The Bold & The Beautiful Thursday May 25, 2000

B&B Update Thursday 5/25/00  

By Stephanie

Brooke’s Office

Brooke “Macy, what are you doing here?” Macy “I came for my husband.” Brooke “He is not here.” Macy “I thought he had a meeting to go to.” Brooke “He missed it.” Macy “He never showed?” Brooke “He went home.” “He wanted to talk to you.” Macy “He probably wants to finish what we started.” Brooke “What was that?” Macy “Making a baby.” “We were just about to get started, but then you needed him here.” “Was the meeting in the steam room?” “I am going home to make love to my husband!” Brooke “He is not there to make love to you, Macy.” “He is there to tell you it’s over.” “He wants out of the marriage.” Macy “Thorne would never leave me” (She walks up to Brooke, face to face.) “You are nothing but a sick, obsessed woman, who knows nothing about love and commitment.” Brooke “Macy, have you been drinking?”

Thorne’s House

Thorne is alone, wondering where Macy is.  Sally arrives. Thorne is surprised to see her. Sally says she is there to see Macy. Thorne tells her, she isn’t here. Thorne asks why she came? Sally “I came because I am concerned about my daughter.” Thorne “Why?” Sally “Well, that is a strange question, considering everything that has been going on around here.” “All this business about you being engaged to Brooke, before you married Macy.” “Why didn’t you tell me?” Thorne “It was none of your business!” Sally “Fine, but you do realize that Macy might be tempted to drink.” Thorne “Yeah.” Sally “So, you have no idea where she is?” Thorne “Listen…” Sally “Macy is depending on you.” “She is relying on you for support.” Thorne “She can’t depend on me for her sobriety.” Sally “She loves you.” “When you are married you have to stand by each other.” “For better or for wore, remember?” Thorne just stares at Sally.  Sally “What?” “Why are you looking at me like that?” Thorne “We had better talk.”

Becky’s Apartment

Becky is holding the baby. Amber offers her a smoothie.  Becky asks if she has to drink it? Amber tells her it will make her feel better. (There is a knock at the door.) Becky (to little Eric) “I bet that’s your new daddy.” (Becky opens the door, CJ is there.) CJ comes in, says hello to Amber and kisses Becky on the cheek. CJ tells Becky they need to work on the list for the wedding. Becky says she has some news, before they get started. CJ “What is it?” Becky “I talked to your mom and dad.” “Your dad isn’t going to try to prevent us from getting married.” “We have their blessing.” CJ “Are you serious?” Becky nods and smiles at CJ (CJ holds her.) CJ “I love you so much.”

Credits Roll

Thorne’s House

Thorne tells Sally he is going to make things better for Macy. Sally is relieved to hear it, she tells Thorne that a marriage has to be protected. If you don’t protect it, you will lose it, she says. Sally says often in a marriage weeks will go by, you get caught up in work and things. Sally says Macy needs to be told that he loves her. Thorne says he will talk to Macy but will do it in private. Sally says that’s fine but if anything happens that causes Macy to drink, she will hold him personally responsible! Thorne doesn’t understand why, after all this time Macy suddenly needs a drink. Sally says she is vulnerable and needs his support, especially with Brooke around. Thorne says Brooke has always been around and Macy never had a problem. He doesn’t think that this has anything to do with Brooke. Thorne says Macy was always strong, until they got married. Now she is depending on me, he says. Sally says Macy is relying on him during this difficult period. “She has a husband who will support her, right?” (Phone rings.) Thorne “Hello.” Brooke “Hi, it’s me, Macy is here.” “You had better get over here, right away.” Thorne “My god.” Brooke “There is something you need to know.” Thorne “I can’t talk right now.” “I am on my way.” (He hangs up.) Sally “Who was that?” Thorne “It was work, I have to go.” Sally “Work?” Thorne “Stay out of it.” (He leaves.) Sally is left alone looking concerned,

Brooke’s Office

Brooke asks Macy why she drank? Macy tells her to stop being so self-righteous. Macy says it is Brooke’s fault she is drinking again. Brooke says things shouldn’t have “come to this.” Macy tells her to stay away from her and Thorne and then things will be fine! Macy heads for the door to leave; Brooke grabs her arm and tells her she won’t allow her to drive in this condition. Brooke tells her if she tries to leave, she will call security and have her restrained. Macy is furious.

Later, Brooke is on the phone, Macy is looking for a drink. She pulls the bottle out of her purse and goes to take a drink. Brooke turns around and sees Macy; she grabs the bottle out of Macy’s hand and dumps the contents in the garbage pail. Macy tries to grab it saying “Give it to me.” Brooke “You want it, take it.” Macy grabs the bottle and drinks the last few sips. Macy “I hate you!” “I hate you.” Macy tells Brooke she has a lot of nerve, interfering in her marriage and in her life! Brooke offers her a coffee. Macy refuses and says she is going home, she wants to see Throne. Brooke says he isn’t there he is on his way to the office. Macy is angry with Brooke and accuses her of planning this so Thorne will see her in this state! Macy tells her to get her a coffee, now! Brooke (Clearly shaken) opens the office door to leave and Thorne is standing there. Macy doesn’t see Thorne at first; she has her back to the door. Thorne walks up to her and says “Good God, Macy!” “Have you been drinking?” (Macy is crying.) (He holds her as she cries, leaving Brooke alone.)

Becky’s Apartment

CJ can’t believe his dad agreed to the marriage. Becky says he won’t try to stop them, if this is what they want. CJ tells her she is amazing. (CJ and Amber exchange looks.) Becky says they have to work on the list. Becky wants to call the florist, but Amber says she already did. Becky is surprised. Amber explains she did it earlier, while Becky was asleep. Becky says they still need a cake and a chapel. Amber says she took care of everything. Becky is upset and wonders why Amber did that? Amber says she (Becky) needs her rest. Becky asks why Amber wants her to rest all the time? She asks what’s going on? CJ says Amber was just trying to help, after all the wedding is next week. Becky says she is not an invalid, and she will see a doctor, since she doesn’t want to be sick for her own wedding. CJ says she won’t be sick for the wedding. Amber agrees and says she will be the prettiest bride ever. Becky apologizes for being “snippy” with Amber. CJ says there is one thing she needs to do. He thinks she should call her mom and dad and tell them about the wedding. Amber doesn’t think it is a good idea. CJ “I think she should invite them, they are her parents.”

Becky isn’t sure about calling her parents. CJ asks why not, it is her wedding; doesn’t she want them there? Becky doesn’t think they would approve. Amber says CJ is right, they should be there. CJ “I think they would approve.” Becky “It means that much to you?” CJ “Yes, it does.” “Eventually it will mean a lot to them too.” Becky “OK”, she calls her mother. Tilly (Becky’s mother answers the phone.) She is surprised to hear from Becky. Becky asks if her father is there? Tilly says he is. Becky says she has someone there who would like to talk to them.  Becky asks to be put on the speakerphone. CJ introduces himself as Becky’s boyfriend, and then says he is actually more then that, they are getting married. Tilly and Joe are shocked at the news. Tilly asks if Becky is pregnant? Becky says no. Amber says CJ is a great guy; he is in college and has a bright future. Tilly asks why they can’t wait until he finishes college? Amber says they are doing the right thing. Becky asks them to come to LA. Joe says they will come but it won’t be for any wedding. He tells them they (CJ and Becky) had better not do anything until they arrive. CJ promises they won’t. They hang up. Becky is very upset. CJ tells her it will be all right, he tells her not to worry. Becky says they will try to stop us. CJ promises her that won’t happen. (He holds her as she cries.)


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