ATWT Update Tuesday 9/14/10

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 9/14/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Carly’s house) Gwen brings Carly breakfast in bed and Carly can’t explain why she is so nervous and Gwen tells her she should concentrate on being happy with Jack. Gwen makes Carly close her eyes for a surprise and then Rosanna enters. Carly cries and gives Rosanna a hug then Rosanna explains that she got on a plane as soon as she got a text about the wedding from Jack. Gwen leaves Rosanna and Carly alone to talk and Rosanna tells her she has been working hard and has decided she won’t look for love anymore because she is done kissing frogs. Carly tells Rosanna not to give up hope she will find love and Rosanna tells Carly love will have to find her this time. Rosanna tells Carly that she is lucky to have Jack and she shouldn’t let him go again.

(Farm) Jack thanks Dusty for giving a case of champagne to him and Carly for the wedding and Dusty tells Jack he has a vested interest in making sure he and Carly get married. Dusty tells Janet he will see her later and leaves Jack and Janet alone to talk. Janet sees the troubled expression on Jack’s face and wonders why he isn’t happy on his wedding day. Jack tells Janet that he is sorry that he hurt her during their marriage Janet tells Jack its okay she is at a place now where she can see that Carly makes him happy and she wishes him and Carly much happiness. Jack wonders how things are going between Janet and Dusty and Janet assures him that she and Dusty are working on their relationship.

(Lakeview) Craig asks Lily to forgive him for all the pain he unwittingly caused him by allowing himself to get caught in Lucinda’s trap. Lily can’t forgive Craig for manipulating her into going against her own mother. Lily tells Craig she doesn’t have time to waste talking to him because she has to get ready to go to Jack and Carly’s wedding today. Lily tells Craig that she is sure he isn’t invited to the wedding so he had better not show up and cause trouble.

(Old Town) Holden runs into Molly and they have a awkward chat she tells him it is strange to see him today since she came for Carly and Jack’s wedding and the last time she was in town their own wedding didn’t happen. Holden tells Molly he is sorry for what happened between them the day of their planned wedding. Molly and Holden decide to concentrate on Carly and Jack’s wedding and not think about anything else. Molly tells Holden that they will be seeing a lot of each other this afternoon because she is Carly’s made of honor and he is Jack’s best man. Lily gets jealous when she sees Holden and Molly talking so she interrupts the conversation by asking Holden if he still intends to give her a ride to the wedding. Holden tells her he will be happy to give her a ride and then Lily looks at Molly when she tells Holden that the kids want to ride to the wedding together as a family.

(Carly’s house) Parker tells Will that he is worried that Carly and Jack will get divorced again but Will tells Parker he should let Carly and Jack worry about their marriage. Parker is about to tell Will about what he plans to do instead of going to college when Faith arrives with flowers for Carly. Parker accepts the flowers and tells Faith she will give the flowers to Carly. Parker is still mad that Faith told Janet that Liberty didn’t want to go to the Fashion institute of technology because it wasn’t her news to tell and she should have stayed out of the situation. Parker shuts the door in Faith’s face and Will thinks Parker was too hard on Faith. Carly asks Gwen and Rosanna to be her bridesmaids since Molly is her maid of honor. Gwen and Rosanna happily agree and all three of them cry and hug each other. Janet arrives to drop off a wedding present for Carly and Jack and then she asks Carly to give her the address and phone number of the cabin where she and Jack plan to spend their honeymoon. Carly wonders why she wants that information and Janet explains that that Jack wants her to call him as soon as she goes into labor. Carly gives Janet the information and then tells Janet not to call unless she is positive that she is going into labor. Janet snaps at Carly telling her that she doesn’t intend to ruin their honeymoon unless its really important like the birth of Jack’s child. Janet leaves in a huff and Carly isn’t happy either so Gwen and Rosanna encourage her to only think of the wedding. Carly tells Gwen and Rosanna that she needs some time alone and heads over to the desk drawer to take out the compass and when Gwen asks her about it Carly explains that it was a gift from Jack so she could always find her way home.

(Lakeview) Janet tells Dusty the details of her disagreement with Carly earlier and feels horrible because she upset Carly on her wedding day. Dusty laughs and tells Janet that she will have to learn how to get along with Carly because Carly will always be a part of her life. Janet tells Dusty she needs his help because she has an idea of how to apologize to Carly.

(Farm) Parker arrives to talk to Jack about his decision not to go to college but Jack gets a call from the Reverend and then a call from Sage telling Jack he needs to pick her up from a friend’s house to take her to Carly’s to get ready for the wedding. Jack rushes off and Will asks Parker to tell him why he doesn’t want to go to college. Parker tells Will the reason why and Will advises him to wait until after the wedding.

(Carly’s house) Jack arrives and covers his eyes as he opens the door slightly and tells Gwen and Rosanna to tell Carly to hide in case she is in her wedding dress. Sage goes upstairs to get ready and Rosanna tells Jack that she and Gwen left Carly alone because she wanted to have time alone and now they have no idea where Carly could be.

(Snyder pond) Carly is at the pond holding the compass in her hand and remembering when Jack gave the compass to her. The compass slips out of Carly’s hand and falls into the water and Carly panic and starts to sob when she can’t find the compass. Jack arrives and Carly tells him the compass fell into the pond and she can’t find it. Jack looks for it and can’t find it either and tells Carly that they don’t need it anymore because as long as they love and believe in each other they are home. Jack’s words calm Carly down and they kiss before they walk back to the farm to get ready for the wedding.

(Old Town) Rosanna bumps into Gabriel who tells her that he recognized her from a picture he saw of her when he used to work for Carly. Gabriel tells Rosanna that he is going to Jack and Carly’s wedding with Liberty and he will see her there. Rosanna is surprised when Gabriel walks away without telling her his name.

(Lily’s house) Faith is in a bad mood and tells Holden and Lily she isn’t going to the wedding because Parker and Liberty are mad at her and nobody wants her at the wedding. Holden tells her that Jack and Carly want her there and so does he and he asks Faith to go to the wedding for him so she gives Holden a hug and agrees to go to the wedding.

(Java) Craig thanks Gabriel for telling him about Lucinda’s plan against him and even though he lost everything Craig is still very grateful to Gabriel. Craig wonders if Gabriel will ever give him a chance to get to know him and Gabriel tells Craig he can’t talk to him about that now because he has to go pick up Liberty for Jack and Carly’s wedding. Craig wonders if he can also go to the wedding with Gabriel and Gabriel tells him that isn’t a good idea.

(Cabin) Janet and Dusty decorate the cabin where Jack and Carly intend to spend their honeymoon. Dusty gets nervous when Janet climes a stepladder to hang some decorations and he asks her to get off the ladder because Jennifer went into labor when she fell off a ladder. Janet steps off the ladder and then Dusty tries to hang the decorations and Janet helps him sit down on the sofa. Janet thinks that Dusty should head to the hospital but Dusty says he is fine.

(Farm) Carly’s bridesmaids decide to each give her a flower for her wedding bouquet instead of doing the old, new, borrowed, and blue tradition. Carly cries and makes the ladies promise to do whatever it takes to remain close to each other.

Jack is outside in the garden talking to his wedding party Holden, Parker, and Will and he tells them all that this wonderful day is a sign of happy times that are on the way after the rough year that they have all been though and then they toast. Jack tells Will that Hal would be proud of the man he has become. Jack jokes with Holden that he can only hope someday to look as handsome as he (Jack does today. Jack tells Parker that he is proud to have him as a son because he is a wonderful son.

(Cabin) Dusty tells Janet they had better leave or they will be late for the wedding and she tells him that he won’t believe her but this time she really is in labor because her water just broke.

(Farm) Parker goes to find Faith and bring her back so she won’t miss the wedding Gabriel arrives with Liberty and Craig closely follows them. Rosanna sees Craig and tells him he should leave but he tells her he won’t cause trouble he just needs closure. Rosanna tells Jack and Carly about Craig and offers to throw him out but Jack tells Rosanna that Craig can stay because he wouldn’t dare cause trouble. Jack and Carly stand by the minister ready to say their vows unaware that Janet has gone into labor in their honeymoon cabin.

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