The Bold & The Beautiful Friday May 19, 2000

B&B Update Friday 5/19/00  

By Stephanie

CJ argues with his father about marrying Becky and tries to convince him that he wants to make Becky as happy as she can be during her final days.  Clarke brings him down to earth by asking CJ how Becky will feel after she finds out that she’s dying and will now leave a husband as well as a son.  He assures CJ that he wants what’s best for him.   Amber is brought to tears when she sees Becky wearing the wedding dress she used to marry Rick.  After Amber leaves, Becky suffers another terrible stomach pain just as CJ arrives.  She covers for her pain and explains to CJ that Amber gave her her wedding dress t use.  CJ explains there is something he must tell her, even though he doesn’t want to.  CJ informs Becky that his father doesn’t approve of their wedding plans.  CJ wants to marry her right away, but there is something he has to do first.  He gives her a beautiful ring with an eternity diamond.  He tells Becky that their love will last forever and he wants forever to start now.  They kiss. Taylor explains to Morgan that she will do anything she can to help her have a baby as long as she’s aware of all that motherhood entails. Morgan asks Taylor to allow Ridge to father her child.

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