ATWT Update Thursday 9/16/10

As the World Turns Update Thursday 9/16/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Cabin) Janet groans in pain and Jack tells Carly they will need alcohol and some scissors to cut the umbilical chord. Cary thinks she has what they need in her bag, which is in the car, and Dusty is surprised that Carly carries alcohol and scissors in her bag. Jack goes to the car to get Carly’s bag and Carly suddenly feels nauseous and faint and goes outside to get some air. Jack returns and Carly tells him how she is feeling and he begs her not to faint right now. Carly tells Jack to go inside and help Janet because she will be fine and Jack talks to Dusty from the doorway of the cabin and tells him that he will have to deliver the baby.

(Java) Lucinda tells Luke she wishes she would have had a chance to know Reid and offers her sympathies on Luke’s loss. Lucinda offers to endow fellowship in memory of Reid and Luke says that Reid would hate the idea but he wants a fellowship in Reid’s name so that he will be remembered. Luke tells Lucinda that she and Reid were very similar and she tells Luke that he wouldn’t say that if he knew what she had done. Luke asks Lucinda what she has done now. Lucinda tells Luke about the reason Lucinda is mad at her and he tells her to go apologize to Lily now because life is to short to waste a minute of it. Lucinda leaves and Noah sits next to Luke and Luke tells him that Lucinda is fighting with Lily again. Luke tells Noah that he still can’t believe Reid is dead and he was so calm about the end of his life it was as if his life didn’t matter to him. Noah reminds Luke that Reid’s life was very important and in the end he saved a lot of lives by donating his organs. Noah also reminds Luke that Reid returned his eyesight to him and Noah’s words make Luke feel better. Luke wonders when Noah is headed to L.A. and he tells him he has decided to delay the trip for a while.

(Outside Lily’s house) Holden and Lily wonder how things got to be so awkward between them Lily wonders if dancing with Molly brought back any old feelings for Holden. Holden shakes his head no and tells Lily he enjoyed dancing with her and she says the same to him. John interrupts the moment and asks Lily to forgive Lucinda because Lucinda really misses her. Lily tells John he can forget it and slams the door as she goes into the house.

(Cabin) Jack gives Carly some seltzer water to drink and Carly tells Jack to go watch the birth of his child. Janet gives one last push and Dusty catches the baby who takes a few minutes to cry but then lets out a loud cry. Dusty gives the baby to Janet and then goes to stand beside Carly while Jack sits on the bed with Janet and they bond with the baby. Janet is surprised the baby is so big considering he was born early and Dusty wonders how Carly is doing and she says she is happy about Jack’s baby although it is hard for her as it also must be for Dusty. Dusty tells Jack he hates to interrupt the honeymoon but he has to drive everyone to the hospital. Jack apologizes to Carly about the honeymoon but she says when she knows everyone is happy and healthy they can pick another honeymoon spot. Everyone heads to the hospital but as Carly heads out the door she feels queasy and faint again.

(Lily’s house) Jon asks Lily to forgive Lucinda because she is truly sorry and she better then anyone knows that Lucinda won’t change. John tells Lily she has always been the sensible one in their relationship. John gets called to the hospital and he asks Holden to talk to Lily. Lily thinks Holden will tell her that John is right but he tells her that he is proud of her for sticking to her guns because she is doing the right thing.

(Java) Luke tells Noah he can’t give up his dream to stay in Oakdale and hold his hand and he explains to Noah that Reid’s death has taught him that life is too short to make dreams wait he also tells Noah he will be fine eventually but right now he has to focus on finishing the neurology wing at the hospital and making sure it is the best in the country so that the wing can honor Reid’s memory. Noah is surprised at how much Luke has changed since they met and tells Luke now he is more focused. Noah and Luke remember when they met at WOAK and Noah tells him that the Luke he met that day didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life. Luke tells the manager Noah quits because he has to go to L.A. and become a famous movie director.

(Lily’s house) Lily tells Holden that she can’t forgive her mother now because if she does it Lucinda will just think she has the right to hurt people again. Holden and Lily both know that she has always forgiven her mother and she will probably do it again once she brings a present for the kids and apologizes like she always does because Lily has always been the one to cave in first whenever she and Lucinda have fought in the past.

(Hospital) A nurse takes Janet and the baby to be examined and orders Dusty to see a doctor about his broken ribs. Jack tries to get Dusty to see a doctor but he won’t leave until he makes sure that Janet and the baby are okay. Jack can’t find Carly so he goes to look for her and tells Dusty to let him know if he hears anything about Janet and the baby. Jack finds Carly leaning against the wall inside a hospital corridor and she tells him that she is still feeling queasy and faint so he helps her to go find a doctor to be examined. John tells Dusty he ran a DNA test using the baby’s amniotic fluid and it shows that he not Jack is the father of Janet’s baby. Dusty is overjoyed and Jack asks to see the test results and then congratulates Dusty. John gives Dusty a hug and is happy to be a grandfather. Jack tells Dusty to go give Janet the news and tries to hide his sadness but Carly knows better so she tells him they can leave on their honeymoon now. Jack won’t leave until a doctor sees Carly and a nurse takes Carly to an exam room. Dusty tells Janet the news and she cries tears of joy as she and Dusty declare their love for each other and share a kiss. Dusty also tells Janet that Jack already knows and is happy for them.

(Lakeview) John celebrates the good news with a bottle of champagne and when Lucinda arrives he tells her that he is a grandfather because Dusty is the father of Janet’s baby not Jack. John also tells Lucinda he tried to talk to Lily but it didn’t help then he invites Lucinda to go to Amsterdam with him because he has a teaching job there for a few months. Lucinda gets a call from Lily who wants her to come to the house to talk an Lucinda wishes John well in Amsterdam but she can’t go with him because Lily needs her.

(Lily’s house) Holden assures Lily that she can stand up to Lucinda and she wishes he could stay to hold her hand. Holden takes Lily’s hand and tells her he will stay as long as she needs him. Lucinda arrives and interrupts the moment and smiles because she was right and she tells them they look beautiful together. Lily tells Lucinda that she will always love her but she isn’t ready to forgive and forget what she did yet so she has decided to take a break from her. Lily explains to Lucinda that she can’t come to the house for a long while so that she can have time to heal. Lily tells Lucinda that after the long time out when she is ready to forgive her she will let her know. Lucinda looks at Holden and asks him if he agrees with the decision and Holden tells her that Lily said everything that needed to be said Lily then tells Lucinda good-bye and she leaves the house. Holden takes Lily’s hands in his and squeezes them and Lily and Holden smile at each other.

(Hospital) Liberty knows Jack is feeling sad that the baby isn’t his but Jack tells her that he is happy for Janet and he is also happy that she (Liberty) is cancer free and going to college. Liberty brings Jack to Janet’s room and Janet asks Dusty and Liberty to leave so that she can talk with Jack. Janet cries as she thanks Jack for loving her and giving her and Liberty their first real home. Janet tells Jack that he gave her a gift by admitting to her that he was in love with Carly because she wouldn’t have the life she is planning with Dusty now if he hadn’t told her the truth. Jack tells Janet that he will always be there if she Liberty or the baby need anything. Janet knows that and Jack congratulates Janet as he heads towards the door because the nurse brings the baby in for Janet to feed.

(WOAK) Luke gives Noah a brand new video camera and tells him that Holden and Lily have sent presents to his L.A. apartment. Noah is overwhelmed but Luke tells him that they believe in him. Noah tells Luke he wishes he could come with him but he understands that he needs time to grieve and heal. Noah hopes that Luke will come visit him in L.A. when he is ready because he will be waiting for him. Noah gives Luke a good-bye kiss before he leaves and Luke watches Noah as he leaves with his suitcase.

(Hospital) Liberty asks Dusty to take care of Janet and the baby and then she tells Janet and Dusty she will be back for the wedding. Janet tells Liberty not to put any pressure on Dusty and Dusty tells Liberty he will marry Janet when she tells him to marry her Janet cries because everything she ever dreamed has come true.

(Lakeview) Lucinda arrives and accepts John’s invitation to go to Amsterdam and they take the champagne and head upstairs to John’s room

(Outside Lily’s room) Lily thanks Holden for his moral support and tells him she expects him back later to read Ethan a bedtime story. Holden and Lily smell burning leaves and remember when Holden told Lily that he was only a stable boy but he couldn’t help wanting to kiss her every time he looked at her. Holden and Lily cry a little and Lily wonders if Holden still wants to kiss her. Holden says yes maim and then they kiss.

(Hospital) The nurse brings the baby in for Janet to feed and tells Janet and Dusty they make a beautiful family. Carly asks Jack to sit down and he tells her whatever illness she has they can face it together. Carly is glad Jack said that because Parker, J.J, Sage and the new baby will need him. Jack lets the news sink in a few seconds then he picks up Carly and spins her around but thinks he should stop since he could hurt the baby. Jack puts Carly down gently and Carly tells him not to never stop and then they kiss.

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