The Bold & The Beautiful Wednesday June 7, 2000

B&B Update Wednesday 6/7/00  

By Linda

Church (brideroom) Becky & Amber

Amber tells Becky she doesn't know who she has been talking to.  Becky says,
Dr. Russell, he called when she was leaving the apt. Amber, "What did he
say?" Becky says everything, that she is dying of cancer.

Brooke's Office

Ridge comes in looking for Thorne or Eric. Brooke tells him they are at the
wedding. What wedding? She says Becky & CJ are getting married. Ridge thinks
Sally & Clark must be having a fit.  Brooke says from what she heard, they
gave them their blessing.

CJ is looking in the mirror.  Clark walks up from behind and tells him he
looks good.  Thanks dad. Rick tells CJ he admires him, this is a tough thing
to do.  CJ retorts that what he is doing is nothing, he would have married
Becky anyway.  Clark tells him he is proud of him.  Sally agrees they only
wanted him to grow up to be a decent and honorable young man and he has done
that and when he stands up there with his bride today, no one can be prouder
than she and Clark.  Sally hugs C J.
Becky's parents walk in with Tawny.  Her Mom is worried about not having
enough film.  Tawny says Becky will be fine. Becky's Mom snaps at Tawny, she
knows everything will be all right, this is just her baby's moment and she
never wants to forget.  Dad says he will take enough pictures to fill 5 photo

Becky & Amber

Amber apologizes to Becky.  Becky says, you didn't want to tell me?  Amber
tells her they were going to after the wedding.  Who's we? Amber & CJ. So CJ
knows I am dying? Yeah. (both cry).  Who else? Some of the Forresters, your
Mom & dad.  Becky, please forgive me, please.  I just couldn't tell you, it
just seemed so cruel.  I know it was wrong. You deserve to be this happy. 
You have CJ and the baby, your in love and I just couldn't ruin it for you, I
just couldn't.

Brooke's Office

Ridge says, Sally's 19 yr. old son is getting married and she isn't blowing
her stack? Brooke says, quite the contrary. Ridge wonders what is going on. 
Brooke thinks they will find out soon enough. He thinks he will find out as
soon as he talks to mother. Are you going to see her tonight?  Maybe, got to
talk to Morgan first though. Brooke asks, by the way, what is going on with
her? This morning at the design meeting Morgan's concentration was zero.
Ridge says that Morgan has other things on her mind. Brooke wants to know if
it is anything she should know about. No, Logan, it is definitely something
you don't want to get involved in, I'll catch ya later.

Becky & Amber

Amber says, I am so sorry, the anger you must be feeling.  Becky's says, you
think that I am angry? Amber, when I think of the things you have done over
these last few months to make my life as happy as they have been, so I am not
angry with you. You have tried to give me hope when there was none and I am
grateful to you for that. They hug and cry. Becky wants Amber to call CJ in
to call off the wedding.  Amber begs her not to.  Becky can't do this to him,
make him marry a girl who is dying.  She loves him too much. Amber tells her
that she is not forcing him to do anything.  We have tried to talk him out of
this and they couldn't. Becky insists.  Amber says no, he is not just doing
this for Becky, he is doing this for himself too.  He loves you so much he
wants the love to go on forever. He thinks that it will if you get married.
Is that a big deal? He loves you totally.  Becky says Walking down that isle,
marrying a man that would give up everything for me, in front of all those
people, my family, CJ's, the Forresters, going through all that trouble to
give me one special moment More than I could ever hoped for, in any other
life.  Amber asks her if she will do it. Yes, she will do it.
Becky and Amber are dressed and looking beautiful. Becky's parents come in
and ask Amber if they can have a few minutes with Becky. Sure, she will wait
outside.  Dad asks her how she is feeling, she says, never better, daddy. 
Becky says she wants them to know that if every little soul has a choice for
parents before they are born, she choice them and she is so glad she did. 
She knows how much she needs them and that she loves them so much and always
will.  Dad hugs her, my sweet wonderful daughter.  Are you ready to give me
away daddy?  Yeah, I am ready.  Amber is crying outside, when CJ shows up. 
He asks if everything is all right.

Morgan's Office

She is on the phone when Ridge shows up.  She hangs up and asks Ridge if he
has spoken with Taylor.  She wants to hurry this on and he says not without
talking to Taylor first.  Morgan says she talked to Taylor today and she said
basically the same thing she said in the email.  Ridge checks his voice mail.
 Morgan urgently asks what she is saying.


Rick escorts Becky's Mom down the isle, followed by CJ and Sally. Sally
gently kisses CJ's cheek and sits down.  In comes Amber with a beautiful pink
and white bouquet. "Here comes the Bride plays" In comes Becky escorted by
her dad. Becky looks around.  Thinks, the love in their eyes, they are doing
it all for me. As Becky walks down the isle, she looks at each person and
thinks of things they said to her...first Eric, you will go a long way in
this business, Becky, we are very lucky to have you, you are an inspiration
to all of us. Then Stephanie, I think of you as my own daughter. You are a
part of this family now and don't you ever forget that.  Then Sally, I don't
know if you will ever know what you have done for my son. Then Clark, I
always wanted my son to marry someone like you, welcome to the family.  Then
her Mom, my little sweetie, you mean so much to daddy and me, we would do
anything to make you happy, anything. And you have, Mom, you all have, you
have given me the greatest day of all, a wedding day. Now at the altar with
CJ, Daddy puts Becky's hand in CJ's.

The End.


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