The Bold & The Beautiful Monday May 8, 2000

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Bold and the Beautiful Monday, May 8, 2000 by Stephanie

  Forester Creations (Brooke’s Office)

  Brooke and Rick are talking.  Rick “You and Thorne?” “I don’t believe it.”  Brooke ‘Are you upset?” Rick “I am surprised.” “I never expected…” Brooke “Now you see why we kept it a secret.” Rick “You didn’t want Macy to find out?” Brooke “Not just Macy but you, Bridget, Stephanie, the whole family.” Rick “Do dad and Ridge know?” Brooke “They know.” Rick “How did they take it?” Brooke “Not well and that led up to the events in Venice.” Rick “Ridge followed you to Venice to put a stop to it.” Brooke “He didn’t put a stop to it, if anything, he made things more complicated.” Rick “Thorne married Macy because he thought you betrayed him.” “Ridge was involved.” “If he has hurt you…” Brooke “No, I am fine, really.” “Despite everything, Thorne still wants to be with me.” Rick ‘Are you sure he will leave Macy or are you just hoping?”

Thorne’s Office

Macy “What is it Thorne?” “What do you want to tell me?” Thorne “I am not sure where to begin.” Macy “It’s about Venice?” Thorne “Yes.” “Kimberly told me that you know everything that happened.” (Macy and Kimberly exchange glances).  “We can’t sweep this under the carpet.”  “Things have gone on long enough.” Macy “You are right, I have left too many things unsaid.” “So what is on your mind?” Thorne “I want to start by telling you how sorry I am about what you have been going through.” Macy “Kimberly, did you tell him?” Kimberly “If you want Thorne to be honest with you, then you must be honest with him.” “Thorne, not only has Macy been battling her insecurities, she has also been battling her alcoholism.”  “She has been miserable and tempted to drink.” Thorne “Macy, is this true?”  (Thorne looks shocked)

Stephanie and Eric’s Home

Stephanie and Sally are talking.  Sally “I am so worried about CJ.”  “Perhaps this is selfish, with everything your family has been through,”  Stephanie “No no, but I am worried about him also.” “How would he react?” Sally “He has never had to deal with anything like this before.” “He is not prepared.” Stephanie “No one ever is.” Sally “How will we tell them?” “There must be something we could do?” “I am relying on your wisdom and good judgment here.” “Tell me how can I help my boy, my son.”

Credits Roll

Brooke’s Office

Brooke says she understands Rick being skeptical about her feelings for Thorne, after Ridge and his father but there feelings are genuine.  Rick asks if she loves Thorne and she assures him that she does and Thorne loves her too.  Rick reminds her that he married Macy, not her.  Brooke says his marriage to Macy was a mistake, not that she blames Macy. Rick says Brooke has not accepted Thorne’s marriage to Macy.  Brooke says if she thought Thorne was happy with Macy, she would accept it, but she knows he isn’t happy.  Rick thinks she should forget about Thorne and move on with her life.   Brooke asks him if he and Kimberly could just forget their feelings for one another and move on?  Rick admits they couldn’t, but they tried.  Brooke says she and Thorne tried but their feelings were too strong.  She tells Rick that she did not pursue Thorne, he was her friend and then one day they realized they were in love.  The happiness, love, joy and respect she has craved was right in front of her, she almost lost it , but she is sure she can have it again with Thorne. 

Thorne’s Office

Thorne asks Macy if she has been drinking?  Macy says no, but when she is under pressure or feeling insecure, those demons for a drink come back.  Thorne wants to know why she didn’t tell him?  She says the past few weeks have been difficult that her insecurity was unfounded.  She says with him working all the time, she was alone, he was with Brooke! Thorne says he explained all this.  Kimberly says Macy doesn’t need his explanations, he needed him! Thorne asks for a few minutes alone and Macy agrees.  Kimberly leaves.

Forester House

Stephanie shows Sally the picture of CJ, Becky and baby Eric that Giovanni took.  Sally says the picture is lovely and shows how much CJ loves Becky.  They are getting closer all the time, he is being drawn in deeper and deeper and when he finds out, he will be devastated.  Sally wonders if they will be able to get through it? Stephanie asks if Sally doesn’t want them to be together? Sally assures her that she loves CJ and Becky being together and is glad they are happy.  She wonders, if there is some way to protect them from the sorrow and anguish? Stephanie says they can offer all of their prayers but really it is up to the two of them to get through it. Sally says, “If we can’t protect them from the sorrow and anguish then why have they kept Becky’s illness from them?” Stephanie asks Sally if she doesn’t agree with her and Amber making the decision to keep it from them? Sally says she does agree, and appreciates the time they have had together.  But CJ needs to be told, to have time to process it all.  Stephanie agrees and says she will speak to Amber.  Becky needs time to adjust and to make arrangements for the baby. 

Thorne’s Office

Thorne says he doesn’t know what else to say, except, I am sorry.  Macy says she doesn’t want an apology for her weakness.  Macy says she thought she could conquer her fears on her own.  Thorne asks if this is about Brooke? Macy says no, it is about herself.  She says she thought she had outgrown her jealousies and suspicions.  But when she began to suspect he was carrying on with Brooke, it became clear.  Thorne asks when this all began? Macy says it started when he missed dinner.  Thorne says then this has been going on for awhile now.  Macy says it has and it has been too long.  She says the past few weeks have been both wonderful and stressful.  Thorne asks if it would have been better if he had told her what happened in Venice? She says she had the right to know.  Thorne agrees she does.  Macy says she knows everything, she knows why he proposed to Brooke and why he broke it off.  Thorne wants to explain things but Macy says he doesn’t need too.  She has made a decision.  She says she has been pushed to the brink but for her sake and for his, it has to stop. She says she can’t take it any more.

Brooke’s Office

Rick asks if she is serious about Thorne? Brooke says she accepted his proposal and if he asked her again she would accept. Rick says maybe Throne will ask again.  If he does, Rick won’t stand in the way.  Brooke is relieved to hear it and thanks him for his support.  She says hopefully soon she and Thorne will be able to go public with their news.  She says she is sure it will happen.  (Rick leaves).

Thorne’s Office

Thorne asks her what she means by that? Macy says she let her fears get the best of her.  She began to doubt her feelings for him and she knows she loves him and knows he loves her.  She says she let go of that.  He asks if she let go of his love? She says she did but she spoke to her mother who reminded her that Thorne married her, made a commitment to her, for life.  She says he made her his wife.  Thorne says he needs to tell her the rest about him and Brooke.  Macy says she knows he has feelings for her but he doesn’t have to hide them from her.  She knows that Brooke brings out his lust and desire, and she flaunts her sexuality in front of him.  Thorne wonders where she is going with this? Macy says she isn’t going any where with it.  She is stopping it right now.  Thorne says they can’t ignore this with Brooke.  Macy says they won’t ignore it, they will face her obsession with Ridge and the family, how Brooke devastated Thorne but she won’t let her affect their marriage ever again.  She says she is going to forget about Brooke and so is he (Thorne is close to tears).

Brooke’s Office

Brooke is looking at her picture of her and Thorne that was taken in Venice.  Kimberly comes storming in.  Brooke “Kimberly, what are you doing?” Kimberly “No, Brooke, what are you doing?”  “Planning any more trips to the steam room?” Brooke “Excuse me?” Kimberly “No, I won’t excuse you.” “There is no excuse for what you have been doing.” Brooke “I have no idea what you are talking about.” Kimberly “Yes, you do.” “I am not going to let you get away with it.”  Brooke “I can see you are upset.” Kimberly “I am not upset, I am disgusted!” “To think, I looked up to you>” “I didn’t like what you were doing to Macy but I would have thought you would have enough integrity to stay out of their marriage.”  “You are nothing but a home wrecker.” Brooke “Oh look I am not going to allow you to come into my office and speak to me that way.” “Now, get out.”  Kimberly, “I won’t!” “I will speak to you any way I want.”  “You may be my boss but Macy is my sister and I will protect her!” “If you are thinking about taking her husband away from her, or if you are planning to make a another move on Thorne, then you will have to answer to me!” (Brooke does not look threatened in the least).


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