The Bold & The Beautiful Tuesday May 9, 2000

B&B Update Tuesday 5/9/00  

Bold and the Beautiful Update, Tuesday, May 9, 2000

Brooke’s Office

Brooke “If you have something to say, then just say it, but I will not tolerate this kind of behavior.”  Kimberly “You can’t tolerate my behavior?” “No, Brooke, I can’t tolerate yours.” Brooke “Keep your voice down, we are in a place of business.” Kimberly “Is that what you call what you were doing in the steam room, Brooke?” “Business!” (Brooke closes the office door).  Brooke “Who told you that?” Kimberly “I saw you so don’t bother telling me that nothing happened because it happened before.” Brooke “What are you talking about?” Kimberly “I know everything that happened in Venice, your plans to marry Thorne and the reason he broke it off.”  “Macy told me everything!” Brooke “Macy knows?” Kimberly “Yes, she does, and right now she is talking to Thorne and I can guarantee she will never let you near her husband again!”

Thorne’s Office

Thorne “We need to talk about this.” Macy “There is nothing more to talk about.”  “I have made up my mind.” Thorne “You are going to forget about Brooke, all of it?” Macy “Yes and so are you.” “I won’t waste one more moment of my life worrying about Brooke Logan.” “Brooke Logan is history!” Thorne “Your need to drink, is that history too?”

Becky and Amber’s Apartment

Amber is holding the baby “Poor little baby.” “It’s so unfair, what’s happening to your mommy.” “I wish you were old enough to understand.”  “One day your mommy will just be gone and you won’t understand why.” (Knock at the door).  Amber opens the door; Sally and Stephanie are there.  Stephanie “Hello Amber.” Amber “What are you guys doing here?” Sally “We need to talk to you.” Amber “Come in.”  Stephanie “Sally and I have been talking and we both agree that CJ and Becky have to be told what is going on and they need to be told tonight.”

Santa Barbara (CJ’s and Becky’s Hotel Suite)

Becky is on the patio, enjoying the view.  CJ presents her with a rose. He tells her she looks beautiful.  She says he can’t keep saying things like that because she will become full of herself.  He says that is impossible, she is the most modest, levelheaded, down to earth person he knows.  Becky “Down to earth?” “My feet haven’t touched the ground since we left LA.” “I swear this is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.” (Becky’s stomach is bothering her.) CJ “Are you ok?” Becky “Yes.” CJ “Are you sure because you were quiet during dinner and you hardly ate anything?” Becky “Maybe I am too happy to eat.”  “Ever since we started going out I have had butterflies in my stomach.” CJ “Ok.” Becky “I have never felt better in my life (He holds her).

Credits Roll

Brooke’s Office

Brooke says she understands Kimberly being concerned for her sister, but she and Thorne are adults and what goes on between them is private.  Kimberly says that nothing is going on between them and never will again.  Kimberly says all of that ended the day Macy and Thorne were married.  Brooke says she needs to learn some respect, and had no right to barge into her office.  Kimberly asks if Brooke will be throwing her out?  If she does, she will go straight to Macy and tell her what she did.  Brooke asks if that is a threat?  Kimberly says the only threat was Brooke, but that is over now since Macy knows everything and what she is dealing with.  Kimberly says Brooke is a woman with no integrity, no morals and no regard for Macy’s feelings or her marriage. Brooke says that is not true and she does not have a problem with Macy.  Kimberly says Macy has a problem with Brooke but says Brooke is finished because as soon as Macy is finished talking to Thorne he won’t want to have anything to do with her ever again! Kimberly storms out of the office slamming the door behind her.

Thorne’s Office

Macy says Thorne should not worry about her alcoholism; they have more important things to talk about.  Thorne asks what is more important than her sobriety? Macy says nothing but the real issue is her confidence in their marriage.  Thorne says she needs to take control of her alcoholism no matter what is going on in her life.  He says if she can’t, he needs to know.  He wants her to tell him what is going on, she needs to be honest with him.  Macy says things have been so difficult the past few weeks.  When they came home from Amsterdam, they were in love and newly married.  She was strong then, now it takes every ounce of strength not to take that first drink.  She says the more time he spent with Brooke, the worse it became.  Everyone told her she had nothing to worry about but Macy knows what Brooke is capable of.   Macy says she is an alcoholic and she can’t afford to have delusions of what she can handle.  She says she can’t live with these suspicions or these doubts, because it is poison for her and their marriage.  She says she is not going to allow Brooke to be part of their lives.  She says Eric, Stephanie, Ridge and Taylor may be able to deal with the treachery but she can’t! She says she can’t handle the idea of it! Thorne is surprised to hear all of this and is not sure what to say.  Macy says she knows he loves her and he supports her and if she didn’t have that, she doesn’t know what she would do.  (She hugs him).

Santa Barbara (CJ’s and Becky’s Hotel Room)

CJ says she doesn’t have to hide anything from him.  She insists she isn’t hiding anything. She says she is fine and is even better with him.  CJ says he knows she misses Little Eric.  Becky admits she is but Eric is fine with Amber and she is fine with him.  CJ asks her if she feels guilty for leaving Little Eric? Becky says a few months ago she would have but she is different now.  CJ asks her how she is different? Becky says she is not afraid to be happy, not afraid to enjoy all of this, getting away with him, spending time with him, it has been perfect, just like him.  CJ says he is far from perfect.  Becky says he is perfect for her.  She says no one has ever made her feel like this.  CJ says she can get used to it because there will be more times like this.  (They kiss).

Amber and Becky’s Apartment

Amber puts the baby in the playpen and says “You want me to tell CJ and Becky about the cancer?” Stephanie says they must when they come back from Santa Barbara.  Sally says she understands Amber keeping the secret out of her love for Becky but for both of their sakes, they must be told the truth.  Stephanie agrees they must be told.  Amber says she doesn’t know how to tell them? She says Becky is her best friend.  Stephanie says she understands.  Amber asks if she does really?

“Do you have any friends you have known all your life?” “Someone who was there when you had your first crush?” “Or saw your first movie?” “Becky has been there for as long as I can remember.”  “I have been thinking about this every day.” “I found this the other day (Pulls out a photo album and shows the pictures to Sally and Stephanie.) “Her whole life is in it.” “Her school pictures and birthday parties.” “She only kept the ones where she is smiling.”  “She didn’t have much to smile about growing up.” “That’s why the book is so thin.” “I know the girl growing up in every picture because I was there.” “But it ends here.”  “There will be no wedding picture.”  “She won’t have any more birthday parties.” “She won’t see little Eric growing up.” “The rest will be empty because Becky won’t be here to fill it.”  (Stephanie holds her as she cries,)

Brooke’s Office

Brooke with her back to the door as the door opens says, “Kimberly, I told you…(she turns around). Thorne!”

Thorne “Kimberly was here?” Brooke “She was and you won’t believe some of the thing she said.” (Thorne looks worried)

Brooke “What is it?” “What’s going on?” “Kimberly said you were talking to Macy.” Thorne “Macy did most of the talking.”
Brooke “What did she say?” Thorne tells Brooke that Macy knows everything about them in Venice, the proposal, dad’s plan, all of it.  Brooke wonders how she found out?  Thorne doesn’t know but he says he had every intention of telling her (Macy).  Thorne tells her that Macy knows he has feelings for her (Brooke).  She has suspected it for a while.  Brooke asks what happened, what’s going on? Thorne says Macy was so miserable she was tempted to drink.  Brooke can’t believe it.  Thorne says Macy couldn’t handle all the late nights he was spending with Brooke, all the special occasions he missed.  It was too much for her.  She was struggling with her alcoholism while he was spending time with Brooke.  Brooke says they were working, nothing else. Thorne says he didn’t want to see it; he wanted to believe Macy was strong enough to handle it on her own but she can’t.  Brooke says he has got to tell her the truth about their feelings for each other.  She says he can’t keep lying to Macy, it will only cause her pain, she must be told the truth and he must do it now! (She holds Thorne, he looks confused).

Amber and Becky’s Apartment

Sally is folding some of little Eric’s clothes, Stephanie is wiping the table and Amber is playing with Little Eric.  The phone rings.  Sally asks if Amber wants her to get it? Amber says it is probably Becky checking on Little Eric.  Stephanie asks her to put the call on the speakerphone.  Amber “Hello?” “Hey Amber, it’s CJ.’ “Listen, I am sorry to bother you so late but I wanted to let you know we would be in later tonight.” Amber “Did you have a good time?” CJ “Oh man, it has been so much fun, I can’t tell you.” “Becky’s stomach has been bothering her a little.” Amber “Really?” (Stephanie and Sally exchange looks). CJ “I think she should see a Doctor when we get back.”  Amber “Has been that bad?” CJ “I don’t think so but I just want to be sure she is ok and doesn’t give anything to the baby.” Amber “Did it ruin your trip?” CJ “No, nothing could have ruined this trip.” Amber “So what have you been doing?” CJ “Everything, walking on the beach, talking.” Amber “About what?” CJ “Everything and nothing.” “This morning we sat on the patio and watched the sun rise.”  “Neither of us said a word.” “We just sat there and held hands.” “It’s weird, but even when were not talking, we are talking.” “I can look at her and she knows exactly what I am feeling.” “I have never felt this comfortable with anyone in my entire life.” “It’s an amazing feeling.” Amber “It sure is.” “For the both of you.” CJ “When I am with her, I am a better person.” “It may be early to say this, but I can’t imagine my life without her.” Amber wipes tears from her eyes.  CJ “Hello…anyone there?” Amber “I have to go.” CJ “I guess I am getting kind of sappy.” Amber “No, it’s wonderful.” “It’s getting kind of late.” CJ “Ok, well see you later tonight.” (Hangs up)

Sally “Now you see why you can’t keep your secret any longer?” “He knows Becky isn’t well and wants her to see a Doctor.” “They have got to be told the truth tonight.” Amber “He said he couldn’t imagine his life without her.” Stephanie “It will be all right, it will.” Amber “No, it’s not!” “When they both know that Becky is dying, nothing will ever be ok again!”


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