The Bold & The Beautiful Friday May 26, 2000

B&B Update Friday 5/26/00  

By Stephanie

Amber’s Apartment

Amber is talking to Stephanie on the phone. Amber agrees with Stephanie that Becky’s parents have the right to be told about Becky’s condition. CJ doesn’t want them to know.  Stephanie says they have to right to know their child is dying. Amber tells Stephanie that Becky is coming back and hangs up. Becky comes in pushing the baby stroller. CJ says Becky was tired and that is why they came back earlier than planned. Becky picks up little Eric and asks if he is looking forward to seeing grandma and grandpa? Becky “Well, I guess, not smelling like that you’re not.” She tells Amber she is going to change him. Becky leave and Amber tells CJ that Becky’s parents must be told the truth. CJ refuses saying that her parents will try to stop the wedding and he won’t let that happen! Amber wants CJ to tell them. CJ refuses to he just wants a few days and then after that… Amber “What, they will get used to the idea?” There is a knock at the door. Amber opens the door and Joe and Tilly are there. She lets them in, makes small talk about their trip. Becky comes back holding the baby. Tilly fusses over the baby as Joe stares at CJ. Amber and CJ exchange looks.

Brooke’s Office

Thorne is holding Macy, Brooke is watching them. Thorne asks Macy how she got to the office? Brooke tells him that Macy drove. Thorne can’t believe it. Macy says she didn’t have that much to drink. She says she won’t do it again; she won’t give Brooke the satisfaction of seeing her like this again. She won’t let Brooke use her insecurity against her. Brooke says, “I am not happy about this, Macy.” Macy tells Brooke to shut up; she can’t believe that Brooke had the gall to tell her that her marriage to Thorne was over. Macy “She told me that you were leaving me for her.”

Credits Roll

Eric’s Office

Eric and Stephanie are talking. Eric says it is too bad about Becky. Stephanie agrees because there are so many people who need her and love her, the baby, CJ, her family, even Amber. Eric didn’t think that Becky was close to her family. Stephanie says the situation was strained but now that she is back in LA things are better. Stephanie finds the whole situation difficult, you are supposed to watch your children grow up, she says.  “They are not supposed to go before you.” Eric says he understands where CJ is coming from in not wanting to tell them the truth about Becky. Stephanie says she does, but Becky’s parents have the right to know.  If they are not told and they find out later that they could have had more time with Becky and didn’t because he didn’t tell them, they would never forgive him!

Becky’s Apartment

Becky tells them she is glad to see them. Tilly asks if Becky is ok? She is looking pale. Becky says she is fine. Becky introduces CJ to her parents, CJ extends his hand to Joe but Joe refuses to take it. Becky prods her father into accepting CJ’s hand and he does reluctantly. Tilly says they knew she was seeing someone but didn’t realize it was so serious. Becky admits it hit them quickly too. CJ says he knows it is awkward having Becky call and say she is marrying someone they don’t know. Joe says he is disappointed in Becky. Becky wonders why? Joe says he thought that she had learned from the last time. Becky says “the last time?” “I am not pregnant!” Tilly says this came on all of a sudden, she isn’t well and they want to get married quickly. She feels it is a little odd. Becky assures them she is fine. Joe asks if she is sure? Tilly thinks this is crazy getting married, so young. Amber tells them this is the “real thing.” Tilly says Becky has turned her life around, a good job, and the baby.  Why does Becky want to get married? Tilly asks if she isn’t proud of herself? Becky says she is proud of herself. Tilly feels this is reckless and something “the old Becky would have done.” Becky says she isn’t the “old Becky.” She tells them she is happy and CJ makes her happy.  She is sure once they get to know him they will love him as much as she does. Joe says, “It’s not that simple.” “I can’t just walk you down the aisle into the arms of a stranger.” “You are my little girl.” Tilly says it isn’t that they want the wedding cancelled, but “postponed.” CJ “No, we are not postponing the wedding!” (Joe stares at him.) Becky asks Amber to put the baby down for a nap. Amber takes the baby. Joes asks CJ how old he is? CJ “I am 19.” Joe “19!” “And you think you know what you want for the rest of your life?”  CJ says he knows he wants to make Becky happy. Joe asks why they are rushing into marriage? Becky insists they are not rushing into anything. Tilly reminds her of what she used to want when she got married “some day.” “A carriage, lots of bridesmaids.” Becky says she was young then and didn’t know anything. (Amber comes back and listens as they talk.) Becky feels marrying CJ will make her happy and she wants her family’s blessing. Joe asks what will happen if they can’t give it? Becky asks if they trust her? She says she has changed and this is what she wants. Tilly feels they are too young. Becky says they were young when they got married.  Joe reminds her that they knew each other “since Junior High” He wishes they had waited until they were older. He says since they are young they thing “it will all be laughs and a good time.” CJ says they don’t, not at all. Joe says, “Life is not like that.” He wonders what happens when times get hard, will CJ be around? CJ says he will. Joe feels they have no idea what they are getting into. CJ says they do, he knows it won’t be easy. He loves Becky more than anything and wants her to know that no matter what happens, she won’t be alone. Becky holds CJ. (Becky has her back to her parents and Amber.) (Tilly and Joe exchange looks.) (CJ looks at Amber.) (Joe notices CJ and Amber exchanging looks.) Becky says she told them “he was wonderful.” Joe says, “If we had time to get to know him…” Becky feels that is a good idea, she says she has things to do, tells Amber “Don’t let them kill him.” She kisses her parents goodbye. CJ doesn’t think it is a good idea. She says not to worry and leaves. (Amber and CJ exchange looks.) Joe “What’s going on Amber?” “What is with the looks you and CJ have been exchanging?” “What is going on here?” Amber “Uncle Joe, Aunt Tilly.” “There is something you need to hear.” CJ “Amber don’t.” Amber “They are her parents, they have the right to know.” Tilly “Is she pregnant?” Amber “No.” (To CJ) “They have to be told.” Joe “What is it?” Amber “I am so sorry.” Tilly “Tell me what is wrong?”

Brooke’s Office

Macy can’t believe some of the things Brooke has been saying. Thorne admits Brooke shouldn’t have said anything. Macy says she can’t take any more of this “Brooke just pushes and pushes and pushes until…” Thorne tells her “Just stop it.” Macy says, “Brooke has got to learn.” Throne “How could you do it?” “You have been sober for 6 years, Macy!” “How could you take a drink?” Macy asks him not to be upset, since it was just one drink. Thorne “Listen to yourself.” Macy “I quit before, and I will quit again.” Macy blames Brooke for her drinking. Thorne says she can’t blame Brooke for this “she is not responsible.” Macy “She is never responsible for her actions, is she? “She is responsible for your parents marriage breaking up, for the trouble that Taylor and Ridge had.” “She is always in the right place at the right time in the right underwear!” “Brooke, do you get off on breaking up marriages or is it just Forrester marriages!” “You don’t look afraid but you should be.” Brooke “Are you threatening me?” Macy “No, I don’t have to.” “You have set yourself up to fail and I just have to watch it happen.” “You are a three time loser!” Brooke “If anything, I feel sorry for you.” Macy “You are envious of me.” “I have what you want and you will never have it!” “Thorne and I have loved each other from the day we met.” “We have been through a lot together, all the ups and downs.” “It will take more than a cheap seduction attempt from you Brooke, to end what we have.” “He will tell you himself!” Macy tells Thorne to tell Brooke the truth. Thorne says, “We won’t have this conversation here, Macy.” Macy knows Brooke won’t stop until he tells her too. Thorne tells Macy she has a bigger problem then Brooke. Macy feels Brooke is her problem. Thorne “Brooke can’t ruin your life, only drinking can.” Macy “I won’t do it again.” “I won’t give her the satisfaction.” “She is trying to break us apart.” “I can’t take it any more!” Thorne “I know you can’t” (Thorne holds Macy.) Macy “Tell her to back off.” “You are the only one she will listen to.” “Tell her to stay away from me and from you!” (As Thorne holds Macy he looks at Brooke.)


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