ATWT Update Friday 8/27/10

As the World Turns Update Friday 8/27/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital Katie catch Chris giving himself oxygen and inquires about what is wrong. He talks himself out of it that he was sleep deprived and worried about a patient and just as out of breath. She thinks it sounds like a bunch of excuses and asks if he is telling her the truth.

Barbara panics and tells Henry that everyone has called her crazy all her life so it comes as no surprise to her that he is now calling off the marriage. He stammers that it is not because he doesn’t love her or he’s listening to anyone else, but that he loves her too much. She’s had enough drama in her life and he’s a Stenbeck so probably cursed by bad DNA. She deserves peace and happiness in her life. She declares that she doesn’t want to live one more second without him and she will not let James Stenbeck dictate her future. So polish up those rings, they are going to do this. At Fairwinds, Paul still thinks this is too creepy and it’s not just because of the age thing, but the brother thing too. Will says if his mother is happy, then so should they be for her.

Henry tells Barbara that she is not thinking this through. James ruined her life that he touched. He can not put her through that again. She tells him this is not about James or Paul; this is about them. She has no doubts about it and wants to be with him. He gets down on his knees and asks her to marry him and he wants to do it today.

Dr. Hughes walks in and interrupts Chris and Katie. He has some research material and asks Chris to stop by the office when he is finished. Chris promises Katie that if anything was wrong he would tell her.

Barbara makes a few phone calls and sets the wedding plans in order. But she forgot the witnesses so Henry is in charge of that. He calls Katie and without another word says he is marrying Barbara today, he wants her to be a witness……and he hopes she can make it there within the hour and bring Chris along if she can as the second witness. Katie asks Chris and he says he will be honored.

Paul is on his way to speak to his mom when he runs into Judge Frankel who explains that he is marrying Barbara and Henry. Paul says he is not quite ready for that just yet. He calls Emily to spread the…..uh good news.

Chris tells Bob and Kim and she thinks it is a shame that such a big event just be held in Barbara’s suite. Henry nervously awaits Katie. He’s surprised that Barbara is so supportive and selfless considering all Katie did to help Vienna. Katie is surprised there are no flowers or music. They need to make this special. Barbara says they don’t need pomp and circumstance, but Katie talks them in going down to the lobby so they can toast each other afterwards. When they arrive they find a whole room full of people. Emily even wishes her well and Paul offers to give her away if she will let him. She’s more than happy and gives all a hug. As they gather before the minister, Paul tells Henry that he is glad that he is sober this time and he better not screw this up. As they start, everywhere each turns, they see James Stenbeck’s face.

Barbara stops the ceremony, but fights off the ghost of James Stenbeck and says she can do this. She tells Henry that all her life she has fought off people calling her crazy and cruel. Then she got cancer and knew she would not be here forever and that the world would keep on turning without her. Then one day Henry looked at her and her heart stopped and her world changed. She felt desirable again and even if she was cancer free, she didn’t care anymore what other people thought of her. No one has the right to judge them. They all have only a certain amount of time on this earth and in that time she wants to spend it in love with him. She tells him to come on; it’s his turn. He says he would like to pass him off as the sane one but it’s not legal to lie in front of a judge. He has a dysfunctional family too. He likes to drink and gamble, but this wedding……he thought when they first got together that this was wrong, something taboo. It scared him to death. But she showed him that what was wrong for many other people is not wrong for them. They can be normal; he can be Henry. He’s not afraid of anything not even his own nature. She does not want to change him and he doesn’t want to change her either. They are not perfect but together they make the perfect something. He doesn’t know what the hell it is, but…… He respects her experience, he admires her beauty and he is in awe of her courage. He loves her with his heart and soul. They put their hands together while their eyes tear up. The judge proclaims them husband and wife and now he may kiss the bride.

Paul makes a speech that up until a few hours ago that he was against this marriage, but now he sees that they are happy and on their way to being Oakdale’s second happiest couple. Barbara tells Gwen to stop crying. She could not have known or stopped everything her mother did. She loves her and she is family now. Barbara tells Will that she has not always been a great mother to him, but he’s turned out to be a wonderful young man and she is happy to have him in her life. She tells Henry that he can say she is perfect a few more times. She throws the bouquet and of course Katie catches it and glances at Chris.

Katie tells Chris that she knew she was the only one eligible but it was still kind of fun to catch the bouquet. She assures Chris that she is not expecting anything from him. Chris asks her if they can say goodbye and go home. Barbara is surprised to learn that Paul set this whole thing up and not Katie. Kim tells Barbara that she was the star tonight but she feels both Jennifer’s were with them in spirit today and will always be with them. As Bob and Kim leave, they bump into Dr. John Dixon and ask what he is doing in town.

Chris sits Katie down and tells her he needs to tell her the truth. Paul hands out large pictures of James Stenbeck and one by one they throw them into the fireplace. They tell the bastard goodbye. Barbara tells them no apologies; it’s enough to know that they care. Paul tells Emily that he’s proud of her and how she behaved today. Perhaps it is time they started locking the door at Fairwinds. Barbara tells Henry that this is it with her divorces. She has reached her quota. This is for keeps. He says she could not get rid of him if she wanted to. He turns on the music and they dance to "More Than A Woman" by The Bee Gees.

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