ATWT Update Friday 9/3/10

As the World Turns Update Friday 9/3/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Juanita

John clears Chris’s hospital room and applies the paddles to his chest. Luke waits with Kim as Reid goes back into the room. At the diner Alison tells Casey that she has downloaded a lot of information about a Vegas wedding. She’s worried about the cost and this won’t break the bank. Casey tells her this is their wedding and she shouldn’t be worried about that. She is though after what happened the last time they crashed and burned. He says they do not have to run off to Vegas to get married; they don’t have to hide. He holds her hand, the one with Nancy’s ring and says she believed in them and that’s good enough for him.

Katie kneels at Brad’s graveside and pours her heart out to him. She needs help. She needs to be by Chris’s side now but she is afraid that she will fail and run away again. She needs him to be strong for her since she is such a coward. Henry shows up and tells her to hell with that. Bob tells Chris that he gave them a scare. John said his heart went into arrest and they had to shock him back. Bob says they have moved him up on the transplant list and now they need to keep his own heart strong enough until they find a suitable donor. I.V. treatments are not an option anymore. He’d like to install an LVAD to help the heart pump more. Chris nixes that.

Alison voices her concern that perhaps they should not be doing this so soon after Nancy’s death. Henry tells Katie that she’s the strongest person he knows and he does not think she is strange by coming here to talk to Brad. He’s done it before too. He came here a couple of months ago with a bottle of scotch and matched him shot for shot. It takes more courage to go on with life than to just lock his memory away. She should not be so tough on herself. Life happens; people die. The only way to skip out on the hard stuff is just to love yourself. Her love with Brad will be forever and live on in Jacob. She can not lock herself up and just chose to love herself. Look how many times they have had a falling out and kissed each other off for good, but they have always found their way back because they truly care for each other. He says he can’t tell her what to do but whatever it is, she needs to do it soon. She asks how fast can he get her back to the hospital.

John tells Chris not to be so quick to refuse this procedure. He’s coded once and he’s in congestive heart failure. Each time he has one of these spells makes it harder and harder for them to help him. His blood type is very common so there is a good chance he will get a heart soon, but in the meantime they need to make sure the heart he has remains functional. Chris says he will never accept it. He will not go down hooked up to some machines. He will not do this to Katie. She needs someone to help her raise her son; she doesn’t need an invalid.

Barbara manages to get Kim to sit down and take her mind off of Chris for a minute. Kim asks how Mr. Himself is. Barbara says they are doing fine. She can’t believe it herself that after all these years she is a newlywed again and she is savoring every moment. And she just knows that Katie and Chris are going to also have a wonderful life together.

John tells Chris that the LVAD is not a death sentence. It is simply a mechanical pump that will help his heart. It’s a temporary measure to stabilize his heart. Reid tells Chris to shut up and let the system work for him. Kim speaks to Chris firmly. Of course he is going to get a new heart eventually, but he must stay strong until then. So listen to Bob and to John and get this option offered. He does not want to be remembered like that. Barbara adds her two cents that no parent wants to see her child go before themselves. Katie walks in and finally offers to speak if he wants her opinion.

Katie tells Chris how dare he have so little faith in her to think that she can’t handle him being a little sick. She wants him to listen to his doctors. These three men are the best at what they do. The things he is doing is cowardly and cruel and far from being noble. The doctors are doing their part in getting him a new heart. He needs to do his part and hold on for that to happen. She begs him to please try. She needs him; Jacob needs him. She doesn’t care if he has wires hanging out of his chest for the next year. At least he will be here with them and they can spend that time getting to know each other. Please don’t cheat her out of that. Katie says she can handle this; let her do it. She doesn’t want to be spared. He is stuck with her. She wants them to spend their life together. She is going to sit by his side and watch ballroom dancing until he knows why she loves them so much, and beat him at cards. Then when he is well, they will take tango lessons and go out dancing with Barbara and Henry and give them a run for their money.

Casey tells Alison that his family must be freaking out and he should be at the hospital. He wants her to go with him. Chris tells them that okay, he will take the bionic heart after all. He now knows that there is something worth fighting for after all. John thanks Katie. Maybe he should hire her to talk to his most stubborn patients. Kim hugs Katie for doing what she did. Bob talks to Tom and finds there is a heart that is on the way from Bay City General. Katie kisses Chris. Henry tells Bubbles to cool it. She can manhandle Chris when the new heart is installed. She repeats that – a new heart and she fell in love with the old one.

Bob tells them that the harvest team is on alert with a helicopter standing by to get the heart here as soon as possible. Bob tells Kim that they are not out of the woods yet. This is a very serious surgery. She tells him not to be Dr. Bob now; just be her husband and let them enjoy the miracle. Bob tells Alison if she is up for it that he’d like her to scrub in for Chris’s surgery. She’s ecstatic since she’s never been in on a transplant team before. He says it is about time as he wants his best there in O.R. She says she will be honored. Kim notices Nancy’s ring on Alison’s finger and she and Bob are delighted that she and Casey are engaged. They should not hide their happiness and joy. They are in love and that is wonderful. Bob welcomes her to the family and she wants to hug them now. Luke tells Reid that it looks like things are better now. Reid retorts that it ain’t over until that fat nurse over in pediatrics sings.

John has a bad connection and slips into another room to try and take a call. He comes back and tells the family that the heart was a perfect match but the young surgeon over there who they have made head of Cardiology has chosen the heart for one of his own patients. Kim doesn’t think that is fair. John says that he is sorry but the other patient was probably further up the list than Chris so the doctor felt justified. Chris says it is okay, they will go back to the other plan for the LVAD and he will remain on the list. Katie walks away crying. She tells Barbara she couldn’t let Chris see her falling apart. Barbara tells her that Chris has a good chance because of all the people loving him. Katie says that is a nice thing to say. Barbara explains that it wasn’t her cancer earlier but when she was in the warehouse. She thought she was going to die. She felt completely alone and abandoned, but in the end she realized there was something to keep her going….all those people on the outside who loved and thought about her, keeping her strong. She could not have done that without them. So Katie can not give up and must be relentless about Chris. Don’t give up on him.

John tells Chris they will get the Op team ready for the procedure. Chris wants to speak to his dad alone. He tells him that he has done it all for him since the day he was born. That’s the reason he is a doctor now. Bob tells Chris that he’s the best pediatrician he knows and he is very proud of him. He doesn’t say that often enough. Chris motions for him to lean closer and whispers something in his ear. He walks out and tells Reid that his son is asking for him. Chris tells Reid that he just wanted to congratulate the new COS. Reid tells him to shut up. He knows he didn’t want the job that badly. He may have taken a grant away from him back in med school, but this time he won’t have to cheat to kick his ass. Chris will get a new heart and he will jog out of here and Reid can beat him fair and square. He likes his chances. Chris tells him just to take care of Katie. She walks in and tells her roomy to beat it; she wants some quality time with the patient. Reid leaves and looks around and sees Katie hugging Chris. He sees Casey and Alison acting lovingly and Barbara and Henry, even Bob and Kim.

Reid heads out to his locker with Luke close behind. Luke wants to know what he’s going to do. Reid says he is going to Bay City and pick up that heart and bring it back here and make sure it is put in Chris Hughes’s chest where it belongs. Luke says he knows Reid is used to getting his own way, but even he can not just walk into some strange hospital and grab a donor heart and put it in the cooler and walk away. Reid says just watch him. Luke says he could kiss him for wanting to do this, but he can’t. There are too many risks involved. Reid quickly explains that Dr. Dixon said some hot-shot doctor stole Chris’s heart like it was some sort of chess piece. “This is Chris’s heart and I’ll be damned if I let some arrogant, self-proclaimed savior of mankind take it away.” Luke says that is weird, he seems to happen to remember another surgeon who was an arrogant, self-proclaimed savior of mankind. Reid wonders what happened to him. Katie tells Chris that he doesn’t have to be brave for her. He can scream and curse and ask God why he dealt him such a rotten hand. Chris says no he can’t do that; he’s okay with the hand he was dealt.

Luke follows Reid to his car in the parking lot. Reid tells him not to try to stop him; he’s going. Luke says he knows. He just wants to go with him so that he doesn’t get arrested or anything. Reid says no this must be doctor to doctor; just let him do what he does best – make trouble. Luke tells him that he is not angry because some surgeon pulled rank but because he actually gives a damn about Chris and his family. Reid admits he is doing this for Bob and even Kim who can’t stand him, Katie and even Chris. He shouldn’t be COS as that is Reid’s job, but not because Chris croaks at the finish line. He warns Luke not to get any ideas abut him. He’s still the same selfish jerk. He has spent all his life going up against people with money and power that they didn’t do a damn thing to earn, while he has. He has a right to throw his weight around and now he has a great reason and he’s not going to pass up this opportunity. Luke tells him okay, just don’t punch anybody’s lights out. Reid says he’s not making any promises. He doesn’t want Luke to tell anyone as Chris will get all brave and noble and Bob will default to protocol and Kim and Katie will chew their fingers off. He has enough pressure as it is. He turns to leave but turns back and tells Luke that he loves him. There he said it…..he kisses him with Luke’s whole face lighting up. He watches Reid drive away.

John tells Bob and Kim that this procedure is so invasive that it might use up all the strength that Chris has. They need a new heart and they need it soon. Luke joins Alison and Casey and is told that the transplant is off and they will try another procedure. Luke swears them to secrecy but tells them that Reid is on his way now to pick up that heart and he guarantees he won’t come back without it. He’s not supposed to do that but Reid is amazing. He’s never seen him not get what he wants.

Reid is on his cell and telling the surgeon that heart belongs to his patient. His family thinks he is going into surgery in a few hours so they can’t just take it away from him on a whim. He’ll be there in ten minutes so do not even think about giving that heart to anybody else. He sees the railroad crossing and puts his foot to the metal. He hears the train whistle, sees the arms folding as he is stuck in the middle of the crossing, car stalled. He tries to start the car to no avail. He sees the train coming around the bend. He panics and tries to unhook the seat belt; it too won’t budge….the train comes barreling down as Reid’s blue eyes look like a deer caught in the headlights.

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