The Bold & The Beautiful Friday June 2, 2000

B&B Update Friday 6/02/00  

By Stephanie

Ridge’s Office

Ridge is working, Morgan comes in. She asks what he thinks of the dress? He says it is “great, what little there is of it.” She tells him she is embarrassed by their conversation yesterday. Morgan apologizes for making them feel guilty for turning her down. Ridge says he understands her wanting a child. Ridge consoles her by holding her. His computer “beeps” indicating there is an email for him. The email is from Taylor. It reads, “We have an opportunity to bring joy that Dad had described.” “Just this once, I want you to trust me without question and do what I ask.  Ridge is stunned, he feels it is insane and he can’t do it. Morgan doesn’t know what he is talking about


CJ and Eric are talking. CJ is determined to give Becky the happiest day of her life. Eric understands completely and they talk about Becky. Becky arrives, (looking pale and tired). She apologizes for being late but she is just “so tired.” Eric says it is all right, he ushers them inside the chapel. He opens the doors; the church is decorated with flowers, candles, arches, etc. It is beautiful. Eric would love to be part of the wedding. Becky thanks him for everything, and hugs him. CJ thanks Eric too (they exchange glances.) The reverend arrives to talk to them about tomorrow. Becky can’t get over the church, how beautiful it is. She says, “It looks like a movie star would be married here.” CJ tells her as of tomorrow she will be “Rebecca Garrison”. They talk about how wonderful it will be, being married. Eric and the Reverend talk. The reverend has noticed how pale Becky is. He asks what’s wrong? Eric assures him that Becky will be fine. Tomorrow means everything to her. Suddenly Becky is in pain, CJ tells her to sit down. She is upset about this “darned flu”. He says she is tired, working, looking after Eric. She thinks it is more than that. She says she is worried there is something wrong. She says, “Look at me”. He tells her she is beautiful. She says she “doesn’t feel beautiful” She feels like she is “100 years old”. She tells him how she is feeling, that she is having trouble breathing. He is concerned about that, since he didn’t know she was having trouble breathing. She tells him they are getting married and nothing “will ruin it.” She tells him she will be ok, and want to use the washroom. CJ follows her with his eyes as she leaves. He gets down on his knees and prays. He asks God to please not take Becky. She has so many people who love her and need her. He doesn’t think he “deserves a miracle” but “Becky does.” He wants God to help her.

Amber’s Apartment

There is a knock at the door. Amber opens it. Tawny is there. Tawny wants to see Becky. Amber tells her, she isn’t there. Tawny says she knows about Becky’s illness and intends to be honest with Becky about it. Amber says Tawny wouldn’t know a thing about being honest. Tawny is angry with Amber for not being honest with Becky. Amber tells Tawny she knows what Becky wants. Amber feels Becky will thank her for keeping this from her. Tawny tries to get Amber to tell Becky the truth. Amber tells Tawny how much CJ loves Becky, how he wants to marry her. Their vows will be “in sickness and in health” and he will mean it. It will be from the heart, she says. Amber knows CJ will be there until the end. Tawny says that CJ knows what he is getting into but Becky doesn’t. Amber says CJ will tell her after the wedding. Amber admits what she is doing is terrible. She feels it is even worse than not telling Rick about Eric. She says it is worse than that but she has to do it for Becky. Since Becky won’t see her 21st birthday or her 1st wedding anniversary. But when she walks down that aisle, she will see all her family, friends, and all the people who love her. She wants her to have “one incredible moment, so her life will be perfect.” Amber breaks down in tears. Amber asks Tawny if she really wants to take that away from her? Tawny hugs Amber. Amber pulls away and tells Tawny to go, she has things to do. Tawny offers to help with plans for the wedding.


Later, the phone rings. It is Dr. Russell. He leaves a message asking Becky to call him back, right away, it is extremely important


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