ATWT Update Monday 9/13/10

As the World Turns Update Monday 9/13/10


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Juanita

At home, Carly and Jack wake up together in bed. He kisses her and tells her this is how he loves to wake up, as she smiles; he loves her smile. What else does he love. He whispers in her ear, as she laughs. He thinks the kids will wonder where they are. Carly smiles coyly – they won’t be wondering, as they kiss again.

Downstairs, Parker stops Sage from bringing them breakfast in bed. They shouldn’t be disturbed. She wants them to be romanced so they want to get married again. He disagrees; he thinks that is when all the trouble starts.

At the farm, Faith walks and sees Liberty’s depressed face – bad news, she wonders. Is she sick. No. What is going on. She is just in a bad mood. Faith sees the envelope; it is a congratulations letter from FIT. That is a dream come true for her. No, it is not because she isn’t going.

At the Lakeview, Janet brings Dusty a lot of food from the diner. She wants to take care of him. He jokes about a nurse outfit. It is her fault that Blackie’s men beat him up. No it isn’t. He just needs her, as he leads her to the bed and kisses her; he feels better already.

Sage is looking through Jack and Carly’s wedding album; she closes it when she hears them coming. Jack and Carly are pleased to see breakfast, but wonder about the album. Parker tells them he has plans, as he heads out. Sage goes to warm up their breakfast. Carly jokes with Jack about Sage not being subtle. Jack tells Carly that the more he thinks about it the more he thinks she is onto something, as Carly looks shocked.

Faith is confused – she was dying to go to FIT, but it has to be put on hold because she got sick. Now she is accepted and she can go. Her mom is ready to have a baby; she needs her. She has Jack, Terri and Dusty. She isn’t sure about any of those people. Parker comes in and wonders what is up. Nothing besides Liberty is about to ruin her life, Faith answers.

Lying in bed fully clothed, Janet and Dusty are eating food. He is amazed by all the food she brought. They talk about how she is feeling with the baby. She is happy to see that he feels a bit better. She is thankful for Jack saving him. Dusty smiles – he owes him. It is her fault – she didn’t see Uncle Ralph and now Blackie’s bad sides. He wants her to stop thinking like that – he needs her. She is glad to hear that he still needs her. She needs him more then ever too.

Parker thinks this is her dream; he will miss her. She will be here. She needs to make a sacrifice for her mom now. Her mom wouldn’t want her doing that, Faith pipes in. She is not going to hear about it, Liberty says staring at her. Faith wonders if Parker wants to go for a swim; she will wear her new bikini, she adds for effect. He actually came top talk with Liberty about something personal; can they go downtown and get some coffee. She agrees and they head off, as Faith looks crestfallen.

Dusty and Janet are kissing when Dusty grimaces in pain. They laugh about their struggle for intimacy between her pregnancy and his broken ribs. She thinks she should go, but then she stops when she hunches over; she thinks she is having a contraction.

Carly doesn’t think Jack should talk like that especially in front of Sage. He will get her hopes up. They have been getting along so well; at the castle, they didn’t judge one another and they worked together as a team. She stopped him from shooting Ralph; he needs her and without her, he feels incomplete. She feels the same way – safe and grounded. How many times did they say it – this time is different though, she asks. This time it is, Jack answers assuredly. What if they are fooling themselves and setting themselves up to fail – again. They are not, Jack is adamant. It isn’t that easy. They are not perfect; they will make big and small mistakes, Jack says. They needs to stop focusing on the negative and focus on the positive and what is right. The first time he kissed her, he knew she was the future. Whatever life throws at them, they will handle it as long as they are together. They can’t afford to quit. They have to stick to it. She wants this. Make a decision that it is the two of them together forever. Carly repeats it. They happily kiss. He doesn’t want to waste another minute; he wants to tell the kids; he wants to make it official. What is he saying.

At Al’s, Liberty tells Parker she can do FIT in the next couple of years. If that is what she needs, but he thinks she should tell her mom about the letter. She will convince her to go though. He needs to talk to her about his college career too; he has decided not to go. Why…he has great SAT and GPA scores. He wants to do something different with his life, but she can’t tell anyone. He whispers in her ear, and Liberty starts to smile, as Faith watches from outside. She turns and walks away soon after.

Jack wonders if she wants him to spell it out. She guesses he better. He grins and then sits her down. He loves her; he will never and has never stopped. He knows they have a rough past and a complicated future because of Janet. She can handle it, Carly says nervously. Nothing is standing in their way, as he drops to his knee. The phone rings, and they roll their eyes, as Jack sees it is Janet. She tells him that she is at the hospital with Dusty. They are waiting to see if she is having contractions. He tells Carly; he should be with Janet. Carly tries not to look disappointed. She needs to be with him so they should get going.

At the hospital, Janet gets another what seems to be a contraction. Dusty and John see one another, as they share a warm hello. Dusty introduces Janet as his fiancée, as they talk briefly and joke around. Janet is called in for her appointment and John tells Dusty that he didn’t mention he was going to be a father. It is complicated; they will talk over coffee soon. Dusty heads inside the room after, as the doctor is examining Janet. She is not having contractions – it is Braxton-Hicks. He looks at the ultra sound and comments about how big the baby is and how they may have to induce labor soon if he doesn’t come out. Dusty looks at him, the ultra sound and then looks happy but unsure. Outside, Carly and Jack race in and inquire about Janet to a nurse. However, Janet comes out with Dusty, sees them and tells them how sorry she was to get them down there – it was Braxton-Hicks. She hopes she didn’t interrupt anything. Jack and Carly smile at one another and talk about how they can get back to it soon. Janet shows Jack the ultrasound picture. Jack comments about how they need to come up with a name, as Carly tries really hard not to look bothered. Dusty tells them that he is getting Janet home and off her feet, as Dusty takes the ultrasound picture. Jack and Carly say goodbye and Dusty seems mesmerized with looking at the photo right before he and Janet head out too.

At the farm, Faith walks in looking annoyed mumbling about how Parker follows her around like a puppy dog. Janet and Dusty walk in afterwards. Faith asks if she is ok when she hears they were at the hospital. False alarm. Janet tells Dusty she will get rest if he goes home and gets rest too. He will after a short stop. What is it about. Don’t worry about it. He is just having lunch with John; he is leaving town and he is the closest thing to family he has. She wishes she didn’t have to drag it out of him. He kisses her and heads out. Janet asks about if Liberty is around. Faith pretends to slip and tell her about FIT. She tells her that she can’t tell Liberty she told her. Why – this is her dream. She is going to turn it down because she thinks she needs to stay in town to help with the baby. Faith goes on to bait Janet more by saying that she told Liberty that her mom wouldn’t want her to sacrifice herself. She is absolutely right. Liberty and Parker come in and immediately Janet wonders what on earth she is doing – prefaced by addressing her in her full name – Liberty Louisa Ciccone. Liberty looks stunned.

Carly and Jack come home, as Carly sees a note from Sage saying she is at the mall. Jack comments about the trip to the hospital and how big the baby looked. He seems to be somewhere else in thought, as Carly reminds him that they are alone. He still seems preoccupied, as she reminds him of their interrupted conversation and how he was about to ask her an important question. Jack seems quiet. He remembers it and has been thinking about that since they left the hospital. He was thinking that maybe it wasn’t right for him to ask anything or make plans about their future right now. Carly looks very upset. He didn’t mean to sound harsh. He changed his mind about them Carly worries. He wants to be together, but it is premature. He is going to be a father again; the real pressure will start then. He is going to want to spend a lot of time with his son; what will that do to them or Parker and Sage. She knows that. He will feel torn between two households. She doesn’t understand because he knew hours ago when he was about to propose. Why is it an issue now. Seeing the baby made him think he shouldn’t make a promise to her and the kids he can’t live up to. He told her that they can get through anything needed to focus on their love and each other – did he mean it.

Janet tells Liberty how she always put others first, she doesn’t want her to give up her dream to stay there with her. She is just putting it on hold, as she looks at Faith and tells her that she can’t believe she told her. It slipped out. Yeah right. Janet wants to talk with Liberty alone. Liberty tells her that she wants to do this. More like what she should do. She is going to be doing this all alone. She did this before. She was younger then. She has lot of help. Liberty wants to do this for herself- she wants to bond with her brother. She couldn’t go before because she was sick with cancer and now she has the gift of time. She doesn’t want her to miss out on this. She can’t imagine leaving her. She has so much support. Can she consider accepting this. Liberty shakes her head.

At Java, Dusty asks John how far along the baby is. He looks ready to be born, but he is a cardiologist. He and Janet will raise this child like he is his own like he did with Johnny. John thinks there is a big ‘but’ coming. He has had this feeling all along that this baby was his. They were told that the due date made it Jack’s but seeing how big the baby is makes him wonder if she is further along. Is he crazy. No, it is possible, but he could be indulging in some wishful thinking. That is probably it, Dusty says. He has to go, but it was great seeing him. Is he sure that he doesn’t want to stay in Oakdale. There is too much drama here, John tells him. Dusty is going to head out, but John is going to finish his coffee. Afterwards, John looks at Dusty’s mug sitting there and he takes a napkin, picks it up and places it in his bag.

In their kitchen, Carly talks about how before the hospital she was the one having the doubts and now he is having them. He is not having doubts; he is scared they won’t make it. She said the same thing, but he talked her out of it and how they will be fine if they are together. It sounds better when it comes out of her mouth – probably it is her lips and mouth. Carly doesn’t want him sidetracked. She pulls away. She needs a real commitment. Dinner date, Jack jokes. Major commitment. Is he going to ask her or not. What question – oh yeah - the one where he asks her to marry him. Yeah that one. Jack walks in closer – will she. She is thinking. She just begged him to ask, he teases. She was thinking of pros and cons. Can they be serious. She will love the baby because he is a part of him…. and Janet. That will be hard for her. That is why he worries she can handle this. She will, but it will be difficult. He will be pulled in many directions. They will face and conquer it together. That sounds perfect. Neither one of them is perfect, but she loves him. So…. will he ask her. He kneels down and puts her on his leg while he kisses her neck. She is his sun in the morning, his moon at night, as well as his stars and universe – without her, he is nothing. Will she marry him one more time. Yes, Carly answers though tears, as they kiss.

Outside on the porch, Parker wonders what is up with Faith. She gets banished out to the porch for telling the truth. She is sick of secrets – Liberty and his. What is she talking about. He had to talk with Liberty privately so much she couldn’t be involved. She has it wrong. Liberty comes out and angrily confronts Faith about telling her mom when she asked her not. Why would she do that, Faith feigns ignorance. To get her out of town and away because of the perceived threat she thinks she is to her with Parker. Faith laughs and tells her that is crazy and Parker should set her straight, but he says nothing until he says that he feels that was what it was about. She tells him that he needs to get over himself; it was an accident. This conversation isn’t going well so he is going to leave, Parker tells them. Liberty tells Faith to stop pulling this stuff because she will blow it with Parker. She is lying and manipulating. Parker hates that stuff and if she doesn’t change her ways then she will turn him off for good and she will have no one to blame but herself. Faith looks down.

At the hospital, John tells a tech he needs a DNA test run on this mug. What for, he asks. A paternity test.

At the farm, Dusty comes to see Janet. Is she ok. The baby and she are fine. She thought he was going to get rest. Why is she out there. Liberty - she is fantastic because she got accepted to FIT, but she thinks she needs to stay here to take care of her. In her head, she wants her to go out and live an independent life, but in her heart, she never wants her to leave because she is her baby. What did she tell her. She told her to go to NY. She feels a kick, as Dusty feels it too. He is a strong baby. He is not going anywhere and he will help her through this.

At home. Jack wonders if he should get Carly a new engagement ring. She has her old one. He can’t believe she held onto it. Of course she did. That answers his question. Parker and Sage come in. Carly tells them that they have news. Sage tells her that they know; they were coming in and heard through the open window. Sage thinks they should celebrate. Maybe, Parker answers. Are they sure. Jack and Carly look confused. Doesn’t he want this. Of course, as Jack realizes he is worried about their track record. They are going to be together forever this time. Really, Parker answers. They know he has gotten hurt, but they won't let it happen again. They won’t let it happen. They are so fortunate to have another chance. When is the wedding, Sage asks. Jack thinks maybe after the baby is born. Carly swings around – why. Jack rolls his eyes. He doesn’t know why he said that; when does she want to get married. Tomorrow or the next day. Jack looks surprised and Sage is thrilled. They have waited so long they should just do it. Anyone have any objections, she asks. Everyone shakes their head. Bring it in, Carly tells them, as they all happily hug and Carly tells them that they have a wedding to plan.

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