The Bold & The Beautiful Monday May 22, 2000

B&B Update Monday 5/22/00  

by Stephanie  

Macy & Thorne’s House

Macy and Thorne are in bed. Thorne is asleep.  Macy is thinking about her conversation with Brooke in which Brooke told her Thorne was only staying out of a sense of duty and because he was worried she would start drinking again if he left.  Thorne is dreaming about being with Brooke in the steam room, kissing her. 

Macy is kissing Thorne, waking him up. Thorne tells her he has to get to work. She wants him to stay, she thinks it is time they had a family.

Brooke’s Office

Rick tells Brooke they need to talk. Brooke has a meeting to get to. Rick says he knows Brooke thinks she has a future with Thorne, but Rick doesn’t see it happening. Rick says he knows Brooke loves Thorne but Kimberly and Macy believe the relationship was not based on love at all!

Morgan’s Home

Taylor can’t believe what Morgan is asking of her, to allow Ridge to father her child? Taylor says it is too much and it is out of the question.

Credits Roll

Brooke’s Office

Brooke says Thorne’s marriage was a mistake. Rick tells her what Kimberly and Macy think, that Thorne’s relationship with Brooke was based on sex and nothing else. Rick wants Brooke to talk to Thorne, since she believes he is only staying with Macy out of duty. Rick feels Thorne needs to make a decision, he feels for Macy but Thorne can’t leave Brooke in limbo. Brooke says the situation is complicated. Rick says Thorne needs to talk to Macy, their marriage isn’t going to last and he needs to do something! (Brooke leaves for her meeting.)

Thorne’s Home

Thorne is surprised Macy would want a family. He wonders if it is because she is reacting to the Brooke “situation”? Macy assures him that is not it at all. Thorne wonders if she is feeling insecure? She is surprised that since she wants to make love with her husband that he would think that makes her insecure.  He suddenly notices the clock says 9 30, he says he set it for 6 am. Macy says she turned it off. He says he has a meeting to get too.
Later, Thorne is getting ready to go, he is packing up all the liquor in the house and putting it in a box. Macy asks him why he is packing it all away? He says he doesn’t want it around her. He wants to protect her.  She feels he is treating her like a child. Liquor is all around her.  If she goes to the grocery store liquor is there. Thorne says he just wants to help her.  He picks up the box, says he will call her later and leaves, bumping into Kimberly on the way out. Kimberly notices Thorne leaving late and assumes he and Macy had a nice morning.

Kimberly asks Macy what’s wrong? Macy says Thorne packed up all the liquor and went flying out of here to the office. Kimberly says Thorne loves her and wants to help her. Macy wonders if Brooke is right, Thorne is only staying with her out of obligation. Kimberly says Thorne loves her. (Macy finds a bottle that Thorne forgot). Macy just stares at the bottle. Kimberly says Macy is scaring her, the way she is staring at the bottle! 

Morgan’s Home

Morgan asks Taylor if this upsets her? Taylor says no, but she is surprised as she only just learned Morgan wanted a child not that long ago. And now she wants Ridge to be the father! Morgan assures her that Ridge would not be a father, they could sign papers and she would be a single parent.  She would even leave LA to start a new life with that hole in her filled, because of the child. Morgan asks Taylor as her friend to do this for her, let Ridge give her that child! Taylor asks Morgan not to put her in this position. Morgan assures Taylor she is not after Ridge. She knows Ridge is happy in his marriage to Taylor and won’t do anything to disrupt it. Morgan asks Taylor what she is afraid of? Taylor says Ridge will never go for it, and she isn’t afraid of anything. Morgan asks Taylor if she will think about it? Taylor agrees to think about it. Morgan hugs Taylor, thanking her and telling her how happy she will be.

Brooke’s Office

Thorne comes in, apologizing to Brooke for being late. Rick is there, he tells Thorne that Brooke is in the boardroom, conducting the meeting, covering for him as usual. Thorne asks what he is talking about? Rick says he and Kimberly have been talking about this situation with Macy and Brooke and him. Rick says he knows what Thorne is doing and it will stop now! Rick wants Thorne to tell him that he is not in love with Brooke. Rick knows Thorne can’t do it!


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