The Bold & The Beautiful Wednesday May 17, 2000

B&B Update Wednesday 5/17/00  

By Stephanie

Amber’s Apartment

Amber is hugging Becky and telling her she is sorry. Becky asks what she is sorry for? (CJ shakes his head no, at Amber.) Amber “You didn’t tell her?” Becky “Tell me what?” CJ “You were so upset, she thought we had broken up.” Becky “Just the opposite.” Amber “What do you mean?” Becky “CJ and I are getting married.” Sally “Married?” Becky “Yes, Ms. Spectra.” Becky “I am so happy.” Becky throws her arms around CJ. (CJ and Sally exchange looks.) Becky says it was all so sudden. It was the last thing she expected. Sally asks if CJ really proposed to Becky? Becky says he did. Sally asks if CJ will speak with her in private? Becky offers the use of her room. (Sally and CJ leave for Becky’s room to talk.)

Becky sees Little Eric in Stephanie’s arms and takes him.  She says she has missed him so much. (Amber and Stephanie exchange confused looks.)

Becky’s Room

Sally asks CJ what he is doing? He wanted to be alone with Becky to tell her the truth about her condition. CJ says he couldn’t do it. How could he look into her eyes and tell her she is dying? Sally holds CJ

Credits Roll

Becky’s Bed Room

Sally says she understands how difficult this is for him, but they are all there now and can help him tell her the truth. CJ says he loves Becky so much, he doesn’t understand why this is happening. Sally says he must tell her; she needs time to adjust and prepare. CJ says he can’t not yet. Sally says it is time. CJ says he wants Becky to have the wedding; it is something he can give her. It will make her happy. Sally says it won’t make Becky happy, because it won’t last. CJ says he needs to give her something to show her how much he loves her. Sally says he has given her so much, and pretending it isn’t happening won’t help her. CJ says it’s not enough. Sally asks what would be? CJ says he doesn’t know. Sally says he would always feel like they hadn’t had enough time, no matter what he did, because they don’t. CJ says he will tell her after the wedding. Sally says he must think of Becky. He says he is. Sally says she must have time to prepare, to digest what is happening to her, to make arrangements for her son. She says nothing will change that, nothing!

Becky’s Living Room

Becky thanks Amber for taking such good care of Little Eric while she was gone. Amber says she doesn’t need to worry about that. Amber says this is all such a surprise. Stephanie asked how it happened? Becky explains they were talking, he was saying such beautiful things, talking about the future, looking out for little Eric.  How the three of them would be a family. All of a sudden he proposed to me. I couldn’t believe it. Especially since we are so young. Stephanie says CJ loves her very much, but it does seem impulsive. Becky says it is what CJ wants. Amber asks if it is what Becky wants? Becky says it is. She knows they are young. Amber says they will make it happen. Amber says she is going to see how Sally and CJ are getting along. Stephanie goes with her.

Becky’s Bedroom

Stephanie and Amber go in. Amber asks what’s going on? CJ says Sally thinks they should tell Becky the truth. Amber says they can’t. Sally says she knows that Amber and CJ love Becky but they can’t postpone it indefinitely. She is running out of time.  CJ says he will tell her after the wedding. Sally says first it will be the wedding, then the honeymoon.  Amber says they did the same thing with her party. Stephanie says it isn’t fair to Becky. CJ says there is nothing fair about this. They are supposed to have anniversaries and birthdays together, and they won’t. He asks them not to take this away from them. Amber doesn’t think a few more weeks will matter. Stephanie says it will not just for Becky but for Amber and CJ too. She says these are marriage vows not just words. CJ says they would never be just words. He loves Becky and couldn’t live with himself, if he knew there was something that would have made her last few days on earth a little happier and he hadn’t done it. He asks them if they could live with themselves knowing that? He asks them to help him.

Becky’s Living Room

Becky is sitting on the couch, clearly in pain. Sally, Stephanie, Amber and CJ come back. CJ tells Becky everything is all right; his mother is ok with it. Sally says if this is what they want, they have her permission.  Becky says no, they can’t do it. She doesn’t want to marry him if it upsets his mother. CJ says she isn’t upset. Becky says she wants her blessing. CJ asks his mother for it, please. Sally says she has her blessing. Becky is thrilled. She hugs Sally.  Sally says, “I can’t imagine a more lovely young woman to be my son’s wife.” Becky hugs CJ “I guess it means we are getting married.” CJ “We sure are.” “I love you so much.” (Becky hugs CJ, CJ and Sally exchange looks.)

Doctor’s Office

Ridge tells Taylor he thinks the whole place is…  Taylor “Sterile?” Ridge, says yes, that’s it, sterile. Taylor says it is much like the one Morgan would have had her abortion in. Ridge thinks it is no surprise that Morgan freaked out before. Morgan comes in and says her ears were burning. Taylor says they were talking about her, wondering how she was feeling about all of this? Morgan says she is ok. The Doctor comes in and asks if she is ready? Morgan doesn’t look confident. The Doctor discusses the procedure with Morgan, tells her exactly what will happen. Morgan says it’s not very romantic. The Doctor says he knows but the end result is a child. He says there is a 15% success rate each time, to a maximum of 6 times. Morgan says she can’t go through this 6 times.  The doctor hopes she won’t have to. They get ready to start the procedure. Ridge is ready to leave, Morgan asks him to stay, reluctantly he agrees. The Doctor tells Morgan to relax as the procedure begins. Taylor tries to get her to visualize lying on the beach chair with a baby looking up at her. Morgan can’t do it; she can’t relax and runs from the office saying she is sorry. Taylor chases after her.



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