The Bold & The Beautiful Tuesday June 6, 2000

B&B Update Tuesday 6/6/00  

By Linda

CJ and Rick

Rick is trying to convince CJ to not get married.  He tells him he has 5
years left to finish school.  He has plenty of time to think about marriage. 
CJ tells him that he doesn't have 5 years.   Rick thinks Becky is pregnant,
CJ says no, she isn't pregnant and he will explain.

Sally, Darla, Clark and Thorne

Talking about Becky and her being terminal. Macy can't believe this is
happening to Becky.  Sally says she is afraid so.  Thorne thinks there must
be something they can do for her. Clark says no, they have been there,2nd,
3rd, 4th opinions.  Becky is terminal, has a couple  months more at most.
Thorne notes that this is why Becky has been having stomach pains so much
recently.  Sally tells him that it is pancreatic cancer.  Macy concludes that
CJ wants to do this for Becky.  Darla tells Macy that CJ loves Becky so much.
 Clark says that CJ wants this relation ship to last forever and he guesses
this is CJ's way of accomplishing that. But Clark wonders what CJ is going to
be left with and how he is going to cope. Sally says CJ is the only one that
can answer that question and they can't let him focus on that right now
because he is taking a bride today and they have a wedding to attend.  Macy
wants to know how they are going to do this, sit in a church and celebrate a
wedding when it is going to feel more like a funeral.

Stephanie's House

Tawny thanks Stephanie for having them over.  Oh, of course Tawny. She tells
them to sit down. Becky's mom says they decided not to bring Dale, Becky's
brother.  They want him to remember her the way she was before she was sick
and all. Steph says she understands. Steph thinks they should talk.  Becky's
dad says this is not the kind of wedding he hoped for for his daughter. 
Steph says this isn't the kind of wedding she wanted for Becky either.  Steph
tells them that they have a wonderful daughter. She says, believe me when I
tell you, everyone in this family shares your pain. Steph hugs Becky's mom.

Amber & Becky's

Amber is making a smoothie and Becky is sitting on the couch, tells Amber she
really can't drink another one of Amber's smoothies right now. Becky says the
pain will go away in a couple of minutes.  Amber tells Becky that she just
happens to have some medicine in her purse for stomach cramps and gets some
of Becky's medicine to give her.  Becky hopes it will work. Amber assures her
it will. Amber tells Becky to lie down for a while and then they will go to
the church. Becky tells her that there is a problem.  Amber says "what?"
Becky says she can't get married today.  Amber says "why not?" Becky says she
doesn't have a maid of honor.  And smiles and asks Amber to do it for her. 
They hug.

CJ and Rick

Rick says he doesn't know what to say.  CJ says Beck is the best thing that
ever happened to him and he is going to lose her.  Rick wants to know what he
can do to help. CJ says he can be his best man.  Rick says he is honored and
he will be there.  Rick says, geez, where do I start? CJ tells him that
everything is pretty much taken care of.  Rick insists there has to be
something he can do.  CJ says there is and it is probably the most important
thing. He needs Rick to be there for him because he has never ever been
through anything like this. Rick assures him that he will be fine.  CJ hopes
so, because the idea is to give Becky the best day in her life and if he
can't pull that off.  Rick says he will, they will , like CJ was by his side
when he married Amber, they are going to give Becky the best wedding a girl
could ever have. They hug.


Becky's mom says how she talked to Becky earlier today and she seemed so
happy. Steph says that is the way they want it isn't it? Her dad says that
she is a mighty special girl. His baby. Eric says she is special, he is right
and he would be very proud to call Becky his daughter. Her mom gets up and
walks to the fireplace, turns and says, I keep asking myself the same
question, why did this have to happen? She begins to cry, can any of you tell
me why?

Becky & Amber

Becky asks Amber if that is a yes. She says of course it is.  Becky says she
is all set.  She has a fiance, my maid of honor.  Amber, it just doesn't get
any better than this. Amber says no, it doesn't.  Becky asks Amber if she
wants to know what her wedding wish is? She wishes that one day Amber and
Rick can get back together. Amber tells her not to even think about it, it is
not in the cards. Becky says that she knows that if it was, she knows Amber
would want it. She tells Amber she doesn't have to say anthing but she knows
that wedding wishes always come true especially hers. Amber tells Becky that
her wish is that no matter where Becky goes, she will always know how much
Amber loves her and how blessed she is to have Becky as a cousin. And she
feels if someday she is at least half the person Becky is, she will feel her
life is a success. Becky tells her that she will always be a part of her
heart and a part of her soul. They hug.  Amber jumps back. No more tears,
let's go get you married. Becky tells Amber to get their dresses and she will
get the baby.  Amber comes out with the dresses, Becky picks up the baby. 
Amber leaves first to get the car and as Becky is heading out the door, the
phone rings.....(on to a comercial, we don't see if she answers the phone.)


Becky's mom, Why, why?  Steph says, why is this happening to your Becky, we
don't have the answer to that, our children all have their own death theme
and Becky has fulfilled hers beautifully. You have been giving time, time to
spend with your baby.  Her dad says, yes, we have time and we need to make
every minute count.

Sally, Clark and Darla

Sally asks Clark if he got extra film.  Darla states how CJ wants extra
pictures.  Sally says, of course, he never wants to forget this day.  Macy
comes in, she doesn't think she can do this. Sally tells her she has to be
there for her brother.  Macy thinks it is just going to be so hard. Thorne
say, we are just going to have to do this for CJ, think what he is going
through, he has to walk down that isle with a woman he knows won't be with
him much longer. Clark agrees.

Church (bridesroom)

Amber arrives with the dresses. Stephanie comes in and asks Amber how she is.
 Amber says she doesn't think she has an answer for that one. Amber thinks
Becky is getting prewedding jitters, she didn't say a word in the car all the
way there. Becky walks in.  Mrs. Forrester! Hello, sweetheart, Steph hugs
her. Amber asks Becky if she is getting nervous, she says no, she is happy
they could all be there today and thanks them.

Rick and CJ walk in, as Rick announces the groom has arrived.  CJ asks where
Becky is.  Eric says in the bridesroom. Rick wants CJ to get into his tux. 
CJ has a few words for everyone.  Please, no one look sad, this is a happy
time. He warns them that Becky looks ill.  He is there for a wedding not a
funeral.  He will tell Becky tomorrow the truth, that she is dying. He wants
them to smile. He wants them to fill the church with so much love and
happiness that Becky will feel reborn.  He is counting on them. He wants this
to be the happiest day of Becky's life.  Becky's dad gets up and shakes CJ's
hand and then hugs him. Sally assures him they will come through for him.

Stephanie wants to help Becky dress, but Becky turns her down, she wants to
be alone with Amber for a couple of minutes.  Stephanie leaves and Becky
turns to Amber and says, "I know the truth, Amber, I know that I am dying."


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