The Bold & The Beautiful Tuesday May 23 2000

B&B Update Tuesday 5/23/00  

By Stephanie

Brooke’s Office

Rick wants Thorne to tell him that he is not in love with Brooke. Rick knows he can’t. Rick “So why the hell are you married to someone else?” Thorne tells him it is complicated. Rick says he is married to Macy, when he is really in love with Brooke. He says it isn’t complicated, it’s stupid. Thorne feels Rick has no idea what is going on. Rick says he knows everything; Thorne is leaving his mother in limbo out of his feeling of obligation to Macy. Rick asks about Thorne’s obligation to Brooke? Rick wonders if his mother will have to develop an addition before Thorne will pay attention to her!

Macy & Thorne’s House

Kimberly tells Macy she is scaring her, the way she is staring at the bottle. Macy tells Kimberly to go home, to leave her alone. Kimberly refuses telling Macy she doesn’t need a drink. Macy says having a drink will help her. Kimberly tells her it won’t not at all! Macy says it doesn’t matter anyway. Thorne doesn’t trust her and he is afraid to leave her in case she starts drinking. Kimberly says Thorne is with her because he loves her. Macy says “Thorne proposed to Brooke, he thought she cheated on him, so he proposed to me.” “Now he can’t leave me because of this (the bottle.)” “That’s why he is married to me.” (Macy slowly opens the bottle of vodka.)

Spectra Fashions

Becky steps off the elevator and goes to Sally’s office.  She stops outside when she hears Sally and Clarke talking.  Clarke “That is no reason for them to get married.” Sally “For CJ it is.” Clarke “Well, CJ is not thinking straight.” (Becky opens the door.) Becky “The door was open.” Sally “Hello Becky, come on in.” Becky “I heard everything you said.” (She turns to Clarke and says) “You are opposed to me marrying CJ, aren’t you?”

Credits Roll

Macy and Thorne’s House

Kimberly tells Macy she won’t let her have that drink. Macy says no one can stop her. Kimberly agrees and tells Macy, only she (Macy) can stop herself from having that first drink. Macy says she doesn’t want to stop herself. Kimberly tells her, this isn’t about Brooke or Thorne, this is about Macy. Kimberly doesn’t want Macy to take that drink. Macy just wants to numb the pain. Kimberly tells her it won’t work, it will make it worse! Kimberly says if she takes that drink, then Brooke will have won, is that what Macy wants? Macy says Brooke has already won. Kimberly says, “Thorne loves you, he isn’t going to leave you.” (Macy opens the bottle and goes to take a drink.) Kimberly tells her to think of Roberta. Macy is her sponsor; Roberta wouldn’t want her to take that drink. Kimberly tells Macy to be strong, for herself, Roberta and Thorne! Kimberly knows Macy is feeling vulnerable but she doesn’t need to be. Kimberly tells her to get some rest and when she wakes up she will feel better. (Macy puts the lid back on the bottle) Macy gives the bottle to Kimberly. Kimberly says, “I will get rid of this poison.” (Kimberly hugs Macy as she cries.) Kimberly gets ready to leave and tells Macy she can call her if she wants to.

Kimberly leaves; Macy is left alone, looking very sad and worried.

Brooke’s Office

Thorne tells Rick he is not happy with this situation. Rick wants him to do something about it. Thorne says he is married to Macy; he made a commitment to her. Rick says this is all about something that Ridge did in Venice, a trick of some kind. Rick asks Thorne what happened? Thorne refuses to tell him. Rick says he used to look up to Thorne, as someone who did what he wanted, and didn’t take crap from anyone! Rick tells him he is trapped in a marriage that he doesn’t want because he is afraid if he leaves Macy she will start drinking. Rick tells Thorne that it won’t work; all it will do is drive Macy to drink. Macy knows Thorne is only with her because of her problem, not because he loves her! Rick tells Thorne he can’t protect Macy. Rick knows Thorne loves Brooke. Rick wonders if Thorne realizes how wrong it is to be married to someone and be in love with someone else? He asks Thorne what will happen if Macy wants kids? Is Thorne going to bring kids into this mess? It will be a disaster and he (Rick) is living proof of that! Thorne is angry and tells Rick to stay out of it, it is none of his business! Rick says it is his business; he will fight for his mother! Rick demands that Thorne promise him he will tell Macy the truth, and he will leave her for Brooke! Thorne says this is none of his business and wants him to stay out of his life. Rick says he is fighting for his mother. Thorne says he will talk to Brooke. Rick says she needs action not words! Thorne feels Brooke will be fine. Rick says that is what Ridge used to say. Thorne doesn’t want to be compared to Ridge! Rick wonders why not, since they both used Brooke and then dumped her. Thorne says that isn’t true. Rick says not any more it isn’t, because you are going back to Macy and telling her the truth, he yells. Thorne “Who the hell do you think you are?” Rick “I am the son of the woman you love!” “But the more I look at you, the more you disgust me.” “This whole thing disgusts me.” (Rick goes for Thorne, Thorne shoves him away.) Brooke comes in “What is going on?” “Rick, what are you doing?” “What is happening to you?” Rick says Thorne is happening to him, to us. Brooke asks if they were talking about Macy? Rick says they were. Brooke wants to talk about this in private. Rick won’t agree to it. Rick tells her she is a smart, beautiful woman and any man would be lucky to have her. Brooke told him that she had met a man and that man was Thorne. Thorne was someone he looked up to and respected. But now, that same man, who loves you, is staying with a woman he doesn’t love out of some kind of obligation.  Rick asks Thorne if he is crazy? He doesn’t understand why Thorne would give up someone he loves to stay with someone he doesn’t love? Brooke tells Rick she appreciates his support. Rick tells Thorne that staying with Macy out of pity instead of being with Brooke is just stupid. He tells Thorne he doesn’t deserve Brooke. Brooke asks Rick not to do this; they have all been through so much. Rick says he just doesn’t understand, they were so close, they were in love, engaged and then they just let it go. He tells Thorne that this is killing his mother, and it has to stop. Thorne asks Rick to leave him alone with Brooke to talk. Rick refuses to leave. Thorne asks him again, Rick tells him he meant every word he said. Thorne knows he did. (Rick leaves.)

Thorne tells Brooke that Rick is right; he wonders what he has done to them? He didn’t want to let himself see it but now he does. He will leave Macy, he loves Brooke. Brooke can’t believe it; she asks him if he is serious? He says, “I am yours.” “You will never be without me again.” (Brooke is thrilled, she kisses Thorne and then holds him.)

Spectra Fashions (Sally’s Office)

Becky tells Clarke it is ok, she knows they are too young.  She tells him she will wait for CJ, since they have their whole lives. She asks Clarke for a date for when he would like CJ to marry her. Clarke (who is close to tears), says “The rest of your lives…” “I won’t ask you to wait.” Becky “I thought…” Clarke “I have changed my mind.” “If you want to go ahead and get married now, I won’t stand in your way.” Becky “Oh, thank you Mr. Garrison.” (She hugs him.) (Clarke and Sally both look as though they will start crying.)

Later, Kimberly comes into Sally’s office. Sally asks her what is wrong? Kimberly pulls the bottle out of her bag and says to Sally “This is what is wrong” “Macy was going to have a drink.” Sally “Why?” Kimberly “Macy is scared, scared she will lose Thorne.” “She is scared she will lose her marriage.” Sally is shocked.

Liquor Store

Macy is outside the store, looking in the window. She goes inside. She tells the clerk, she wants a 1/5th of Vodka, and she doesn’t care what kind. She takes the bottle, pays for it, and puts it in her purse.



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