ATWT Update Thursday 9/9/10

As the World Turns Update Thursday 9/9/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Java) Kim worries about Chris but Bob assures her Chris will be fine an Kim tells Bob that this whole ordeal has taught her to be careful what she asks God for because he mysterious ways of working out problems. Kim tells Bob that this has taught her who is in charge of everything in life.

(Snyder Pond) Noah arrives to give his sympathies to Luke about Reid's death he tells Luke he can’t imagine how he must feel right now.

(Worldwide) Lucinda yells at John to get out of her office but he won’t leave until he tells her some things. John apologizes to Lucinda for what he said to her at the Lakeview bar and then wants to know why she and Lily are fighting with each other. Lucinda doesn’t go into details she just tells John that she did something to try and protect Lily from Craig and Lily thinks she went too far this time so she disowned her. Lucinda also tells John that Lily bought enough Worldwide stock to cause trouble so now she plans to defend her company. John tries to persuade Lucinda to think about things because this isn’t another business adversary this is Lily and they could mend their relationship if she just left Lily alone.

(Brooklyn) Holden and Lily tell Reid’s Uncle Angus about Reid’s accident and explain that he donated his heart to Chris. Holden and Lily also tell Reid’s Uncle that Luke and Reid were in love with each other and in the end Luke’s love changed Reid so much that he donated his heart to Chris.

(Hospital) Chris asks Katie who his heart donor was and she tells him it came from a very generous person. Chris tells Katie he can tell that there is something going on because he has seen the doctors and nurses whispering when they walk out of his room. Katie tells Chris his heart came from Reid and tells him the details of Reid’s accident. Chris blames himself for Reid’s accident because Reid was on his way to Bay City to fight for a heart that wasn’t supposed to belong to him. Bob arrives and wonders why Chris is so upset and Chris thinks it was Bob or John’s idea to give him Reid’s heart. Katie corrects Chris and tells him that it was Reid’s idea because he lived for a little while when he arrived at the hospital and gave Luke power of attorney and asked Luke to give Chris his heart. A nurse arrives to check on Chris and Bob and Katie go out into the hallway to talk. Katie apologizes to Bb for telling Chris the truth so soon but she thought deep down he already knew the truth. Bob tells Katie she did the right thing because Chris would have found out sooner or later so she doesn’t need to apologize to him.

(Worldwide) Lucinda thinks John is passing judgment on her because he feels powerful since he just saved Chris Hughes life. Lucinda tells John that she knows his true personality and he has no right to judge her. John tells Lucinda that he knows her too but she tells him that she has changed since she survived cancer and reminds him that he never called her once to check on her so he has no right to call himself her friend.

(Brooklyn) Holden tells Reid’s Uncle Angus that Luke will do whatever he wants him to do with Reid’s remains but he respectfully asks Angus to let Luke decide what to do with Reid’s remains since they loved each other very much. Angus tells Holden and Lily that Luke must be very special for Reid to have loved him because Reid was hard to love. Angus takes a black knight chess piece from his pocket and explains to Holden and Lily that that chess piece was from the first chess match Reid lost as a little boy an after the match he took that Knight pressed it into Reid’s hand until it hurt a little and then he took it away and explained to Reid that was the feeling of failure a failure hurts but then goes away quickly and you move on to the next success. Angus tells Holden and Lily that Reid won his next 25 chess matches because he didn’t want to feel the pain of failure again. Angus cries a little as he tells Holden and Lily that Reid mailed the Knight back to him one day with a note telling him that he graduated medical school. Angus signs the paper giving Luke the power to do what is best with Reid’s remains and then asks Lily to give the knight chess piece to Luke so that he can remember Reid because in the end Reid didn’t fail again.

(Snyder Pond) Luke is surprises that Noah knows him so well that he knew he would be at the pond and is sad that he and Reid never had the time to get to know each other by going to the movies or museums together or swimming in the pond. Luke is also sad that he and Reid never made love because he asked Reid to wait for the right time. Noah tells Luke that he did know Reid very well despite the fact they never got to go on dates he knew Reid better then anyone. Noah thinks Reid is a hero for giving him his sight back and saving Chris’s life. Luke sheds angry tears and says that Reid wasn’t a hero because a hero would have waited 30 seconds for the train to pass and got back from Bay City safely with Chris’s new heart. Noah tells Luke to calm down and holds him while he cries some more over the loss of Reid.

(Hospital) Katie tells Chris to stop feeling sorry for him and honor Reid’s memory by living his life so that Reid’s gift isn’t in vain. Katie lies down next to Chris on the bed and they make plans to go dancing and spend the rest of their lives together. Katie tells Chris she wants to spend the rest of he life listening to his wonderful beautiful heartbeat.

(Worldwide) John thinks that Lucinda should learn from Reid’s example because Reid was arrogant but on the last day of his life he became full of compassion for Chris and his family because Luke’s love changed him. John tells Lucinda that it isn’t too late for her to change and mend things with her daughter and give up this fight because she has enough money and doesn’t need anymore. John is about to walk out the door and he apologizes to Lucinda for not being there during her battle with cancer and says that he knows her better then anyone. John tells Lucinda that he is glad that she survived cancer and then he walks out of the office.

(Tom and Margo’s house) John arrives with flowers for Margo and asks her how she would feel if he stayed in Oakdale a while she invites him in for coffee.

(Outside Lily’s house) Lucinda arrives with flowers for Lily but since she isn’t home she leaves them on the doormat and leaves quickly.

(Snyder pond) Holden and Lily help Luke say good-bye to Reid and Luke explains that part of Reid’s ashes will be inside the cornerstone of the new hospital wing but he has another part which he wants to disperse in the pond so that Reid will always be with him Luke throws the ashes up in the air so they fall in the pond and tells Lily he misses Reid

(Hospital) Bob and Kim tell Chris and Katie that the new wing will be named after Reid and that some of his ashes will be in the cornerstone as Luke requested. Chris tells Bob he will be there to make sure Reid’s ashes are put in their place because he will be walking by the time the wing is built.

(Snyder pond) Luke tells Lily he needs a few minutes alone so Lily walks to where Holden is and Luke holds the knight chess piece tightly in his hand as he tells Reid good-bye.

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