The Bold & The Beautiful Monday May 15, 2000

B&B Update Monday 5/15/00  

by Stephanie  

Amber’s Apartment

Becky asks CJ if everything is all right? He tells her she is beautiful and he doesn’t want to forget how she looks right now. She says he is sweet but she really wants to see little Eric. She wants to go after Amber and catch her on her walk with the baby. CJ asks her to wait.

Becky “You are not ready to let me go?” CJ “That’s right (He holds her.) Becky thanks him for a wonderful time in Santa Barbara. He says there are so many places he wants to show her. She teases him about quitting school and she would quit work and they would go around the world.  He says he would do it. She says she was just teasing.  She thinks about her life a year ago, all alone, and now she has a beautiful baby, a good job and most of all him.  She wonders what her life will be like a year from now? CJ looks devastated.

Ridge’s Office

Taylor and Ridge are talking about Morgan. Taylor says she called Stephanie but Stephanie was anxious to get off the phone.  Ridge thinks it is because Stephanie is ashamed of what she did to Morgan and that is why she doesn’t want to talk to Taylor. Taylor feels Stephanie didn’t kidnap Morgan and drag her to the clinic. Ridge says she may as well have, she should have realized how fragile Morgan was. Taylor asks Ridge what would have happened if he had known about the baby? Ridge says he might have married her, his life would have been different and so would Morgan’s. Taylor can’t imagine Ridge having a son that would be grown by now. She says he would not have been a playboy when they met, he would have been a father.  (Morgan overhears him say he might have married her.) Taylor asks if he feels responsible? He says he does a little, things would have been so different for Morgan, and she would not have had all those breakdowns.  Taylor says he can’t change the past.  Ridge says maybe not but he would like to be there for her now.

Stephanie’s House

Amber wants to be with Becky when CJ tells her the truth about her illness. Stephanie feels it is best if Becky and CJ have this time alone. Eric thinks it was brave of CJ to tell her himself. Sally doesn’t know how he will get through it.  How will he tell the girl he loves that she is dying?

Credits Roll

Ridge’s Office

Taylor says she is glad he wants to help her (Morgan) and she agrees to help her too. Taylor feels that Morgan is looking at this child as someone to help her, but it will have needs of it’s own.  She thinks this all got stirred up in Paris, when Morgan told him the truth.  Ridge thinks she wants to redeem herself. Taylor agrees but thinks she is also trying to create the past, but she wonders which part.  She is trying to recapture something. (Morgan knocks on the door and apologizes for interrupting.) Morgan offers to come back later, but Ridge says that isn’t necessary. Taylor tells her they were just talking about her. Ridge told her she was going ahead with the procedure. Taylor doesn’t want her to regret her decision.  This child will help her heal.  Morgan says it isn’t having the child that will heal her; it is loving it that will heal her.  She says she is scared to death, of the procedure; it reminds her of what happened before.  It would mean a lot to her if they were there for her. Taylor and Ridge exchange looks and Taylor say she will be there for her.  (Morgan hugs Taylor.)

Stephanie’s House

Stephanie and Amber put the baby down for a nap.  Sally says Amber is showing courage, keeping this secret from Becky.  Eric says these have been the happiest few weeks of Becky’s life but she has to be told, now.

Amber’s Apartment

Becky is trying to make one of Amber’s smoothies, she says they really help her.   She goes to take a bottle out of the bag she bought at the drugstore, CJ offers to make it.  He takes the pills from his pocket and puts them into her smoothie.  He gives her the drink and she says as soon as she finishes it she is going to find Amber and the baby.  He apologizes for taking her away from him. She wonders if he is walking, if that was why he didn’t want her to see the baby.  He says no, that isn’t it, there is something he has to tell her.  She doubles over in pain. CJ holds her. CJ dials 911. After the pain subsides, she says she is fine, the doctor told Amber she was fine. She asks him to hang up the phone. (He agrees.) CJ takes her hand and tells her that he will always love her, no matter what happens, he doesn’t want her to shut him out of her life.  She asks him what’s wrong?

Becky tells CJ he is scaring her. He says he is sorry, he doesn’t mean too. He says he is going to take care of her. Becky says he shouldn’t worry, he is in school. He says he wants to take care of her and the baby. He promises to look after Eric, his entire life. Becky isn’t sure what he means by “his entire life.” She is afraid she is getting ahead of herself, making plans for them as a family. He swears it is true. She says she sees the two of them playing together, so cute, pictures the three of them as a family.  She apologizes for pressuring him.  He says he has thought about it too.  She has even imagined their wedding day, the Forresters would be there, his family, Little Eric would be the ring bearer, but it is way in the future, some day.  CJ doesn’t want this to end. She says it doesn’t have too. CJ “No, it doesn’t and I won’t let it.” “Listen to me, I love you so much.” “And I want to give you everything that I have.” (He gets down on one knee.) “Becky, will you marry me?” “Marry me.” (Becky looks shocked, and happy all at the same time.)

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