The Bold & The Beautiful Thursday June 8, 2000

B&B Update Thursday 6/08/00  

By Linda

Morgan's Office

Ridge and Morgan listen to Taylor's voice message again. Taylor's message
seems to say for Ridge to go ahead with Morgan.  Not to worry about her, she
thinks this is best to help Morgan.  Ridge calls for Taylor but she is not
in. Morgan says that she said in her message that she was busy.  Ridge wants
to wait until he talks to Taylor.  Morgan is still trying to persuade him to
do it.  She tells him that Taylor is all right with it, it is him that is
holding back.  He says, that is right, I really don't know if I can go
through with this. They discuss how Ridge feels about having a child he will
not have a hand in raising.  How will he explain this to his other children? 
Morgan says that Taylor is a psychiatrist, she is sure she will come up with
something.  It is nothing to be ashamed of, it's actually a beautiful thing. 
Ridge says it really very complicated. Morgan tells him that no one has to
know how it happened. He says that will be another issue too.  She says not
for her and not for Taylor apparently.  Ridge says, exactly, doesn't that
seem rather strange to you?  She says Ridge won't be cheating on his wife,
there is no romance or passion involved. Unless, maybe you think that you and
I might rekindle.  Ridge says, no, it's not that kind of thing.  It is still
a big issue.  Morgan says if she thought this would cause problems in their
marriage, she wouldn't even do.  Whatever decisions they make will be in the
best interest in the child.  She is going home, if he wants to talk later. 
Will she see him later? He is not sure.

(A while later) Morgan's Apt

Says to herself, he'll be here.  Puts on some soft music and pours a glass of
wine.  Knock at the door, it is Ridge.


Priest is beginning the wedding.  Talking to everyone and acknowledging the
love between CJ and Becky.
And the usually wedding speech about why they are gathered there.  The priest
announces that CJ and Becky have chosen Stephanie to read the beginning
prayer. Stephanie begins with, Becky and CJ, this is my prayer to you.  Lord,
we thank you for this day and for the love CJ and Becky have for one another.
Asks that He brings joy to their marriage and watch over the boy Becky has
brought in this life
Bless all here today and make us one family....etc.  She leans over and
kisses Becky's cheek.  Becky stares at Amber as tears fall. CJ and Becky
light their candles and Amber sings while flashbacks play of Becky and CJ's
times together. Priest continues the wedding. In this holy unit, CJ and Becky
are about to be joined.  Who gives this Bride away.  Dad stands up and says
he and her Mom do. CJ begins with his feelings about Becky, how much he loves
her and how much she brought into his life.  He never knew what real love was
until now.  He learned from her and everyone else in the room. Special thanks
to Amber, they wouldn't be there if it wasn't for her.  Take a good look
around this room, these are the people who love you with all of their heart. 
Remember this moment, you did this, you brought all of these people together.
 All that matters to them right now is to be there for them.  Becky has
worked miracles in their life, he will not forget what she taught him as long
as he lives. Love bare all things, believes all things, endures all things. 
Love never ends, Becky what we have, will never end.  When I say my vows
today, I am not going to say "Until death do us part" nothing is going to
ever part us.  From this moment on, we are together forever.  Becky says, I
will be with you always, always, but I am sorry, I can't do this, I can't
marry you.  She turns and says, I am sorry everybody.  The End

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