The Bold & The Beautiful Monday May 29, 2000

B&B Update Monday 5/29/00  

by Stephanie  

Brookeís Office

Macy, Thorne and Brooke are talking. Macy wants Thorne to tell Brooke the truth. Brooke asks Thorne to take Macy home, since she has been drinking. Macy says Brooke has pushed her to this. Thorne doesnít want Macy to blame any one else. Macy wants Thorne to tell Brooke to back off. Brooke says it wonít happen, since it isnít true. Macy wants Thorne to tell Brooke that he is out of bounds, she tells Brooke what she thinks of her. Macy tells Brooke that Thorne will not give up on their marriage, for her! Macy reminds Brooke that Thorne married her in Amsterdam. Macy believes Brooke would have destroyed him, like she has all the other Forrester men. Macy doesnít believe Thorne is a fool and he would be a fool to give up what they have. She feels Brooke is delusional.  Brooke finally admits it.  Thorne wants to take Macy home. Macy threatens Brooke and tells her if she interferes again, she (Brooke) will pay! As they leave, Thorne tells Brooke he will call her.

Spectra Fashions

Becky is looking at her gown as she tells the seamstress how wonderful CJ is. Becky wants CJ to get to know her parents. The seamstress admits he is a ďcharmer.Ē  Becky tries on the dress; she still canít believe she is getting married. The seamstress comments the dress fits perfectly.

Beckyís Apartment

Tilly and Joe want Amber to tell them what is going on. Amber tells them that Becky is very ill but she doesnít know. Amber tells them she (Becky) had some tests done and (Amber) got the results. She finally tells them that Becky has cancer but her parents donít believe it. CJ tells them they had the results checked with other doctors and it is true. They ask what kind? Amber tells them it is pancreatic cancer and it has spread to her stomach. She admits they have known for a few weeks. Joe and Tilly donít understand why Amber hasnít arranged treatment for Becky? Amber says she has been giving her medicine. Her parents feel the medicine hasnít worked. Amber explains Becky is dying. Joe and Tilly want her to see a specialist. They donít believe she is dying.  Tilly asks how long Becky has? Amber says a few months. Tilly is devastated and then she is furious that Amber didnít tell them earlier! Amber says she is sorry she didnít want Becky to know because she has been so happy. This has been the best time of her life; she has CJ and little Eric. Joe asks how long CJ has known? He says he just found out. But as soon as CJ learned the truth about Beckyís condition, since he loves Becky so much, he asked her to marry him. CJ tells Tilly and Joe that he loves Becky very much and wants to marry her. Tilly insists there will be no wedding! CJ wants to make Becky happy by giving her one perfect day, after that he will tell her the truth. Joe tells CJ that marrying Becky would be a lie, because she doesnít have forever. CJ insists he would marry Becky, maybe not right now, but he would have regardless of her illness. He wants Becky to have something to look back on. He says this is all he has to give her. He asks them not to take this away from her. He loves Becky and will go on loving her after she is gone. CJ wants to be with Becky forever, but he canít. He has to take what they have right now and make it last forever. That is why he wants to marry her. Tilly says she canít deal with this right now. Amber says Becky is in love with CJ, the wedding is all she thinks about, she doesnít even notice the pain. Tilly is concerned that Becky is in pain.  Amber wants the wedding to go ahead, but Joe doesnít feel he can keep that kind of a secret from Becky. Amber asks if Joe wants Becky to spend the last few days of her life wondering what could have been? Or would he want her to think about her wedding? Joe wants to take Becky home and asks Amber to help him gather her things.  Joe understands what CJ is trying to do but they have to deal with this their own way. The phone rings, and they decide to let the machine pick up the message.

Thorne and Macyís House

Thorne asks Macy how after all this time she could take a drink? Macy says she slipped and promises she wonít do it again, ever. Now that they have told Brooke to back off, she will be all right. Thorne says she canít let Brooke be her problem. Thorne calls John (Macyís AA sponsor) to get some help. He tells her to rest. Macy pleads with Thorne not to be upset with her. He feels he is responsible. She says he isnít and he should not blame himself. She admits she should have told him how she felt. She was scared. They will do things differently now; things will be fine, she says.

Later, while Macy is sleeping, Thorne calls Brooke. He tells her he canít leave Macy this way. He feels he has made things worse. He doesnít want this to drag on, but she has always supported him. Brooke understands and will be there if he needs her. He tells Brooke he loves her, Brooke tells him she loves him. He hangs up and stares at Macy as she sleeps. He is furious with her.

Spectra Fashions/Beckyís Apartment

Becky calls and asks where everyone is? She tells CJ she looks great in her dress and how happy she is. She canít believe she is really doing this. She tells them ďI know itís the right thing to do, she doesnít care if they are too young.Ē Itís worth anything, I have to go through to feel the way I do right now.Ē She hangs up. CJ begs Joe and Tilly to let him marry Becky. Tilly asks Joe if they should? Joe says they can try. Tilly and Joe agree. Amber thanks them both.



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