The Bold & The Beautiful Tuesday May 30 2000

B&B Update Tuesday 5/30/00  

By Stephanie

Thorne and Macy’s House/Brooke’s Office

Thorne calls Brooke. Macy is talking to Kimberly. Thorne tells Brooke he really misses her. Macy tells Kimberly that Brooke got under her skin and that is why she was drinking. Macy tells Kimberly that she and Throne confronted Brooke. Macy wants to stop drinking. Macy knows she should have told Thorne how she was feeling. She says none of this would have happened if she had just been open with him. Macy thinks Thorne is on the phone with her counselor from AA, setting up an appointment for them. Kimberly tells Macy she has to take things one day at a time. Macy tells Kimberly that all marriages have “temptations.”  She feels they will come out of this stronger and more in love. She believes Thorne loves her and he will stay with her. Macy feels if Thorne were with Brooke, she would “chew him up and spit him out.” She says Brooke takes what she wants from men and then throws them away. She says she can handle it if Thorne leaves her but she doesn’t want him to destroy his life with Brooke! She says she loves Thorne very much.


Thorne tells Brooke that he hasn’t told Macy about “us yet.” He is concerned because of her drinking. He tells Brooke he will leave Macy, but not right now. Brooke is worried about being in the middle of all of this. He says he is going to leave Macy and nothing will stop him. He tells her he loves her and hangs up.


He goes to see Macy. Macy says she and Throne are doing really well. Macy says she made a mistake. Thorne doesn’t agree with her. He says she is not “ok.” Thorne says her drinking is a disease and she has to take it seriously. Macy blames herself for the whole thing. She says she wants to “earn their trust”. After all, it was her own fault, she says. She says she will prove herself to them, she appreciates their support. Kimberly says they will be there for her. Thorne says he has to go out for a while but will be back as soon as he can. Kimberly offers to stay until Sally arrives. Macy doesn’t need a baby sitter, she says. He says her counselor will be over to see them. Macy says things will be better. She will talk to her counselor. Throne thanks Kimberly for staying. Kimberly says Macy is in good hands. He leaves.


Brooke’s Office

Thorne arrives; Brooke is in a buyer’s meeting. She tells the buyer’s she needs more information before she makes a decision. The buyer’s leave. Thorne tells her that she comes first in his life, he will tell Macy the truth. He says he belongs with her (Brooke). She can’t believe it is really happening. Thorne says it is just for “a little while longer and then he is hers, forever.” Brooke is thrilled and holds Thorne.


Insomnia Café

Morgan and Clarke are talking. Morgan tells him that she asked Taylor to allow Ridge to be the father to her child. She says she wants someone she can admire and respect for her child’s father. Clarke thinks she wants more than that. Morgan insists it is not a plot to get Ridge to leave Taylor. Clarke feels it is ridiculous to think that Ridge would agree to father her child. He suggests she come up with a “plan B.” Clarke suggests she find a bachelor (who sounds just like him,) to father the child. She thanks him for “his application.”  The position has been filled, she tells him.


Taylor and Ridge’s House

Taylor tells Ridge that Morgan wants him to be the father of her child. Ridge is surprised and flattered at the thought. He can’t believe that Taylor would even consider the idea. Taylor says she feels for Morgan, she understands Morgan wanting “redemption”. Taylor isn’t completely comfortable with the idea but did agree to think about it. Morgan isn’t married, she wants a child, and artificial insemination may not be the right option for her. Taylor knows the child Morgan gave up was his and can understand her wanting one with him. Taylor asks Ridge if he weren’t married and met Morgan would he want a child with her? Would he be able to live with Morgan going away with his child? Taylor doesn’t think he could live with it. Ridge says it doesn’t matter since they won’t go through with it anyway.


Morgan arrives and asks Taylor if she spoke to Ridge about her idea? Taylor says she has. Taylor says Ridge hasn’t had a chance to digest things yet. Ridge says he heard about her idea. Morgan begs her to let Ridge do this for her. She says they can make it work, whatever makes them both comfortable.




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