ATWT Update Wednesday 9/15/10

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 9/15/10


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Juanita

At the wedding, Rosanna and Holden walk over to a blissful kissing Carly and Jack. Rosanna teases Carly about ruining her lipstick. Holden thinks they should get started. Jack tells them that they are still waiting for a few people. A few minutes later, everyone has arrived including an uninvited Craig. Margo tells him that she doesn’t want to have arrest him today. This is an abomination; the woman he has been obsessed and entangled with for a long time did not invite him to this…why would he cause trouble, he sarcastically asks. Nearby, just as the procession starts, Liberty calls her mom, as she tells Gabriel that she is worried why she didn’t show up. Sage starts to walk down the aisle and then Rosanna, who sees Craig seated and glares at him.

At the cabin, Janet’s water has broke and she is starting to feel the contractions. Janet yells for Dusty to call Jack. Now, Dusty is shocked. He is the father afterall, but then Janet realizes she would interrupt their wedding so she thinks otherwise.

Parker walks Carly down the aisle and hands her to Jack; he wants him to take care of her. He will always, Jack promises. The reverend starts the ceremony and wonders if there is anyone who would object to this union. Everyone looks at Craig. There is no problem, Jack assures the confused reverend. Will is filming the ceremony for JJ. Carly says her vows and Jack says his vows, as Craig swallows hard. Molly follows by reading a poem. Carly talks to Jack about her feelings, the past and how she feels about her mistakes. She can’t promises never to make another mistake, but she will never forget that he is the truest part of her – he is her true north, soul mate and best friend. She trusts him with her life, heart, children, imperfections and future. She will not allow anyone to separate them again. Craig looks down. Holden smiles warmly at them and then looks over at Lily. Jack recites his feelings. She saved him from himself; she brought him back from the darkest of places; she fought his demons when he couldn’t. The future in general may be uncertain, but he knows one true and steadfast thing is he will always love and honor her, as fiercely as he knows she will for him. He promises her and their children that will never change. They exchange rings and the reverend pronounces them husband and wife. They can hardly wait to kiss each other, as everyone claps.

Janet is struggling with really tough contractions, as Dusty tries to comfort her. Janet is doing her breathing exercises, as Dusty comforts her.

Holden wants to make a toast; he teases about 3 times or 4 are a charm for Jack and Carly. Everyone knew they would make it back together including two people not there today – Hal – a friend and mentor and Brad – a brother and friend. On behalf of them and everyone – here is to lifelong happiness. Jack thanks Holden privately. Don’t screw it up, Holden advises. At least he made the first step – what about him, as Holden looks over at Lily and Molly, who happen to both be standing next to one another. Margo and Tom congratulate Jack, as Margo gives him a big hug. Katie wishes she could have been there Margo tells him, as Jack wonders how Chris is. He is doing well. Margo tells Jack that she is so thankful that Carly brought him back to them; Tom tells him that she was worried she lost her best detective. She will never get rid of him, Jack says. Margo wonders if he has spoken to Parker yet. No, as Jack looks confused. Tom pulls her aside and wonders what that was about; she is going to ruin Parker’s surprise. Today is as good a day as ever to force Parker to get off his ‘duff’ and tell Jack his plans. Molly steps forward wanting to make a toast. Carly and Jack are destined with their history and love. Noone ever came between them really – you can’t fight destiny so why try. Carly steps aside with Gwen, Rosanna and Molly to thank them for their support. Those three flowers represent that they are in it together. They joke about not being able to go through another break up with them so they are a united front if there is anything ever trying between them. Jack wonders if anyone has seen Dusty after he dropped off the champagne; he wanted to thank him. Carly tells him that maybe he and Jack had something more pressing.

Janet asks how far apart her contractions are – 5 minutes apart. At least they are not getting closer. They will, Dusty worries. He will go get the car. He is in no condition to drive. He has to get her to the hospital. Dusty struggles to get to the car while grimacing. He gets into the car and steps on the gas, but the car’s tires are in the mud. The more he accelerates the more he is in the mud.

Craig walks into the middle of everyone asking for everyone’s attention – he wants to make a toast. Margo can’t believe he is going to open his mouth. Tom jokes about arresting him now before he gets going. Rosanna tries to stop him, as does Margo. Tom tells them to start the music. Jack is ready to toss him out, as Craig asks Carly to trust him. Don’t make her regret it, she advises. He isn’t about to make it about him, or humiliate them. They are turning over a new leaf and now so will he. He wants them to know he now sees how much they belong together; he is sure of it and wishes them all the happiness. Rosanna walks over – she didn’t expect that. Neither did he. Why did he take the high road. Because of her, he wants her to like him again. She half smiles – he moved up from detestable to barely tolerable, as she walks away. He tells her that is a start. Carly and Jack are surprised by Craig’s sincerity, but Jack would rather not talk about it anymore and go dance with Carly. The start to; it is a perfect fit, Jack comments.

Janet calls out to Dusty; the baby is coming. Dusty tells her that the car is in the mud. Her body wants to push. She needs to stop, but if she can’t, he will help her through this. Janet sarcastically tells him good luck with that.

Faith tells her father to go ask her mom to dance. Why because she wants them to or because she wants to drink some champagne. She promises that is not the case. Holden asks Lily to dance, as she happily agrees and Lily tells Faith to go find Parker. Why. Holden tells her so they can have a dance, as he winks at her. Nearby, Molly watches Holden and Lily. Faith walks over to Liberty and Parker and wonders what they are talking about. Parker quickly tells her nothing. Are they talking about her – are they still mad at her. They weren’t talking about her. Why does everyone know what the secret is but her. She will find out soon enough Parker answers, as they walk off. Nearby, Craig is telling Gabriel that he meant what he said before – he really is turning over a new leaf. That is great, Gabriel answers. They could revisit the idea of going into business together. He can’t. Why. He is going home; Sierra offered to set him up with a contractor in Montega. Doesn’t he know what she is doing. Rosanna wonders over and is wondering why Craig is coming on strong with this young man. Craig explains he is his son, as Rosanna is shocked. Gabriel apologizes for not explaining earlier. Craig tells him that Montega is not his home – it is here with him. He wishes, Gabriel answers flatly, as he walks away and then so does Craig without a word, while Rosanna watches them both. Tom and Margo are dancing nearby, as Tom comments about Craig not being able to go to long without making a scene. Nearby, Liberty is telling Parker that Gabriel is going back to Montega. Parker stutters that he is not sure what to say; he guesses that is good. It is, Liberty answers. She tells him that he has to tell his parents about his plan though, as Carly and Jack are walking by, they hear this and question what she means. Jack tells Carly that Parker has been hinting that there is something he wants to talk about. Margo tells Parker that he needs to just tell his parents that he wants to be a cop, as Jack and Carly look stunned. Jack asks if he wants to join the force. Yes. Margo explains that he is been talking to her about this for weeks. Margo explains that he needs his parent’s approval to get into the academy though. Jack can’t believe that Margo is encouraging this; it is dangerous. Carly laughs; how old was he when he wanted to be a police officer. It is not the same thing. It is the same thing; isn’t he proud of him. Jack looks at Parker and then back at Carly. He is her son and she is ok with that, he can’t believe. It scares her to death that two men she loves will be out there everyday risking their lives, but if it is what he wants. Is it what he wants. Will steps up – he is really committed to it; he had two great mentors to watch – he and Hal. Everyone knew about this but Carly and him, Jack asks. Faith chimes up that she didn’t know. Parker wonders if people want to hear what he has to say. Faith answers that she does. Jack asks why he wants to do this. Parker asks Jack if he remembers when he asked him why he was a cop. He told him that the world is scary and he feels better knowing that he can make a change to it. Margo thinks he is serious and that is why she wrote a recommendation. Jack tells everyone that this is not meant to offend, but he wanted so much more – for him to go to MIT or Harvard. Parker explains he wouldn’t have been happy; he wants to stay in town and grow up to be just like him. Jack stares at him for a minute and then tells him that is a sneaky way to win and argument. Carly tells Parker that she is so proud of him, as Jack echoes the sentiment and they both hug him. Carly reminds Jack that they need to get ready to head off to their honeymoon now. Gwen teases Will about keeping a secret like that from her. He is practicing patient- therapist confidentiality. She will forgive him if he dances with her. Lily tells Holden that he should ask Molly to dance. Why. It seems appropriate since she is maid of honor and he is best man. Would she be ok with it. They are divorced and she has no right to have an opinion. He just wants her to think about if she would be ok with that, as Holden holds her gaze and he smiles, as she smiles and Holden tells her that he is going to ask Molly to dance. Molly seems happy when Holden comes over to ask her to dance. He is glad she came back. She needed to see him. Why. To start loving like him again like before. Like a friend. He is so much more. He is her first love and the father to their daughter. What is he now. Someone else’s guy. No, not quite. Stop dragging his feet; he deserves to be happy and Lily makes him happy. Miserable too. That is love, as Lily watches them.

Rosanna walks over to Craig, who is far away in thought. Is he mourning the one that got away. No, he meant what he said about Carly. No, she was talking about Gabriel. His son is moving back to Montega and he may never see him again. She doesn’t know much about their relationship, but she has some advice. He is sure she is going to say to show him more love and affection. No, she was going to say to let him go. Craig is confused. His problem is when he won't let anyone go; he has this obsessive death grip on people, money and power; it is so annoying; why does he do it. Because most of the people he loves leave him and don’t come back. It is like that night in the car when he chased her, Rosanna starts. He doesn’t want to get back into it. When he chases – people run, Rosanna explains. Why doesn’t he try to let go this once; he might be surprised. Craig looks over at Gabriel sitting alone. Faith is telling Parker that she thinks he being a cop is cool. He doesn’t want her to do anything that would make him have to arrest her. Being bad is what she does best. Sage walks over and tells them that they are leaving, as they get up hand in hand and walk over to the car where Jack and Carly are heading out. They both thank everyone for being there, as Carly tells them that she wants them to see each other again soon, as she looks at her three amigos. Sage wonders if she is happy. Never before as much as she is today. Jack promises nothing will separate this family again. Sage reminds Carly to throw the bouquet, as Rosanna catches it. Carly smiles – she is next. Bite your tongue, Rosanna teases, and with that, Jack and Carly get in their decorated car and head off with everyone throwing flowers and cheering, as the car with the ‘just married’ sign disappears in the distance.

Dusty comes out of the bathroom and Janet wonders what he was doing. He is getting ready to deliver her baby. What about an epidural. He wants her to calm down, but Janet snaps at him. Then she apologizes; look at the two of them barely able to stand, as she starts to yell with the contraction again. Carly and Jack arrive outside, as Carly tells him not to worry about the car out front. It looks like Dusty’s and it is stuck in the mud, Jack thinks. Does he see him around. No, but he does see his beautiful bride, as he lifts her off her feet to carry her over the threshold. They are about to open the door when they hear screaming. Jack puts Carly down and they open the door to find Janet and Dusty inside. Janet is breathing through her contractions, as they try to smile. What is going on, Jack asks. Carly asks if she is in labor. No, she is learning the tango, Janet snaps. Why aren’t they at the hospital, Jack asks. Dusty explains that the car got stuck in the mud and there is no phone service. Janet adds that Dusty fell off the ladder and broke more ribs probably. Dusty just wants them to help Janet.

Tom and Margo are talking with Will and Gwen about Casey’s visit to Carbondale. He was talking on and on about the pizza. Will tells them you would think he was moving there because of the pizza and not law school. Tom and Margo’s face drops. Gwen comments that apparently Casey has not told them. Will pipes in that he and Allison are moving to Carbondale. When. He is going to tell them, but with all that is going on…it must have slipped his mind. They apologize because they have to leave to drive Molly to the airport. As they are walking away, Gwen teases about working on that confidentiality. Margo can’t believe that Casey can move; what if he doesn’t get into law school and what about his record. Tom tells her that they have to let him do this. How can he be so calm. It is like what she told Carly and Jack – if their child wants to do something, they need to support that. Margo goes in for a hug. She doesn’t want him to go.

At the farm, Molly comes downstairs and thanks Holden and Lily for letting her change here. Molly tells Holden to visit soon. He will. She tells Lily that she was very generous today. So was she, Lily echoes. She tells her not to be a stranger. It sounds like she means that, a surprised Molly tells her. Lily genuinely tells her that she meant it. Molly says good luck to them. Holden is staring at Lily, as she looks down.

Will and Gwen are saying goodbye to Parker, as they comment about Faith sitting alone nearby; they see how they look at one another and Parker rushes them off. After, he goes to sit with Faith. He apologizes for not trusting her with his secret. She understands because she blabs, but she will do better. Sometimes speaking up is a good thing though. He agrees because this time it worked out because Liberty has decided to go to FIT. That is great, Faith tells him, as she adds it is great for Liberty, as Parker smirks – of course. When does she leave, Faith asks, as Parker laughs and tells her that she is unbelievable. She is leaving later today. Faith realizes he will miss her. She will be back for visits. Are they friends again. Yes. By the way – he tells his newfound friend again - that she looks hot in her dress, as he kisses her cheek and then leaves.

Craig sits down next to Gabriel; he wants to say that he is happy he has an opportunity in Montega. Gabriel swallows; that is not what he said before. Before he was thinking of himself and now he is thinking of his son. He hopes that he spends time with Lucy because she is a terrific person and great sister; she and Bryant were very close, and he hopes they can become close too. Gabriel thanks him and admits that he and Lucy have been texting and he thinks they will hang out. He is glad, as Craig looks teary eyed. Any other plans. Try to make some cash, as he looks down. Craig wonders what is wrong. He is thinking of starting his own contracting company someday; he probably thinks he will mess it up. Craig tells him that he won’t because he is a hard worker and he will be successful no matter what he puts his mind to – he is certain of that...son. Gabriel thanks him and calls him dad, as Craig looks overwhelmed, as they awkwardly half hug, but Gabriel walks away soon after. Rosanna walks over to Craig and tells him that he did well. She gives good advice. From time to time. Not that Gabriel would give him the time of day, but he will miss him; it is going to be pretty lonely around here. Maybe not…she is thinking of sticking around for a while. What for. The Auto industry is tanking and the Euro isn’t what it used to be; it is nice to be around family. In addition, Friends, Craig adds. They are not starting up again; is she clear Rosanna firmly tells him. It wouldn’t hurt to have a drink though, Craig teases. She will think about it, as she walks off.

Liberty is calling her mom wondering where she is. She is leaving soon and wants to say goodbye.

Janet is having another contraction, as Jack wants to get her to the hospital. It is too late, Janet yells. Carly snaps for them to get her on the bed. Jack goes to do it and Dusty is territorial. Jack reminds him that she is his ex wife and she is having his baby. Carly tells Dusty to let Jack help her. Jack can see that Carly looks strange. Is she ok. All this is making her a little queasy, as Carly looks unsettled. She will be fine; he needs to help Janet. Dusty wants Jack to get the car. Janet yells that she is not having this baby in the car. She won’t be if she listens to him and does exactly what he says, Jack tells her, as she tells him that is fine for her, but not everyone is going to do exactly what he says, as she nods down at the baby.

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