful wedding baby.  Daddy says, you always wanted to be the center of attention.  Daddy tells her she is her pride and joy. Mom and Dad hug her.  They are going to go for now, the doctor says she needs a lot of rest.  Amber offers them a ride home.  They will walk, the hotel is right across the street.  Amber is leaving them too.  She says they need some time alone.  CJ sits by her side, ah alone at last.  Becky says, you know this isn't the honeymoon you had in mind.  CJ says, don't worry about it. I'm going to spring you out of this joint. She says a lot of guys would have run like hell.  He says a lot of guys don't know what they are missing. You can stop feeling sorry for me right now, Becky Moore. She corrects him, Becky Garrison. He lays down by her side and hugs her. It's nice she says, he says it sure is.

Brookes Office

Brooke and Thorne listening to two employees bickering about the Forrester product line. One thinks they get their point across and the other thinks
they are dull and ordinary. The woman thinks that consumers today are saavy and this line won't get their attention, but if you challenge them, excite them, Brooke butts in with stimulate, exactly.  She gives them oders to handle the plans as she is playing footsies with Thorne under her desk. Telling the clients to be a little dangerous, you always want to leave them  wanting more.  She looks at Thorne, so what do you think Thorne, do you get what I am after.  He says she is halfway there. The guy can use Thorne's input, he says he will be right there.  They leave and Thorne closes the door behind him and grabs Brooke and kisses her passionately. My goodness, where did that come from she says.  He says from her unless it was someone else rubbing his leg under the table. She says, what, you were being molested in
the work place and she laughs.  He misses her too. He says it won't be long before they are together. Brooke wants to know how Macy is and Thorne says that Macy says she is fine but he knows that is not true.  It is hard for someone addicted to quit. Brooke gives Thorne a bit of a massage. Talking about Macy again.  He is worrying that Macy will self destruct.  Brooke thinks she should go for counseling.  He is worried when Macy is like this.  Like what?  You think she is drinking again? He says that after 6 years, he was hoping she would be OK. No one can force anyone to love someone Brooke
says and Thorne says, or stop loving someone.  The phone rings, it is Macy, calling from the hospital, she wants him home. He has someone he has to see, he won't be long. He hangs up, Macy looks a bit upset. She looks around and pulls a bottle out of her purse and takes a sip and then another.

Morgan's Apartment

Morgan is sitting there thinking as Ridge comes in. He looks a bit perplexed. She says you can stop looking at me like that, I am fine.  It was different than she expected, but he made it very special. He was a little worried about last night.  He asks her if the mission was accomplished, she is not sure, but they can try again to make sure. Ridge wants to go, Taylor is due home.  Morgan says she really appreciates what he did for her.  She would never do anything to hurt his marriage.  Their friendship means a lot to her.  Ridge says, you heard Taylor's message, she gives her support. You can count on us,
he says. She says, thank you, cause I am really going to need you Ridge.

Taylor and Ridges House

Taylor is sitting on the floor playing with the twins.  Ah, look who is home. I missed you. I missed you too. Ridge says he was just checking in on Morgan. Taylor asks if he helped Morgan.  He says yes. He tells her that he was pretty floored by her message. She knows, she was pretty opposed to the whole idea at first, but the more she thought about it the more it was the only logical solution.  He says, Morgan seemed to feel the same way. Taylor asks
where they did it.  He says at the beach house.  She says that is perfect, I am sure she was a lot more comfortable there. I just wish I could have been there. Ridge chuckles, really?  She says yes, I think having another woman there may have really helped her and hopefully, she is pregnant with little "31667 jr".  He says what? She says, I think that was the donor's number.  He says, Donor?  She says, why did she pick another donor, because I told her she should.  The other guy sounded too much like you and that gave me the creeps. And if that is true, then it is a sign she is really getting over you.  Ridge is in shock. Taylor looks at him and asks him what is the matter.
The End


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