ATWT Update Tuesday 8/31/10

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 8/31/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Hughes house) Casey and Alison look at a picture of Nancy and think that family pictures are important even though most people don’t seem to care about them when they are taken at family gatherings but when a family member dies they become important as a way to remember the person. Casey wants to announce their engagement to the family and give them some good news but Alison doesn’t think it is the right time since they will also be moving to Carbondale so he can go to law school. Casey goes upstairs to put the ring back in his room even though he doesn’t agree with Alison because his grandmother Nancy believed in love and she believed that they would make a good couple.

(Tom’s office) Tom, Kim, Bob and Margo are talking after they read Nancy’s will and Kim reflects on how loved and respected Nancy was in Oakdale and he life should mean more then just a division of her estate to charity and keepsakes to her loved ones she should have had more then a private family funeral. Tom and Margo agree but Tom reminds everyone that those were Nancy’s wishes but Kim still feels like they should do more. Kim starts to cry and leaves the office and Bob goes to comfort her while Tom shares with Margo that he knows he should be grateful for having his grandmother Nancy for 91 years but he feels angry because he death was unexpected. Margo thinks Tom also feels angry because she died alone in her apartment instead of with her family. Tom remembers that Nancy was always independent even feeling shy about staying with Kim and Bob after her second husband Dan died and he was the one who reminded her that family is always there to help when needed.

(Katie’s house) Katie thinks that Chris should tell his family about his illness because Nancy would want his family around him to help him fight his heart condition. Chris refuses to tell his family so soon after his grandmother’s funeral and asks Katie not to talk about his condition today but just to treat him like her boyfriend who has just lost his grandmother. Katie remembers that Nancy was always there to listen when she had a problem and she only offered advice when she asked her for it. Katie remembers that before her wedding to Jack Nancy gave her a pearl necklace and told her it was the key to a strong marriage because after she had a fight with Jack and wanted to make up she should only wear the pearl Necklace to bed and nothing else. Katie also remembers that after Brad’s death Nancy was the only person who didn’t think she was crazy for still talking to Brad. Nancy admitted that she still talked to her first husband Chris and her second Husband Dan because they were always with her. Chris and Katie get ready to head over to Tom and Margo’s to celebrate Nancy’s life. Katie cries and puts her head on Chris’s shoulder because she can’t stand to lose another person she loves. Chris tells Katie that he didn’t want to tell her about his illness because he didn’t want to hurt her but Katie tells Chris she is glad he told her the truth because now they can fight this together.

(Hughes house) Casey thinks that they should do more to honor Nancy’s memory so they leave when Lucinda arrives and they tell her that there is coffee and food and they will be back soon. Lucinda looks at Nancy’s picture and tells her that she picked a good time to leave everyone just when they need her most.

Barbara sees that Fashions is closed and leaves a message for Lisa to meet her at Tom and Margo’s house where the rest of the family will meet to celebrate Nancy’s life. Lisa sees the newspaper with Nancy’s picture and reads the words celebration of life.

(Tom and Margo’s house) Susan, Barbara, and Lucinda remember how Nancy lived her life without drama as opposed to all three of them who live very dramatic lives. The ladies remember what they call the bus ride from hell and they laugh looking back at what was a very traumatic experience. The ladies also wonder how Nancy could have been friends with all of them since they all have such different personalities.

(Lakeview) Casey and Alison arrive and ask Lisa what the best gift Nancy ever gave her was and she tells Casey that although Nancy enjoyed giving gifts to her friends and family what she loved most was helping other people. Lisa’s words give Casey an idea and he takes Lisa’s hand and makes her come with him back to his house even though Lisa doesn’t really want to because she is feeling sad.

(Hughes house) Tom and Margo arrive with Bob and Kim and wonder where Casey, Alison and Lisa are. Lucinda explains that Casey and Alison rushed out the door when she arrived and said they would be back soon. Bob remembers how much Nancy loved celebrating Christmas with the entire family and that is followed by flashbacks of family gatherings including a few from the early years of the show. Chris, Katie, Casey, Alison and Lisa arrive and tell everyone gathered that Lisa helped Casey think of the idea of doing a good deed to honor Nancy. John arrives thinking Chris has told everyone the news of his illness and offers encouragement to Bob who thinks John is talking about Nancy’s death. Chris stops John before he can say anything and tells him about Nancy’s death so he offers his sympathies to Bob. John thinks that Chris should be in the hospital but Chris wants to be with his family to honor Nancy and he promises John and Katie he will tell his family tomorrow and then go to the hospital. Everyone splits up to do their good deed and then they will meet in old town later for a candle light service.

Tom and Margo go to a school and donate money to create the Nancy Hughes memorial scholarship because Nancy was a teacher for most of her life. Tom remembers when Nancy taught Kira a teenager who didn’t know how to read and used rap songs that Kira enjoyed to make reading interesting for her.

Katie and Chris go to Nancy’s apartment and decide to pack up her things in boxes so that it will be easier to distribute treasured keepsakes to the family. Bob and Kim leave to do their own good deed and once they are gone Katie tells Chris they should head to the hospital but he wants to pack up a few boxes then go to the candlelight service and he will go to the hospital tomorrow. Chris and Katie find baby shoes from Nancy’s baby Susan who drowned when she was young and they find a photo album with pictures of Nancy and Chris’s grandfather Chris and he vows to Katie that they will also have a long and happy marriage like his grandparents because he will beat this disease.

(Lakeview) Lisa takes Susan and Barbara to the Lakeview Bar to toast Nancy with pink ladies Susan’s drink is a virgin pink lady and then they all promise to make a large donation to one of Nancy’s favorite charities.

(Hospital) Bob and Kim notice one of Nancy’s favorite children’s books that she often read to Chris when he was a little boy. Kim and Bob decide to create a mini Library in Nancy’s honor because she loved to read and thought that it was very important for everyone to know how to read.

(Metro) Lucinda persuades john to offer free medical care as a service as part of Luke’s foundation and John wonders what her good deed is and she tells him persuading him to provide free medical care for Luke’s foundation. John and Lucinda drink beer and Lucinda tells John about her troubles with Lilly and John tells her about a story that Lisa once told him. John shares that when Lisa and Bob were married and Tom was a baby Nancy told Bob that little Tom would sleep in his grandparents room with them so that he and Lisa could have time alone and the audience sees a flashback of this as Bob has a look of shock on his face as his mom tells him the new sleeping arrangements for baby Tom. Lucinda wonders what the moral of the story is and John says its that children are more important then anything even pride so he advises her to swallow her pride and apologize to Lily.

Casey is excited when he finishes volunteering for the day at Legal Aid and thanks Alison for the great idea. Alison gives Casey a kiss and then Casey remembers when he tried to give his great grandmother her ring back after his wedding to Alison didn’t happen and she told him to keep it because his wedding hasn’t happened yet but it will when he finds the right woman who loves him despite his mistakes. Casey asks Alison to marry him one more time and this time she tells him that all of her doubts are gone because she knows that nobody could love him more then she does and she will never cheat on him. Casey puts the ring on Alison’s finger and then she kisses Casey and they head off to meet everyone for the candlelight service. Everyone lights a candle and Bob recites a favorite prayer of Nancy’s called the Thanksgiving prayer Chris arrives a little late and is surprised when he can find Katie.

Katie is in Nancy’s apartment crying because she doesn’t have the strength to lose another person she loves and she wonders what she will do if she loses Chris too.

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