ATWT Update Thursday 9/2/10

As the World Turns Update Thursday 9/2/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Juanita

In the hospital, Kim doesn’t understand how this could have happened when Chris seemed perfectly all right this morning. Chris says actually he wasn’t; he didn’t want to worry them. Bob tells him that he deliberately kept from them that he was sick so that was being very irresponsible. Kim tells Chris to stop it….don’t think it and don’t say it that it is too late now. Bob wants to know if he is the patient that John is treating…..just how long has he been ill? Dr. Dixon comes in and tells them they will have to clear out. He needs to examine his patient now. He tells Bob this is very serious. It has weakened the heart muscle. He’ll know more when he sees his patient. Kim wonders where Katie is. Katie is watching the final broadcast of Chris on her show about moms.

At Java, Luke asks Reid why he runs away every time somebody says something he doesn’t like. He is so heartless. Reid doesn’t think that means heartless because he gave Katie permission to go home and get her act together. Chris is dying and he doesn’t need any more stress with Katie there. Luke tells him that Katie is a lot stronger than Reid thinks. Reid hopes that is right, but she shouldn’t have to prove it right now. There is only so much pain a person should be asked to deal with. It’s not his call, but only a suggestion. He lives with Katie, so based on observations he sees how she is still in mourning for Brad. She just lost her friend, Nancy; she’s only human. She’s not Super Woman. Luke tells him that what he thinks is that Reid is projecting. He’s the one who can’t handle emotional overload. And that is why he can’t give his heart 100% to anything…..or anyone and he wants everyone else to act the very same way. Reid says, “thank you, Dr. Freud.” Luke explains that Reid just had Katie do what he always does. He runs always when things get too sensitive. When things get too messy, he turns his back and runs away from that mess. Reid says it is called a defense mechanism. It is what keeps him sane and Luke should try it sometime. Luke states that it might keep him sane, but it also keeps him from being able to love. He can’t believe that he just told Noah that he loved Reid. But maybe Reid is right. He just needs a stronger defense mechanism. Luke jumps up and leaves. Reid follows and asks him to hold on. He asks him to repeat what he just said to Noah.

Chris tells his mom not to judge Katie too harshly. This was just too much for her to handle. Margo tells Chris they know a lot of people and they will do everything they can to save his life. Chris is stubborn and doesn’t want them to ask for favors or pull strings or procure him any special treatment. They just need to let this play out. Tom says he has worked pro bono for the state organ transplant foundation so he does know how the system works and it could take months for Chris’s name to come up on that list for transplants. Chris says it just would not be right to bump him up. He’s a doctor and he could not live with himself if he jumped up on that list before others that have been waiting a lot longer than he has. Tom is furious that he would think they won’t do everything they can to save his life. He’s not as noble as Chris and he is his brother and he will use every source that he can to save his life. Margo won’t do as Chris asks either as she agrees with Tom. Chris says fine; he’ll just have to talk to Mom and Dad. Tom says fine, he bets they will side with him. In fact, he will guarantee it.

Kim doesn’t understand how this could happen and they didn’t see the signs. Bob tells her that Chris went out of his way to make sure he hid it. Now his odd behavior is making sense. But he says that John is the best cardiologist and their son will be in good hands. He’ll do everything he can to save Chris’s life. They both have health issues of their own and do not need this stress in their lives. He’s worried about her. They have been told their son might die, but he may not. He wants her to go home and get some rest. She retorts that if he thinks she is going home and crawl into a ball, then he has another think coming. He tries to convince her again to go home. She finally says that she will take a break, but somebody needs to stay with Chris. And she needs to remind Bob that he has himself to think of his health too. He says he will and he will call her if anything happens. She gives him a quick kiss and nods her head.

Luke admits to Reid that he told Noah that he was in love with Reid. But honestly right now he’s not feeling much of that. Reid says that is because he is angry and once again over-reacting. Luke tells him not to be cute as he is very angry at him right now. Luke says Reid could tell him that he loved him too anytime he wants. Reid says if he did, Luke wouldn’t believe him. He’d just think he was trying to defuse his anger. Reid tells him again to just try to see this from his point of view. Katie has suffered beyond belief from Brad’s death and it’s taken her a long time to get to this point with Chris. Now that she has, she needs to prep herself for this next big battle. She just needs a little time like one or two days. Luke reminds him that Chris could die tonight without Katie there while she is prepping. Then she’ll have to live the rest of her life knowing she was not there. Tom tells John that he’s sorry if it sounds cold, but his only concern right now is Chris. John says okay they have to do what they got to do, but he does not want to know the details. Tom tells Margo they are going to Springfield right now.

Katie wipes the tears from her eyes as she watches Chris’s segment. Kim shows up at the studio. Katie is shocked, thinking Kim would be at the hospital. Kim says she thought the same thing; that Katie would be there too. Katie says she is sorry about Chris. Kim says she is still trying to wrap her mind around this. Katie says she saw them at the hospital, but she just couldn’t stay. It was too awkward. She was scared. She was overwhelmed. Kim tells her that her son’s heart is failing second by second. He really needed her there for him. She’s not here for sympathy. She was very concerned about Chris and she loves Katie a lot, but she was afraid Katie was not ready for another serious relationship. She’s afraid now that Chris has given up. He needs people around him that are supportive. Katie says she loves Chris and she is supportive; she will do anything that will help. Kim says that she may have to consider staying away.

Luke tells Chris that Katie couldn’t handle this right now and she left, Chris understands. She lost a husband last year and a friend yesterday, so this is not fair and more than she can accept. Luke tells him he needs all the support he can get right now with people he loves. Chris says he is glad she left. She doesn’t need any more stress in her life either. The virus doesn’t have to ruin her life the way it has his own.

Dr. Dixon tells Dr Oliver that he has some nerve to chastise him about getting it into gear now since he brought him in on this case. And he even brought him into the case without telling him it was Chris Hughes who was the patient. Bob comes in and Reid tells John again that time is of the essence. Bob tells John that he has complete faith in him that he will do all he can for Chris. Bob tells Reid that he knows that he has a healthy disrespect for authority and he likes to thumb his nose at protocol and do things his way….and he’s allowed him to do that to a point, even supported him when it wasn’t in Bob’s best interest. He’s tried to be a friend, even a mentor. Dr. Oliver says he knows and it’s meant a lot to him. Bob says he doesn’t think that Reid does appreciate it otherwise he would have told him the minute he heard Chris was sick. But Dr. Oliver chose to keep that a secret and now Chris has a damaged heart and may die. He wants to know from Reid why he wasn’t told. Reid says he made the best decisions he could and if Bob is upset, he needs to take it up with Chris.

Kim tells Katie that she is not angry with her. She is just angry at the situation. She has always felt she had some control over her family. And now she is so frustrated; she has no control at all. Chris will allow Katie to draw on his strength for whatever time he has left, and she can not allow him to do that. Katie can not be hiding out, sticking her head in the sand with her work. Time is not something they have. So let the people who are strong enough, to give the support that he needs, let them take care of him. Kim cries of course she is not being fair. She is his mother and she wants the best for him. She wants to pick those doctors up and shake them up until their heads rattle until they know what to do for him. She wants Katie and the whole family to be strong so Chris can rise above their fear and help fight this. Katie cries for Kim to believe her. Kim settles down and says what she said in the beginning is ultimately the truth; she has no control. She can only beg Katie to stop refusing to make a choice. “Look into your heart and find out if you are at a place in your life that you can bear this pain without turning away. I love you, and I will not love you less if you can’t.”

Bob tells Luke that he’d like a minute with his son. He wants to know how long Chris has known he is sick. Chris says his time only a few weeks, but he has known before when he was in Africa. He thought he had been given a second chance. He didn’t want to bother them. He wanted to prove to them that he had grown up. He wasn’t a little kid any more. Bob says they will see him through; whatever it takes. He’s ashamed of his own lack of faith in Chris. He knows him, he will be strong enough. He is sorry that he didn’t believe his commitment before. He did see him as weak and lazy. But he knows now he is strong enough to defeat this. Chris says he better be as he is the son of Dr. Bob Hughes, the strongest man he’s ever known.

Katie returns home. She sees a picture of her and Brad. She dumps all the contents of her purse on the couch and holds a casual photo of her and Chris before she crumbles. Kim tells Reid that he must be very happy. He no longer has any competition. Chris is out of the running and he has a straight shot at the COS. Dr. Oliver says he takes no pleasure in the fact that her son is sick. Yes he would like to be COS but absolutely not if her son has to die. He’s very sorry for her and her family. Bob walks up and tells her to stop. She dissolves in tears on his shoulder. He says none of this was Dr. Oliver’s fault. He was the doctor who took care of Chris when he first became ill. He wasn’t allowed to tell them because Chris forced him not to. And Reid called in John and even went along to the golf course to watch over Chris. She apologizes to Dr. Oliver and realizes she was wrong and didn’t give Reid a fair chance. She cries that she is so sorry. She is the one with the tired old heart and it should be her and not their son. Bob tells her to stop; they have to be strong for their son.

Outside Java, John runs into Luke and tells him that Chris is going to need all the support he can get. He’s not going to make speculations. He will just do the best he can. He wants to know about Dr. Oliver. He’s glad to hear that Luke supports him and that Dr. Oliver is reliable and will do all he can to help in this matter. Luke tells him when it comes to his job, Dr. Oliver will give John everything he needs and then some.

Reid returns home to find Katie curled up on the couch. She asks about Chris and Reid says he is the same. But she didn’t have to listen to him and leave. Reid tells Katie that in relationships he seems to make mistakes left and right. He knows nothing about sticking by someone you love. He’s an idiot when it comes to romance. She should know that. She cries that she is scared. He takes her hand and says he knows. And he will tell her what he learned today. It’s stupid to try and avoid love because it scares you. She says she is not scared of love; just of Chris dying. Reid continues that if that happens then she would want to be there for him at the end. He doesn’t sugarcoat things but the way he sees it Chris has a chance to live and she would hate herself if she wasn’t there to help him fight this. “Then dry your eyes, blow your nose and get your butt back to the hospital where you belong.”

Kim apologizes to Bob for losing her cool and she’s sorry she said what she did to Dr. Oliver. Bob says he’s strong and he’ll get over it. So will Chris. He admits to Kim that he’s a lot more frustrated than he seems. He could just scream. She says she has never seen him to do. He gets a call from Tom who tells them they have a lead on a possible heart donor if Chris still needs one. They are still in Springfield but it’s at Bay City General and they will stay on top of things. Bob says thank God there is still hope.

Kim sits by Chris’s side while he sleeps. Bob comes in while Reid looks on from outside. Luke walks up and Reid tells him that Chris doesn’t seem to be in any pain so nothing has changed. Reid asks about Katie. Reid says she had a change of heart and won’t be staying away. He knows because he had a change of heart too and he told her that. Luke is pleased to hear Reid say that you shouldn’t run away from someone you love just because it scares you. He told her to man up or words to that affect. Luke says sometimes Reid really surprises him. Reid returns the compliment and says sometimes, Mr. Snyder, he surprises himself.

Katie visits Brad’s grave. She kneels with flowers and says she loves him. She wants to talk to him. She was not ready to move on, but she knows he would want her to be happy. She knows that he is watching over her. She admits she has fallen in love. She feels like it should be wrong, but it is not. Chris is the right man and he’s sick. She is so scared and afraid she will lose him. She can not go through that again. She needs Brad to help her with this. Kim strokes Chris’s hair and tells Bob that he was a scamp from the time he was born and all she wanted to do was keep him safe. Suddenly the monitor starts beeping and everyone runs to the room. John massages Chris's heart while the nurse gives Chris more oxygen.

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