The Bold & The Beautiful Wednesday May 31, 2000

B&B Update Wednesday 5/31/00  

By Linda 
Brooke is on the phone. She thanks Suzanne for trying but she will take the
jet and be there by mid-afternoon.  Brooke tries to call Thorne but he is not
in. She wonders where he could be.

Kim begs Thorne not to marry Brooke and make a scandal out of Macy. Thorne
tells her he will wait until all this calms down for Kim's sake as well as

Rick is at Amber's. The social worker is explaining to him what happened and
asks him if this is the first time anything like this happened. He says yes.
He asks what would have happened to the baby if he hadn't been there to take
him. She tells him he would have been sent to a home for the night. The woman
gets another call and leaves. Rick asks, Amber, what were you thinking.

Eric is at the station to bail out CJ and Amber. He asks the officer what the
charges are and he is told that there were drugs and enough to charge them
with intent to sell. CJ comes up and thanks Eric telling him he will pay him
back. Eric assures him he will. CJ says they are not his or Amber's drugs and
must have been left there by the group. Eric asks him if he thought of what
may have happened to the baby. CJ asks if the baby is with Rick. Eric asks
him if he has a problem with that. CJ says no, he is glad Rick was there.
Amber comes up and asks if little Eric is OK.

Kim says she finally realizes why Macy bought this place, it is beautiful.
She says Macy really knew what mattered. Thorne says Macy was special. Kim
reflects on how she used to be before coming out there and never wants to go
back that way. Thorne tries to compare what Kim's father did to what happened
with Brooke and how Macy forgave her father. Kim doesn't buy it. She thinks
that Brooke got away with murder.

Eric gives CJ and Amber a lecture of what may have happened to the baby.
Amber tries to defend herself. Eric says they were a bunch of strangers.
Becky would not have wanted this around the baby. Amber says that Sam must
have planted the drugs, she hates Amber because she thinks Ash has an
interest in her. Eric says that she told the police she didn't know these
people. She says it was not a drug party, just a few friends getting together
and Ash brought the others along. CJ hugs Amber and tells her they will get
past this, they have to.

Kim tells Thorne he is not going to changer her mind about Brooke. She says
she needs to talk to someone and she feels close to him because of Macy but
can't spend their time with him trying to defend Brooke. He apologizes. He
says it is getting late and asks if she is all right. She is. They say good

Rick is holding the baby talking to him. He says it is good to have him back
home. Rick asks the maid to watch the baby so he can go talk to Amber. She
says she will. Rick tells him to be a good boy and the maid says he is always
a good boy. Rick leaves.

Amber says she is sorry to Eric. He says she is always sorry after the fact.
Amber says that she tried to get the group out of there when she realized it
was not a good environment, but all this happened. Amber says her party days
are over. She only wants what is best for the baby. CJ comes to her defense
and says they learned from this and it will never happen again. The baby is
in good hands. Eric says he had just got through saying that before he got
the call that they were arrested. Eric tells them that everything they do has
to be in the best interest of the baby and if they are not ready.  Amber says
they are, just give them a chance. Eric tells them to go. He looks very angry
about all this.

Thorne goes over to his place to find Brooke laying out on a lounge chair on
the patio. She says, hello. He asks her what brings her by. She has good news
and bad. She tells him the bad news is she is still needed in Paris. The good
news is, she is going to give him something to remember her by. Thorne tells
Brooke how Kim moved in next door. She needs to feel close to Macy. He tell
that Kim wants them to hold off going public because the press will print
terrible stuff. She says they were going to wait a bit anyway. He says, then
she is OK with that. She is. She starts to undress him and they fall to the
lounge chair. Kim sees them and glares.

Amber and CJ arrive home. Amber calls out for Rick. CJ says Rick probably has
him. She worries that the DCF took him. Rick walks in. He says the baby will
be staying with him tonight. CJ tells him he can't do that, this is where he
lives. Rick says the place stinks. CJ says they will clean it up. Rick says
he is sleeping. CJ says he needs his parents. Amber doesn't want him to wake
the baby. CJ says OK, they will pick him up tomorrow. Rick and Eric leave. CJ
tells Amber that Rick is just doing this because of him. It is an issue
between them. Amber says she doesn't care, she has to do what is best for the
baby. Amber goes to the window and says, good night baby, mama loves you, and
so does daddy. Meanwhile, the maid is rocking little Eric on the rocking
chair singing sweetly to him.

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