The Bold & The Beautiful Thursday May 18, 2000

B&B Update Thursday 5/18/00  

By Stephanie

Amber’s Apartment

Amber is making a smoothie for Becky, puts her medication inside it. Becky comes out of the bedroom and Amber asks if she slept well? Becky replies she was too excited to sleep. She was going over CJ’s proposal in her mind. Amber offers her the drink, she says her stomach is upset and she doesn’t want it. Amber says the drink will make her feel better. Becky says she has so many things to think about for the wedding, a dress, flowers, etc. Amber tells her not to worry about it. Becky says she wants to get feeling better, she doesn’t’ want to be sick for her own wedding. Amber tells her that she has the day off and can go back to bed, get some rest and get feeling better. Becky agrees, and heads off for bed again.

CJ arrives. He asks Amber how Becky is doing? Amber is in tears and holds CJ.

Stephanie’s Office (Forester Creations)

Stephanie feels badly for CJ, he wants desperately to marry Becky; she hopes they will have time to be together. Taylor arrives. She notices the worried look on Stephanie’s face. Taylor asks about it? Stephanie says it is nothing. Taylor says she knows about the secret Stephanie has kept all these years. She knows about the abortion, Ridge and Morgan told her everything!

Sally’s Office (Spectra Fashions)

Sally tells Clarke the whole thing is heartbreaking, Becky is dying, and CJ loves her so much. He wanted to tell her the truth himself. Clarke is sure it was difficult for CJ. Sally says it was very difficult, in fact it was so difficult, he couldn’t do it. Clarke is surprised to hear that CJ didn’t tell Becky the truth. Sally says CJ asked Becky to marry him.

Credits Roll

Amber’s Apartment

CJ asks where Becky is? Amber says she is lying down. She didn’t sleep well last night because she was too excited. CJ says he wants to make the days they have together as special as possible. The ones leading up to the wedding are going to be amazing. Amber asks CJ if he can really do this? CJ says he can, he really wants this. He still can’t believe she is dying. He tried to tell her but he couldn’t. Amber says she understands that was why she kept it a secret, so she could enjoy this time that she has. Amber says Becky will be very happy being CJ’s wife. CJ can’t get over the fact, that Becky will be “his wife.” Amber knows he really loves her. CJ says more than she could ever imagine. He wants to spend as much time as he can with her, every minute of every day until the end. Amber says he should try and not think about that. He has trouble not thinking about “the end.” Amber says she wants to show him something.  She goes and gets a clothes bag. She opens it, it contains a wedding dress. She says it was Mrs. Foresters and now she wants to give it to Becky. CJ says it is the last reminder she has of her wedding to Rick, is she sure she wants to give it away? Amber says it is an heirloom and should be passed on. Amber says Becky will feel and look like a princess when she walks down that aisle.  She will forget about any pain she might be in when she sees CJ waiting for her, her prince. CJ’s cell phone rings. He talks to someone for a few minutes. He hangs up and tells Amber it was his dad; he wants him to come into the office. He says to tell Becky he will call her later. Amber says she will. CJ thanks her for everything. He gives her a hug and leaves.

Later, Becky gets up and says she thought she heard CJ earlier. Amber says he stopped by but he had to go to the office. Becky notices the clothes bag and asks Amber what it is? Amber says it is an early wedding present. Becky opens the bag and sees the dress.  She recognizes it and tells Amber she can’t take it. It was Amber’s. She has seen the photos.  Amber says she wants her to have it.

Sally’s Office (Spectra Fashions)

Clarke can’t believe CJ proposed to Becky. Sally says he did and she accepted. Clarke says CJ is 19 years old and not ready to be married. Sally says she knows that but it seemed so important to him. Clarke says marrying Becky won’t make her well. Sally says CJ knows that but he wants to make her life as fulfilled as possible.

Later, Sally tells Clarke that CJ wants to give Becky everything before she dies.  He doesn’t want to deny her anything. Clarke says he doesn’t want to deny Becky anything either, but marrying CJ is out of the question! (CJ comes in.) (Clarke has his back to the door.)
Clarke “CJ is not marrying Becky and that is final!” CJ “Oh yes, I am.”

Clarke turns around to see CJ standing in the door Clarke “Oh, no you are not!”

Stephanie’s Office (Forester Creations)

Stephanie and Taylor talk about Morgan. Taylor can’t believe that Stephanie would have given that kind of advise to a young, impressionable young woman. To have an abortion! Stephanie defends herself, saying Morgan came to her for advice and she gave it to her. Taylor accuses her of telling Morgan that Ridge didn’t want a child. Stephanie says Ridge was a playboy; all he did was “chase skirts.”  Ridge was infatuated with Morgan. She was after him, she insinuated herself into his life and is trying to do it again now! Taylor says she won’t be able to. Morgan has told her the truth about the abortion. Stephanie doesn’t believe everything is out in the open yet. Taylor says she is the one that hasn’t been upfront about everything. Stephanie says Taylor only knows the sob story Morgan has given her. Taylor says when Stephanie is ready to talk to her about everything, she will talk to her, but until then this conversation is over. She is ready to walk out. Stephanie asks her to wait; she doesn’t want this situation with Morgan to come between them. Taylor says it already has, she has been put in the middle, thanks to her (Stephanie). She says she has to go and take care of Morgan. She walks out.

Morgan’s Beach House

Morgan is looking at a picture of Taylor, Ridge and Thomas. Taylor arrives and asks Morgan how she is doing? Morgan says she is ok. She is sorry about last night, running out of the clinic. She says she thought she had it all under control, she is usually so strong. Taylor understands it brought back painful memories for her. Having a child by artificial insemination is a major decision. Morgan says it was the idea of having a child with a stranger that got to her the most. Morgan thanks Taylor for supporting her in all of this. Taylor says she told her she would be there for her and she will! (Taylor hugs Morgan.)

Stephanie’s Office (Forester Creations)
Stephanie “Taylor, please be careful.” “I don’t trust Morgan.” “Don’t make the mistake of trusting her.”



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