ATWT Update Tuesday 9/7/10

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 9/7/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Juanita

In the hospital, Chris tells Katie that this is his only hope for a heart transplant. She tells him that she has come too far with him for something wrong to happen now. It will be worth the wait. Bob asks John how much longer can Chris hold on with his heart. John replies that he won’t sugarcoat it. They really need the heart within 24 hours. Margo and Tom return to Oakdale and are dismayed to find that the heart they thought was coming will not be available. Tom feels like a failure. Almost immediately Margo gets a phone call from Bay City police that there was an accident.

Tom and Margo show up at the scene – the railroad accident. At the hospital they all wish they could have seen Reid Oliver speed out of that parking lot – man on a mission. Luke tells Dr. Dixon to book the OR room as he has a lot of faith in Dr. Oliver. Bob says he too has a lot of hope in Reid Oliver and he will see to it when this is all over. Everyone agrees that it looks like things are finally turning around. Bob worries about Kim and convinces her to go with Alison to get something to eat since it’s been a while since breakfast.

Tom and Margo come back to the hospital and Bob starts gushing about the heart when Margo has to inform him that there has been an accident which involved Reid...he was not able to get the heart for Chris after all. Bob tries to get Luke out of the way by sending him down the cafeteria, but Luke doesn’t want to miss Reid’s grand entrance. But he’s stunned when a gurney is rushed past and he realizes it is Reid.

Bob fills John in on Reid’s accident. He never made it to the Bay City hospital so there is no donor heart. Bob tells Luke there is nothing they can do. Reid’s injuries are beyond repair. He is breathing but there are no miracles. Luke hollers at them that there is a hospital full of doctors yet no one is there to help Reid.

He rushes in to see Reid and finds him a mess, but he’s relieved when he at least opens his eyes and looks at Luke. He tells him not to try and speak. He’s here and that is all that matters. Reid can’t speak clearly but he motions that he needs his wallet and utters the word card. Luke finds a donor card. Luke cries that Reid won’t be donating any organs any time soon. He’s going to get better. He has patients he needs to help. They have stupid arguments they need to get into. They are just getting started and he can’t leave him. They haven’t had enough days. They both said they loved each other so he can’t leave him now. He kisses Reid and begs him not to leave him. Reid wants to see a lawyer and Tom is called in. Reid manages to convey to him that he wants Chris to have his heart if he is a match. He wants Luke to be his power of attorney and carry out his wishes.

Katie sits by Chris’s side and tells him to hang on just a little longer. She tells him of their future with children, naming them, what school they are going to. She hopes that he can fix a sink and repair a swing set. Luke tells Bob and John they are not to turn off the machines for Reid, but they convince him for all intents and purposes Reid is brain dead. The machines are keeping his heart beating but the higher functions have all stopped. His dying wish was for Chris to have his heart and there is precious little time to take a sample test to see if there is a match. Bob tells Luke that any time a young person dies it is unfair. That is why it is so important how they live their lives. All they can do for Reid now is give him peace. Luke goes back into the room and holds Reid’s hand and talks to him about their abrasive times when he initially brought him to Oakdale from Texas. He wishes they didn’t have to agree on this now. There is no way that Luke can save him; he has to just let him go. He kisses him.

Kim is devastated that Reid had no chance and he is gone. Yet he succeeded, now he is going to donate his heart for the one he could not bring from Bay City. She feels like a fool now for all the things she said about him. She is so ashamed and she wishes she had a chance to apologize. Alison speaks to Bob and wants to be sure she can still be a part of the heart transplant team to make sure Chris will be around for a long time.

Katie comes out of Chris’s room and runs up to Luke and babbles on about how wonderful Reid was to go get this heart and Chris will be saved. She wants to personally thank him and asks Luke where is the big guy. Luke reveals to her what happens. Luke cries that Reid is not really gone. He lives on as long as his heart is beating. Katie hugs Kim and says she can not believe this is happening.

Luke tells John that before they go to OR he wants to say goodbye. He tells Reid that he is a handsome man and always will be. And now he is a good man. Someone suggests a prayer and Bob says, “ a greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” Katie rushes back to say bye to Chris before he goes to surgery. They say they love each other and he tells her that he will bug her and Jacob for a long, long time. Reid Oliver will never let him live this down.

Casey brings Tom and Margo coffee and they agree they will be drinking a lot of this in the next few hours. Tom tells them that Reid Oliver gave his life for others and he thinks it is time they set the standard to do the same. Kim and Bob lament that Chris is their son but right now there is not a thing they can do to help. Luke goes back to Reid’s room and stares at the bareness of it all. Katie joins him with a hug. John tells his team they need to go to work. They have a life to save.

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