The Bold & The Beautiful Friday June 9, 2000

B&B Update Friday 6/09/00  

By Linda


Becky and CJ at the altar.  Becky crying telling CJ she can't marry him. 
Amber tries to changer her mind.
Becky doesn't want everyone to have to keep pretending.  She turns to
everyone in the church and thanks them for coming. She is crying, you will
never know what you have done for me, looking out to your smiling faces and
that you are happy for me, I will never forget that, that you wanted to give
me the most beautiful day in my life, and you  have, not the way that you
think.  I got a phone call this morning from Dr. Russell who wanted to know
why I was missing my appointments.  I didn't know I had any or even who he
was.  He said he is my doctor and he told me I was dying.  Her mom jumps up
and screams "No!" They approach one another and hug.  Mom says everything
will be OK.  Dad says we wanted to make it a very special day. He is sorry
they didn't tell her.  She hugs the baby, tells him he is going to be fine,
there are so many people that love him.  She thanks Stephanie for her prayers
and reminds her that she said she would always look out for him.  Stephanie
says she will.  Becky has an attack, but recovers. She says some people never
find out what they mean to their family and friends, and CJ has shown her
what that is all about, it is because of him that she knows everything will
be OK.  CJ says, baby, I am so sorry, I wanted to be the one to tell you. 
She says it is OK, she knows it wasn't easy. He says she is worth it.  She
says, some people live to be a hundred and never feel the way she does. He
still wants her to be his wife.  She says she can't, she won't be around.  He
says she will always be with him no matter what.  Do you love me?  She says
yes.  He says, say you will marry me.  She says yes, I will marry you. CJ
wants them to all gather around the altar while they say their vows.  They
pledge their love to one another but there is no mention of "until death do
us part", just like CJ wanted. They exchange rings. They kiss.  Everyone
claps.  Becky's mom and dad welcome CJ into the family and shake hands. 
Becky starts to walk away and suffers pain. Stephanie jumps to help her as CJ
runs over and she falls into his arms, unconscious. Thorne calls for an
ambulance as CJ holds her telling her not to leave him.


Ridge comes in.  He has serious reservations about all this. If he father's
the child, he wants to be able to have some kind of relationship with him, or
her.  She says that is fine, whatever you want. Financial?  She makes enough
money, they can put it in writing.  He is a bit nervous.  She can't believe
that the stud of the universe is quaking in his boots. You get nervous when
I touch you? What is going to happen if I touch you again, she says.  He
grabs hold of her hands. Ridge wants her to be a little more serious about
all this.  She says she is.  He says they are talking about bringing a child
into this world and she says you don't get anywhere by talking.  His wife has
given him permission.  Has she lost her touch?  What can she do to help? She
is ready. Morgan you are too much, you know that.  Wait a minute, we will set
up some ground rules, she says.  He thinks she means the lawyers, no, think
of this as procreation, not recreation. He wants to just sit down and relax a
bit.  Sure. Together on the couch, they look at each other and laugh.  What
are we doing here, he says, she says, why don't we just think back to the way
it used to be. She places her hand on his knee. Morgan starts to unbutton
Ridge's shirt, he looks uncomfortable.  She pets his face and stares into his
eyes.  He says, Morgan, are you sure?  She says, yes Ridge, yes.

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